10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make Sure Customers Stay in Love with Their Product

Is your customer experience good enough to keep people coming back for more?.....»»

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5 Ways Retail Entrepreneurs Can Minimize Faulty Product Returns

A percentage of your sales revenue willbe pumped back into returning goods to customers. Find out how to minimize those returns this year......»»

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When Customers Are Ignoring You: 4 Ways to Get More Attention

Entrepreneurs focus far too often on the product, and forget that customers define what's good and what's not. Weakness signs and strengthening tips.....»»

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3 Ways Your Team Can Make Your Customers Love You

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10 ways to avoid destroying morale

A friend of mine is working for a hard-charging entrepreneur who is building a very successful company. The product is great, customers love it and the CEO is charismatic. This all sounds great, but the psyche of any organization can be fragile and.....»»

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10 Ways How to Build Lifelong Customer Loyalty

It's expensive to convert and attract new customers so work to make them stay with you......»»

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10 Ways To Stay Creative And Inspired On A Daily Basis

With all of the day-to-day responsibilities of running an agency, commuting to the office and maintaining a work-life balance, you can quickly forget to spend time on activities you enjoy. As much as you may love your work, it's necessary to make room in .....»»

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3 Simple Ways to Make Generosity a Win-Win For Your Company and Your Customers

There's nothing like giving back. And when organizations partake in charitable giving or service, its good for their community and their bottom line......»»

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How to Keep Customers in Love with Your Product

Is your customer experience good enough to keep people coming back for more?.....»»

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10 ways to stay stress-free if you're traveling with kids for Thanksgiving

When you're hitting the road with your kids, make sure to bring along items like the All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, a RAVPower Portable Charger and more. &.....»»

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Five Easy Ways to Ramp up Repeat Business

Customer loyalty is in crisis. Entrepreneurs need to make a special effort to retain their best clients. Here's how you can increase your repeat business......»»

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18 Ways to Make Recruiters Fall in Love with Your Resume

Serious about making a job move? Never, ever sendyour resume after 4pm......»»

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This Chicago startup delivers bath products to your door

A new Chicago startup, launched earlier this month, wants to help you stay clean, and cleaner than what you’re probably used to. Scrub30, founded by Matt Mroczek, is a gender-neutral bath product subscription service that sends customers shower gels.....»»

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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Website Blazing Fast

A slow website can lead to a loss of traffic and potential customers......»»

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6 ways for executives to stay active on social media

Social media is an ever-changing and growing platform. For many companies, it’s a way to connect with customers directly. For CEOs and other executives in particular, it allows us to share a glimpse into our personal life, which can help us relat.....»»

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​Your business loan checklist

For most entrepreneurs, securing a business loan is an exciting step. It means you've launched your company,have a product or service you think you can scale, have a few customers to get you off the ground, and can see a promising future that involves mo.....»»

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Five ways that Harley-Davidson plans a sales comeback

In the face of declining profits, Harley-Davidson has a clear plan to try to inspire its die-hard customers — and new, young riders — to plunk down cash for a new motorcycle. It's all about product. .....»»

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7 Ways to Make Your Customers Happy--And Keep Them Happy

Getting customers is often easy. Keeping them happy, now thats a whole different strategy......»»

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5 Killer Gadgets Everyone Needs to Make Customers Love Your Photos and Videos

These gadgets will help you produce amazing visuals for your startup......»»

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6 Ways to Create a Community of Diehard Fans of Your Brand

Getting a base of loyal customers is hard. Make it easier by applying this simple, scientific principle to your business efforts......»»

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3 Ways to Talk to Your Customers--and Make Them Actually Visit You in Person

Many local businesses don't quite dial in their online marketing. To boost store visits and sales, try these strategies.....»»

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