Americans Refuge In "Matrix Of Rackets" Is Failing

Authored by Howard Kunstler via, You might not know it, given all the ambient noise of the moment, but beyond the torments of news and propaganda there is still something called the nation. It’s more than just .....»»

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Mediator: Colbert, Kimmel and the Politics of Late Night

Once a refuge from the worries of the workday, late night TV shows and other avenues of entertainment, like sports, are forcing Americans to take sides......»»

Category: mediaSource: nytSep 24th, 2017

Trump Is Failing on His Biggest Promise to Americans: Jobs

Donald Trump said he'd be the "greatest jobs president God ever created," but that does not appear to be happening......»»

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We"re Failing to Fully Support Americans with Disabilities, But There"s Hope

The Americans with Disabilities Act is not just about people with disabilities; it’s about society at large. Ensuring equity, access and inclusion is a shared responsibility......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJul 30th, 2017

Congress Grills Intelligence Chiefs Over Americans Spied On Under Expiring NSA Powers

Lawmakers went after intelligence community leaders in the Senate Wednesday for again failing to provide Congress with an estimate of the number of Americans incidentally caught up in broad National Security Agenc.....»»

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Retirement-age Americans are failing this financial literacy quiz

Less than 1% earned an A and only 5% got a B......»»

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Lindsay Lohan Urges Trump-Putin-Erdogan Meeting To Solve Global Refugee Crisis (No, Seriously)

With "Hillary flunkies" proclaiming holier-than-thou perspectives on the president, after failing in their efforts to urge Americans not to vote for Trump, some 'so-called' celebrities are choosing not to "o.....»»

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Why the political mainstream keeps failing America"s workers

AP Photo/Evan Vucci Millions of Americans spend every day preoccupied with whether they can make a better life for themselves than their parents did, and whether they can pass on that opportunity to their children. They .....»»

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Families of Americans killed by ISIS are suing Twitter for allegedly providing "tremendous utility and value" to the terrorist organization (TWTR)

Thomson Reuters Family members of three Americans killed by ISIS attacks in Belgium and France have sued Twitter for allegedly failing to keep members of the terrorist organization off its platform. The lawsuit.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJan 9th, 2017

Higher Education Is Failing Older Americans

A new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center bears a bit of good news: college graduation rates are up. Of students starting college in fall 2010, 54.8% have now finished—up 1.9 percentage points from the prior year’s cohort. (.....»»

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5 bad things good people do with their retirement savings plans

Many Americans don't take full advantage of 401(k) accounts, making mistakes such as failing to enroll in a workplace plan offering a company match......»»

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"Fragility Is Everywhere" - The Labor Day Lull Before The "Fraying Culture" Storm

Submitted by Howard Kunstler via, A pleasant lull lies over the land where today fewer people labor honestly - and some labor gruelingly for too little - while a matrix of rackets sustains the illusion that our living arrangements have a futu.....»»

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A French entrepreneur who reinvented his startup twice to survive in San Francisco shares what it took to get Americans to take him seriously

Plato HQ/Facebook Quang Hoang, a French entrepreneur, had to reinvent his startup while trying to attract American investors. He had to change his startup's goals and hire new developers after some setbacks. Birdly was renamed Pl.....»»

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What Does Trump Know About the Russia Dossier? A Judge Could Soon Force the Government to Reveal New Information

The president has denounced the dossier—and plaintiffs in a freedom of information lawsuit want the government to tell Americans what it knows......»»

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Christmas Is Dead? Christians Should Not Celebrate Jesus" Birthday, Catholic Priest Says

In the U.S., about 92 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, including 81 percent of non-Christians......»»

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A Foolish Take: Here's how much debt the average U.S. household owes

Americans are living beyond their means.         Americans are living beyond their means.        .....»»

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Why Americans are obsessed with this super cheap German grocery chain

We took a trip to one of New York City's two Aldi locations to see what it's like to shop at the discount grocery chain......»»

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Feds propose $1.8 million fine in Wisconsin plant explosion

A Wisconsin milling company should pay $1.8 million in fines for failing to prevent a fatal plant explosion earlier this year, federal labor officials announced Friday......»»

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9 Inventions Americans Think Are Likely in the Next 50 Years

technology, inventions, future, self-driving cars, robots, 3-D printing, teleportation.....»»

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Americans Are Watching Netflix at Work and in the Bathroom

Two-thirds admit to streaming movies and TV shows outside the home. And 12 percent who watch in public have done so in public restrooms......»»

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Neighborhoods With the Most Outrageous Christmas Lights in Every State

Americans have been decorating their homes with outdoor lights during the holidays since suburbia exploded in growth after World War II. To that end, we buy an estimated 150 million light sets each........»»

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