American Airlines Has A Sneaky Plan To Try And Make You Feel Good (For A Change)

Will this make a big difference?.....»»

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Republican grandees make case for US emissions tax

Plan to tackle climate change could hand American families $2,000 each in dividends per year.....»»

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The 1 American Airlines Secret That Might Make You Feel Very Uncomfortable

Next time you're on an American Airlines flight, ask the pilot about this......»»

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American hopes IT switch doesn"t snag flights this weekend

American Airlines will make a big technology change this weekend involving planes and pilots, but passengers won't notice a thing if all goes well......»»

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Pilots: American Airlines leaving passengers behind to meet departure goals

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is leaving tens of thousands of standby passengers at the gate to make sure its flights take off on time, according to figures from the Allied Pilots Association. Nearly 20,000 passengers were blocked from boarding .....»»

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American Airlines offers alternative uniforms for itchy flight attendants

American Airlines will make “off-the-shelf” uniforms from a new vendor available for its flight attendants to purchase after thousands of them complained of allergic reactions to workwear the Fort Worth-based carrier rolled out last fall. Fligh.....»»

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Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Is Really Good for Donald Trump

He'll save about 70 times what the average American makes a year. President Donald Trump is among the high earners likely to benefit from the first big ta.....»»

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Older, poor Americans may see 750% rise in premiums under GOP healthcare plan

The American Health Care Act would make a low-income 64-year-old in the individual market pay more than half his income for health insurance......»»

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1 Surprisingly Simple Tip to Make You More Productive and Less Stressed

Keep productivity simple with one easy change to your routine. You'll feel accomplished at the end of every day......»»

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7 Ways to Make Good Habits Stick

It takes dedication, discipline, and a deep desire to change.....»»

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Some huge insurers are also skeptical of the GOP"s Obamacare replacement

Win McNamee/Getty ImagesThe insurance industry isn't convinced the GOP's replacement for Obamacare, the American Health Care Act, will be a good thing. America's Health Insurance Plan.....»»

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How to keep good plans from going bad

If you’ve ever had to build a plan and make it happen, you’re familiar with the old saying: “The best plans don’t fail in formulation, they fail in execution.” No matter how much money, time and people are committed to making a big goal happ.....»»

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"They"ve got to make a choice": Twitter users slam a top Republican for comparing the cost of a new iPhone to healthcare

Rep. Jason Chaffetz attempted to sell the new Republican healthcare plan on Tuesday by asking American.....»»

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Project Syndicate: Curtailing imports is a sure way to make America poor again

It’s simplistic to think that imports only destroy jobs, writes Anne Krueger, who notes that imports also create many good-paying American jobs......»»

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American Airlines introduces nine boarding groups that ‘would make even an aristocrat blush’

The airline said it’s ‘simplified’ its boarding process......»»

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American Airlines Admits Its Basic Economy Fares Don"t Offer A New Discount (And You Thought This Might Be Good News)

Did you get the impression that Basic Economy fares were new, cheaper fares? Not exactly......»»

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American Airlines ‘simplifies’ flying with nine distinct boarding groups

One critic says this new policy ‘would make even an aristocrat blush.’.....»»

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Analysts: Southwest Airlines is prime candidate for Warren Buffett takeover

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s purchase of a massive stake in the four largest U.S. airlines — including North Texas-based Southwest and American — may be more than a change of heart about an industry he has historically and famously berated. It.....»»

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American Airlines Is Now Selling Basic Economy Fares

American Airlines launched its much-awaited Basic Economy fares today, which may make some tick.....»»

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Anglo American curtails shrink to survive plan

Miner no longer needs to make disposals because of its stronger financial position.....»»

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Analytical vs. Emotional: Guiding Clients to Good Decisions

When customers feel they make good decisions, they are usually happy with their salesperson. When they make a decision they are unhappy with, they often blame their salesperson, or even the.....»»

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