12 Countries with the Dirtiest Air in the World

Air pollution is increasing problem all around the world, but you should definitely avoid these top 12 countries with the dirtiest air in the.....»»

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Report: Rich to get still richer as world inequality grows

A report shows inequality stabilizing at high levels in most countries, despite gains among the poor in China and much milder disparities in incomes and wealth in Western Europe......»»

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Here"s how much clean energy countries around the world are using

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images 2016 was a huge year for renewable power, with more net power from renewable sources than from all other power sources combined. China and the US are by far the biggest .....»»

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16 Countries with the Highest Infant Mortality Rates in the World in 2017

Your hearts should go out to the 16 countries with the highest infant mortality rates in the world in 2017. The parents in these countr.....»»

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18 amazing countries where you can stay, eat, and tour for less than you live at home

Sylvie Bouchard/Shutterstock When you ask Americans why they don't travel abroad, the top reason they cite is cost. But once you get on that plane to a cheaper part of the world — Southeast Asia, .....»»

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Infosys BPO to offer service on Tradeshift"s cloud-based platform

Tradeshift connects about 8 lakh buyers and suppliers in countries across the world over on its platform.....»»

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EU Officials Warn of Risk to Global Trade

European Union officials said the U.S. is threatening to cripple global commerce by undermining the World Trade Organization, ahead of a gathering of officials from 164 countries on Sunday in Buenos Aires......»»

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15 Countries that Have the Largest Number of Smartphone Users in the World

For the past decade, the popularity of the smartphone has grown exponentially, the number of users growing day by day, with some people owning m.....»»

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11 Countries with the Lowest Divorce Rates in Europe and the World

It may come as a surprise, but the divorce rate is not high everywhere in the world, which you will learn more about in our list of 11 c.....»»

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15 Most Adulterous, Unfaithful Countries with Highest Cheating Rates in the World

You must be interested to hear which are the most adulterous, unfaithful countries with highest cheating rates in the world! We prepared .....»»

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The world’s biggest halal meats exporter is nowhere near any Muslim countries

REUTERS / Amr Alfiky There are about 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, most of whom onl.....»»

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Only 6 countries in the world don"t have any airports — here"s how you get there instead

Veniamin Kraskov/Shutterstock Since the countries are relatively close to airports in nearby countries, it's easier for people to .....»»

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15 Unhappiest, Most Depressing and Saddest Countries in the World

We can’t avoid the fact that the unhappiest, most depressing and saddest countries in the world are a real thing and there are a lo.....»»

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15 Countries with the Highest Divorce Rates in the World in 2017

If you want to learn about the 15 countries with the highest divorce rates in the world in 2017, then you have come to the right place. If yo.....»»

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15 Least Suicidal Countries in the World

If you want to learn about the least suicidal countries in the world, then you have come to the right place. Suicide is never a solution to.....»»

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Will Amazon"s magic work in Australia?

Amazon launched in Australia on Tuesday, hoping to seize market share in one of the world's richest countries......»»

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Countries don"t talk about Kashmir due to Indian influence: Ex-Pak diplomat

Khan said that because of increasing Indian influence, people here (in Washington DC), in Brussels, in London or other world capitals don't talk about Kashmir.....»»

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15 Rudest Countries with Strong Nationalism in the World in 2017

It’s one thing to be cold and distant, it’s another to be rude, which is why we decided to compile the list of rudest countries wi.....»»

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Finland Flourishes After 100 Years of Independence

Finns have turned one of the poorest corners of Europe into one of the richest, most equal, most contented countries in the world......»»

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Top 10 Drug Free Countries in the World

If you think that our list of top 10 drug free countries in the world is going to be just another list of countries with the strict.....»»

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10 Countries with the Highest Bread Consumption per Capita in the World

If you love bread, then you will also love our article about the 10 countries with the highest bread consumption per capita in the world.  Brea.....»»

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