Free Money? The Fed Is About To Give $36.93 Billion Of Taxpayer Money To Banks

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The Fed upped the interest it pays on excess reserves to 1.95% today. This is free money (taxpayer funded) to banks. The Fed bumped up the interest it .....»»

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PACIFIC ? You"re Being Watched

What's Next: You, Tracked. Governments and tech companies are ramping up efforts to enhance human tracking. As they do, the public anxiety over online data collection is likely to give way to more pressing concerns over real-world surveillance:.....»»

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5 ways to get "free" money from your employer without asking for a raise

Shutterstock/Boryana Manzurova While asking for a raise is the most direct way of getting more money from an employer, it's not the only way. Many companies offer a 401(k) matching .....»»

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Advertising: A Sign of ‘Modern Society’: More Multiracial Families in Commercials

A few years ago, Cheerios was the subject of racist vitriol online after showing a multiracial family in an ad. Now more companies are showing these relationships as a way of signifying their values......»»

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12 things Costco employees won’t tell you

Warehouse clubs are a fantastic way to save money, and brands like Costco have revolutionized the way that consumers shop, both in person and online......»»

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Here"s why you"ve been getting so many privacy policy emails

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation aims to put online data back in the hands of users. Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook will be required to give their EU customers more control over their personal information......»»

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GDPR, explained

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation aims to put online data back in the hands of users. Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook will be required to give their EU customers more control over their personal information......»»

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Facebook Creates Youth Portal to Give Teens Tips About Using Its Service

Don't accept Facebook friend requests from people you don't know, Facebook tells teens. Facebook has created an online resource center for teenagers to learn tips and tricks for using t.....»»

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I went to a "sugar baby summit" and learned "sugar daddies" give tuition, gifts, investments, or cash — but they say it"s about much more than the money

Flickr/Jason Corey SeekingArrangement, an online dating service for sugar babies and daddies, hosted a conference in New York City. One of the panels focused on money in sugar dating. According to the panelists, sugar dating isn't just about money.....»»

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Auditor: Companies should repay $250K spent for e-school ads

The state auditor has concluded private companies should repay $250,000 in taxpayer money that Ohio's largest online charter school used for television ads attacking a state effort to recoup funding from the e-school......»»

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Amazon Finally Opens Alexa’s Cash-Generating Features to All Developers

Alexa, show me the money. Amazon, looking to further popularize its Alexa platform with companies and developers, is giving coders new ways to make money. The online retail giant said Thursday that.....»»

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Give STL Day underway to benefit St. Louis nonprofits

The fifth annual Give STL Day, a 24-hour online fundraising event, is underway to raise money for St. Louis nonprofits. The St. Louis Community Foundation is again organizing the event, with about 916 nonprofits participating, according to the even.....»»

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Provision in the new Tax Act is boon for companies who qualify

For those uninitiated in tax matters, a dream of selling your business tax-free sounds like the loftiest of pipe dreams. The new 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may just give one this exact opportunity – if all the cards fall into place. The Act’s .....»»

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Amazon Prime has 100 million members — here"s how to decide if it"s worth the cost

Rafi Letzter/Tech Insider Amazon Prime has over 100 million members globally, according to Jeff Bezos. Paying for a membership allows you to shop online quickly with free delivery. Whether Amazon Prime is worth it depends on.....»»

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Germany introduced a new law that cracks down on abusive online content, but critics say it"s stifling free expression

Germany has introduced a law known as NetzDG which requires social media sites to take down any illegal content or hate-rhetoric.   The companies typically have within 24 .....»»

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Employer contribution bump: The stealth raise tax reform may give you

How does free money sound? Given how badly behind most Americans are when it comes to retirement saving, that wo.....»»

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'Rage giving' fuels record fundraising for immigrant children. 'Every time I get mad, I do it again'

It’s never been easier to “rage give.” Facebook and other online services make it simple to make a donation in a couple of minutes, feeding a $10 million Facebook fundraiser th.....»»

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Zaha Hadid Architects-designed Morpheus Hotel includes world’s first free-form high-rise exoskeleton

The design of the new Morpheus Hotel in Macau, China is embellished with a series of voids carved through the center that give the structure a fluid, almost liquid look reminiscent of the T-1000 terminator’s mimetic polyalloy reforming......»»

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5 tips to successfully manage "friends and family" hires

Yes, the labor market is tough. But be careful about hiring someone you know. That move could lead to a long-term damaged relationship......»»

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UK looks set to get an economic boost from the World Cup

The World Cup may be being held in Russia - but that won't stop UK companies from raking in big money. Oliver Regan reports.....»»

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