12 Experts Question The COVID-19 Panic

12 Experts Question The COVID-19 Panic Via, Below is our list of twelve medical experts whose o.....»»

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5 calming podcasts from psychologists and mental health experts that you can download right now to help reduce anxiety

Getty Images The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which causes a disease known as COVID-19, is causing panic and anxiety worldwide.  According to licensed clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, .....»»

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Is Oregon flattening the curve of new COVID-19 cases yet? Experts weigh in

It’s the burning question on most everyone’s mind amid the COVID-19 pandemic: When will we know if social distancing measures have worked in Oregon? Or in public health parlance, has the "stay at home" directive, along with closures of schools, res.....»»

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‘A Big Question Mark.’ Is the Boeing 737 MAX 8 Safe?

Experts say it's too early to panic, but two fatal crashes are worrying Airline operators are racing to find answers following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which went down shortly.....»»

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Roadside Enforcement Could Decline As COVID-19 Picks Up

New federal guidelines acknowledge that social distancing measures are affecting how state police interact with trucks on the road — and that will likely result in a decline in enforcement, according to experts. read more.....»»

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How COVID-19 is changing Birmingham"s homebuying market

Social distancing efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus did not dramatically slow home sales in March, but experts say they see a significant slowdown in the months ahead......»»

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When, and How, Does the Coronavirus Pandemic End?

With confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally exceeding 1 million and more countries going into lockdown to slow the pandemic, the emerging question is: “When will this all end?” The answer depends in large part on uncertainties about the novel coron.....»»

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Germany has remarkably few COVID-19 deaths. Its healthcare system shows how Germany prevented a runaway death toll.

Associated Press Germany has had remarkably few COVID-19 deaths, which experts attribute partly to its high number of hospital beds and ICU beds.  The country was also quick to roll out reliably tests for the coronavirus and i.....»»

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Birmingham employment law experts on COVID-19, 2020 election and more

The economic disruption sparked by COVID-19 has quickly become the dominant concern for all industries in Birmingham, but the pandemic is one of many issues impacting labor and employment law in the Magic City. Last week’s List of law firms high.....»»

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3 surprising traits of how COVID-19 affects patients, according to experts

Photo by Ronny Hartmann / AFP via Getty .....»»

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UAB launches new site to identify COVID-19 hot spots, improve rural disease tracking

Experts at UAB have launched a website that will both help residents keep up with their health during the pandemic and view any potential community spread. A new website,, will provide public health officials insight into unders.....»»

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‘It’s really a question of when.’ The coronavirus pandemic is about to spawn a surge in bankruptcies, experts say

The $2.2 stimulus bill has specific provisions on consumer bankruptcy......»»

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Key question for Amazon: How to keep workers at a safe distance during COVID-19

Amazon says it's taking measures to keep the virus from spreading in its facilities, but small strikes are popping up across the U.S......»»

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Boston Fed"s Rosengren: COVID-19 will have long-term effects on commercial real estate

"The question is going to be whether or not we need the same amount of office space as we thought we needed before," the Boston Fed's president said......»»

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Milwaukee-area real estate experts predict six-month impact, now working with tenants: Survey

The majority of people in the Milwaukee-area real estate industry expect COVID-19 will impact their business for up to six months, and thus far are taking tempered, more collaborative steps to make it through. That was a core finding of a two-day surve.....»»

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Pink eye could be an overlooked symptom of COVID-19, eye health experts say

Clarissa Leahy/Getty Images Pink eye could be a rare symptom of COVID-19, the disease the coronavirus causes, accordin.....»»

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Is America Able To Handle COVID-19? – Global Prospects Hang On This Question

Is America Able To Handle COVID-19? – Global Prospects Hang On This Question Authored by Alastair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation, As the lockdowns across Eu.....»»

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Supply chain expert: Stores will catch up to demand

Although COVID-19 has caused panic buying and empty shelves, an expert says not to worry......»»

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UK Drug Dealer: People Are "Panic-Buying" Cocaine And Weed To Cope With COVID-19 Lockdown

UK Drug Dealer: People Are "Panic-Buying" Cocaine And Weed To Cope With COVID-19 Lockdown Authored by Paul .....»»

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11 critical unanswered questions about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness it causes

Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images Experts are racing to study the coronavirus as the number of pe.....»»

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Advice from the head of a century-old business on COVID-19? "Don’t panic"

Fletcher Steele has weathered five .....»»

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