9 incredibly easy things you can do to prevent breakouts

Anna Webber/Getty Images It often seems that achieving flawless skin requires a complicated routine with counters of beauty products and lengthy regimens. But in reality, it is the little changes that will ultimately transform your complexion. S.....»»

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Five Things for Friday, including wine on the Columbia and better buses on Division

It's Friday, and some of us here at the PBJ will be capping off the week with some Pints for Parkinson's. If you're not familiar with the program, it's a worthy one and an easy way to help support the Brian Grant Foundation and all it does to help p.....»»

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Are credit card chips safe? What you need to know about EMV transactions

Credit card chips have made in-person transactions safer, but there are still some things you should know to prevent yourself from becomin.....»»

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The Basics Of IPOs: Some Things You Should Know Before Investing

Stock markets with positive momentum can bring on initial public offerings (IPOs) and plenty of hype. Like most new things, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, and IPOs are no exception. read more.....»»

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3 big-business things a small business must do

It's not always easy to compete, but there are a few areas in which it's important to figure it out......»»

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This grooming collection uses activated charcoal to prevent and treat breakouts — and everything is under $8

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider I.....»»

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30 of the most lucrative inventions ever created

Inventions have the power to change the course of things. From simple to complex, from revolutionary to ridiculous, these 30 inventions proved incredibly profitable. Read on for a look at 30 of the most lucrative inventions ever created!.....»»

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Don’t let low-hanging fruit hold back your sales

When things aren’t going well, salespeople often give in to the quick and easy sale in an effort to get through the troublesome “dry spells.” Others become so addicted, they never reach higher. It’s easy to to be lured in by low-hanging fruit. .....»»

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How to set up a credit fraud alert in 3 easy steps

A fraud alert can prevent you from becoming a victim, and is easier to set up than you may think.Image source: Getty Images......»»

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How to Set Up a Credit Fraud Alert in 3 Easy Steps

A fraud alert can prevent you from becoming a victim, and is easier to set up than you may think.Image source: Getty Images......»»

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Italy Is Playing With Fire in the Bond Markets

You can see why Rome might want to seize the moment with its 30-year issue. But if things go wrong, investors won’t find it easy to forgive and forget......»»

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15 things you should always buy at yard sales

Shopping at garage and yard sales is a fun and easy way to save a ton of money — especially if you spot any of these items......»»

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Time for Tesla to Study the Apple Playbook

Elon Musk has struggled to ramp up production of his Model 3. But there’s an easy way out of his fix. After all, the real money isn’t in building beautiful things. It’s in creating them......»»

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50 easy ways to save more money now

You won’t believe how much you can save by doing these simple things......»»

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Painless ways to cut costs in 2019

Follow these easy tips to save so you'll have more money for things that really matter......»»

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4 Work Resolutions for a Successful 2019

Do these easy things and you'll be in a better position for a raise or promotion this year......»»

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3 things every business owner should do before the year ends

The holidays are a busy time, and it can be easy to let things slip......»»

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Mutual Funds Weekly: Shopping for stock market bargains is no easy sale

People love buying things at a lower price — except when it comes to stocks......»»

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11 ways you"re wasting water that are costing you

Wikimedia Commons There are small everyday things you're doing that are wasting water.  From postponing fixing a leaky faucet to planting the wrong kinds of shrubs for your climate, it's all too easy to .....»»

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Experian flaw just revealed PINs protecting credit data

Credit freezes are the best way to prevent new account fraud, where criminals open bogus accounts in your name. But one credit bureau’s site made it distressingly easy to circumvent….....»»

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The Fed: With its last easy decision, Fed will try to avoid adding fuel to the fire

The Federal Reserve is widely seen as hiking interest rates again but after that things get more dicey......»»

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