After years of crisis, Venezuelans wonder what is "normal"

A normal country?.....»»

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5 observations after 10 interesting years

This past March marked the 10-year anniversary of the market bottom that concluded the 2008/2009 global financial crisis. The subsequent decade was an interesting and surprising one for market observers and practitioners. We offer five market observati.....»»

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Countries Accepting The Most Refugees (And Where They’re Coming From)

The worldwide refugee crisis has worsened over the last five years. As of the end of 2018, there was a “total population of concern” of 74.8 million people, comprising refugees, asylum seekers,........»»

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Eerily accurate financial predictions from the past 25 years

These financial experts foresaw the 2008 financial crisis, online streaming and more......»»

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12 eerily accurate financial predictions from the past 25 years

These financial experts foresaw the 2008 financial crisis, online streaming and more......»»

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UK construction has worst month in 10 years as Brexit bites - PMI

Britain’s construction industry suffered its worst month in more than 10 years in June as the Brexit crisis put companies off long-term investment, a survey showed on Tuesday. Edward Baran reports......»»

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America"s Concealed Crisis: Fifty Years Of Economic Decline, 1969 To 2019

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, If we consider the long term, it's clear America's economy and society have been declining for the average household for 50 years. What if the "prosperity" of th.....»»

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The Tell: A housing market slump could drive global growth to a decade low, economists warn

Some ten years since the 2008-09 U.S. housing bubble, which sparked a global financial crisis, worries about the health of the global housing market persist......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 24th, 2019

Obama Admin Purged 12 Years Of ICE Speeches On Immigration Crisis Hours Before Trump Inauguration

Hours before President Trump took office, the Obama administration scrambled to purge 12 year.....»»

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More Than 4 Million Venezuelans Have Now Fled The Country

Ah, the joys of socialism. Amidst a growing political and economic crisis, 4 million citizens have now fled Venezuela. According to a new report by the UN Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration, the pace at which citizens are le.....»»

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Brace For Impact: Italy Poised To Launch Euro Parallel Currency

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Italy faces an "Excessive Deficit" ruling, the first in EU history. Italy's response is to revive a parallel currency proposal. A euro crisis has been brewing for years. Eurozone officials.....»»

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Why Greeks Are Turning Against Their Rebel Leader

The Greek crisis that began in 2009 and dragged on for eight years has subsided, thanks to tight government spending and billions in bailouts and writedowns. But the political aftershocks from the country’s worst downturn of the modern era are stil.....»»

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Venezuela confirms major contraction in rare data release

Venezuela's government has made a rare acknowledgement of the severity of the country's economic crisis by publishing the first economic data in nearly four years showing a severe contraction and soaring hyperinflation......»»

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A decade after the crash, Barclays bets again on bundling U.S. home loans

Ten years on from the global financial crisis caused by a crash in bonds tied to U.S. home loans, Britain's Barclays is betting a return to that market can bring in bumper revenues to fortify its investment bank......»»

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Its stock in crisis, Blue Apron breaks the emergency glass

Blue Apron's stock has lost 93% of its value since going public two years ago. On Monday management essentially broke the emergency glass.The Manhattan-based meal-kit company said it would execute a... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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It Begins: For The First Time Ever, China Takes Over An Insolvent Bank

There was a time when in the years following the financial crisis, every Friday the FDIC would report of one or more small and n.....»»

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Market Extra: Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq on verge of first May loss since Europe’s 2012 debt crisis

The three main U.S. benchmarks are in store for their sharpest May losses in seven years as Sino-American trade tensions buffet equity values on Thursday......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMay 23rd, 2019

Inside the nationwide effort to tackle the $1.5 trillion student-debt crisis — with the help of high-school students

Touted as an antidote to college costs, the number of high-school students taking college courses has increased dramatically in recent years......»»

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Housing first: How a simple solution for the homeless may help local firms save money

Shelley Lauten believes Orlando may have found a solution to help solve the homelessness crisis in the region. And now she's working to get companies engaged in helping solve the problem, too. About five years ago, the Central Florida Commission o.....»»

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Mortgage crisis settlement to help fund affordable housing

Part of a $1 billion settlement received by New York from the mortgage crisis will come back to mission-based organizations to create affordable housing. The state announced a new program May 20 to award $1.4 million over two years through its Mis.....»»

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Ten Years Later—Did QE Work?

Ten Years Later—Did QE Work? by Stephan Luck and Tom Zimmerman Liberty Street Economics, May 08, 2019       By November 2008, the Global Financial Crisis, which origina.....»»

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