21 Ways Restaurants Are Going to Change

The restaurant business is full of challenges, not the least of which is the necessity for restaurateurs to keep up with the times. Foodservice is an industry whose parameters change constantly,........»»

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3 ways digital payment platforms will change the residential rental business for the better

Millennials get blamed for a lot. According to some, they’re responsible for the death of brick-and-mortar retail stores, chain restaurants and even breakfast cereal. While the truth is probably a little more complicated, one tradition this generat.....»»

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8 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 2020, According to Business Leaders

The new decade may bring some major shifts to traditional workforce trends......»»

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Cautionary tale this holiday season: Fast shipping may contribute to climate change

7 ways to cut the carbon footprint on your Amazon deliveries......»»

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Viewpoint: Rock-bottom ranking shows need for change in education

There’s a lot of ways we can describe Alabama’s results on the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress report. Unacceptable is one of the many words that comes to mind, as you might expect when our state ranked dead-last in math and nea.....»»

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You can change the language on your Chromebook in 2 ways — here"s how

Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images To change the language on your Chromebook, you just need to access your computer's settings menu. You can change the language for web pages, your Chromebook's menus, .....»»

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6 major ways that shopping has changed over the last decade, from the death of the mall to virtual dressing rooms

Samir Hussein/Getty Shopping has changed a lot in the last 10 years. The rise and Amazon and e-commerce are just a few factors that have forced traditional retailers to change the way they function. From virtual and augmented realit.....»»

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How to change your background on a Windows 10 device using your settings or a shortcut

Business Insider You can change your background on Windows 10 in two different ways.  If you already h.....»»

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How to change the email address on your PS4 account in 2 different ways

Shutterstock It's easy to change your email on a PS4 on the console or through the PlayStation website.  You may want to change the email associated with your PS4 if you're using a new email address or want to keep your account secure.  Vi.....»»

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How to change your restrictions passcode on an iPhone in 2 ways

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images You can easily change the restrictions passcode on your iPhone, which limits access to .....»»

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5 Ways to Show Your Employees You"re Serious About Fighting Climate Change (Like Google and Amazon)

Since the global climate strike, tech companies are now faced with addressing the issue to attract and retain top talent......»»

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3 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Your IT and Finance Teams

Viewing IT as an enabler of change and sustainability, rather than a cost center, is paramount to remaining relevant......»»

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How to zoom in and out in Photoshop in 3 different ways

Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock You can zoom in Photoshop using the Zoom Tool, which will let you zoom in and out of your canvas freely. To change between zooming in and out, you can use the tool options at the top of t.....»»

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2 ways climate change could affect your home insurance

It's time to start thinking about how you will budget for higher premiums, and also whether adding additional coverage makes sense......»»

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Climate change may affect your homeowner"s insurance policy in 2 ways

Elizabeth Castaneda /EyeEm/Getty Images Dramatic weather events are on the rise all over the world than.....»»

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You know what"s really scary about Halloween? Slow business

Restaurants and businesses are trying to drum up traffic in fun, simple and spooky ways......»»

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Sallie Krawcheck: "More money in the hands of women" is one of the best ways to improve the economy

The world of financial services isn't as gender-inclusive as it should be, but Wall Street insider Sallie Krawcheck is trying to change that......»»

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28 ways to prepare for a second career

If you're considering a second career, make sure you're ready for the change......»»

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3 ways to make your business’ website more accessible

Accessibility is important. It’s no longer an option, and companies must start taking action to ensure their stores, restaurants, offices, and even their websites are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. As a business ow.....»»

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Jeff Reeves"s Strength in Numbers: These stocks could be smart buys as the fight against climate change intensifies

5 ways to invest in companies working to blunt global warming’s impact......»»

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Lower your home’s heating and cooling energy costs

More people than ever are searching for ways to fight climate change. Human activity has caused the earth’s temperatures to rise at an unnatural rate... The post Lower your home’s heating and cooling energy costs appeared first on ValueWalk......»»

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