4 Ways to Elevate Your Team Culture

Successful real es.....»»

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HBR: 8 ways leaders delegate successfully

Delegating helps leaders maximize their resources, ensuring that they’re focusing on their highest priorities, developing their team members and creating a workplace where delegation isn’t just expected — it’s embedded in the culture......»»

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5 Ways to Elevate Your Leadership

What makes a good leader? This is a complex question that leaves many of us struggling to understand why we have underperforming team members or have a constant turnover of key players. I managed one of .....»»

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Top 5 Ways a Learning Culture Impacts the Bottom Line

Encourage your team to unlock its potential and watch productivity and engagement soar......»»

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Elevate Your Communications With High-Impact Team Huddles

If you are not running daily huddles in your team, you are missing a massive opportunity to elevate the communication and culture in your organization. A huddle is a quick 15-minute, stand-up meeting, w.....»»

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How freelance product managers can save your project

Freelance product managers, by and large, are the most important members of the development team. Typically, freelance product managers save money for the business and time for the development team. In many ways, they are the ultimate boon for a pro.....»»

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Ron Rivera out as head coach of the Carolina Panthers

Riverboat Ron is no longer at the helm of the Carolina Panthers. On Tuesday afternoon, the NFL team issued a statement saying it had “parted ways with” (read: fired) Rivera as head coach effective immediately. The Panthers are 5-7 on the seas.....»»

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Finish Strong! The Speed of the Leader Determines the Rate of the Pack

Do you want your team to have an active and productive December to end the year? If you do, one of the most effective ways to motivate your team is to be the best example .....»»

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New Study Finds Nearly Half of Employees Are Dissatisfied With Their Jobs. Here Are 3 Ways to Improve Your Employees" Experience

Here's how your team can be more proactive about setting employees up for success and collecting team feedback......»»

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How to Help Your Remote Employees Feel Like Part of the Team

Grow faster by including your remote employees into your company culture......»»

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Former Turner president steps down after 55 days leading Brooklyn Nets

Former Turner Broadcasting President David Levy has stepped down as chief executive officer of the Brooklyn Nets after less than two months on the job, the team announced on Tuesday. Levy and the team agreed to mutually part ways after recently bei.....»»

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Pain or Process: Hiring for Your Real Estate Team

Leverage (hiring) in real estate manifests itself in one of two ways: pain or process. Let’s start with pain first. The mo.....»»

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5 ways to make accountability part of your corporate culture

Accountability — that quality of personal responsibility and ownership — can be difficult to establish and easy to lose. It’s also more elusive than you might think in today’s business world. A Harvard Business Review survey shows almost 50%.....»»

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Intentional employee appreciation can drive staff retention efforts

By Chris Dennis President & CFO, Oxford Senior Living As we near year-end, I always look ahead at the ways in which my executive team and myself can guide and focus our teams for the coming year. With nearly 800 employees in a service-cent.....»»

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With the Warriors crumbling, there"s officially a new most hated team in the NBA Without its flashy stars and winning ways, the Golden State Warriors do not attract the same level of ire from opposing fandoms as it did mere months ago, vacating the much-coveted title of.....»»

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4 ways a great banking partner can impact your business

Success doesn’t come easy. It’s typically the result of hard work, a great team, and, yes, a little luck. Today’s C-Suite leaders across Kansas City face a growing list of daily challenges that impact costs and revenue. Being able to tap int.....»»

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3 Ways to Collaborate Effectively in a Remote Team

Encourage both individuality and togetherness to make your remote team feel connected and productive......»»

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Six ways to improve your game in Apex Legends, from the pros

Wanna better yourself in a battle royale? Heed the words of pros from recent Apex Preseason Invitational champs Team SoloMid, among other top-tier players......»»

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7 Ways To Use The Benzinga Events Networking App

The Benzinga events team h.....»»

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Jerry Colangelo, NFL execs remember humble, caring side of Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell

In many ways, Bill Bidwill was not a typical NFL team owner. He wasn’t a high-strung  businessman, or the son of an oil tycoon. In an era where corporate sponsorships, multi-billion dollar endorsement deals and political tensions define the NFL, f.....»»

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4 ways product managers help drive down development costs

Product managers are the essence of efficiency and leadership. They tackle the issues within a development team while simultaneously assuaging the fears of the executive staff. Due to their ability to organize teams and get products back on track, they.....»»

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