10 common paleo diet mistakes you"re probably making — and easy ways to fix them

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50 New, Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

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5 big retirement mistakes people don"t realize they are making

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10 foundation mistakes you"re making that are ruining your makeup

Mireya Acierto/Getty Ah, the glory of makeup. It can boost one's confidence in no time flat and give us a means of self-expression. But with all the myriad makeup products at your fingertips, it can be easy to make mistakes, from the formula you.....»»

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The chairman of a $35 billion chocolate empire says leaders should avoid making these 2 common business mistakes

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The most common mistakes when making a password revealed

When it comes to updating a password for an old online account, many people may simply opt to modify their old one with a slight change of spelling or the inclusion of a new set of numbers on the end. .....»»

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BookWatch: Making these common grocery-shopping mistakes could cost you $525 a year

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The most common mistakes people make when choosing passwords, according to research

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Job hunting: 4 big resume mistakes that are easy to fix

Sometimes it's not the big things that cause the person making hiring decisions to pass on you. It might be a relatively small mistake that dooms your candidacy. .....»»

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Changing how you think about money can help you make more — here are 5 easy ways to get started

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The 4 Most Costly Mistakes I"ve Made as an Entrepreneur--and How to Avoid Them

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6 common mistakes you"re making when cooking eggs — and how to fix them

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10 common skin-care mistakes that you"re making without realizing it

The beauty world is currently obsessed with skin care, which can be both a good and bad thing. It's a positive because skin care is, obviously, very import.....»»

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5 mistakes you"re making when booking a flight that can cost you hundreds of dollars

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Travel app Hopper recently analyzed 15 billion daily flight searches to identify the 10 most common booking mistakes that its users make. Making even one o.....»»

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The 6 most common mistakes you"re making with your engagement ring

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Don’t Get Fooled Again

Explore how investors are commonly fooled by current performance metrics. Learn how to correct for these common mistakes and allocate to managers that have the highest probability .....»»

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4 foundation mistakes that could actually be making your acne worse

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FEMA Admits To Making Deadly Mistakes In Hurricane Maria Aftermath

Authored by Mac Slavo via, The Federal Emergency Management Agency has admitted they made deadly mistakes in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. FEMA adm.....»»

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9 mistakes you’re probably making with perfume

  Spraying on your favorite scent may seem like a foolproof task. You’d probably be surprised to know, however, that there are perfume mistakes you are making on a daily basis. Fragrance experts say that tailoring your fragrances to th.....»»

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10 dining mistakes you might be making when you"re trying to be polite


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5 easy ways to protect yourself from hackers

In a time where companies, celebrities, and even governments are coming under cyber-attacks, getting hacked might seem inevitable. But according to former NSA hacker David Kennedy, there are steps you can take to prevent it.....»»

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