Andy Weir, Author of ‘The Martian,’ on His New Book ‘Artemis,’ and Who He Wants Cast in the Movie

The best-selling author of 'The Martian' on his new book, how he'd cast it and what he binges on TV......»»

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Kenya could be the heart of moon colonization, says "The Martian" author Andy Weir — here"s why

Shutterstock Andy Weir, author of "The Martian," released a novel called "Artemis" on Tuesday. In the book, tourists get to the moon by launching in spaceships from Kenya. Weir thinks bui.....»»

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"The Martian" author Andy Weir solved moon economics to make his new book "Artemis" believable

Samantha Lee/Business Insider "The Martian" author Andy Weir has a new novel about a heist on the moon called "Artemis". The book, which goes on sale Tuesday, strives for a high level.....»»

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‘Martian’ Author Andy Weir Returns to Space for His Next Book

“Artemis,” a thriller set in the near future in the first city on the moon, is due out in November. Movie rights have reportedly been acquired......»»

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Tuesday links: high achievers

Q&A: With Andy Weir author of Artemis: A Novel on the third iteration of the novel.  (The Verge) StrategyWhat can we l.....»»

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What "Artemis" Author Andy Weir Likes Watching and Reading

His holy trinity of sci-fi authors, the only two fantasy series he got into and what he binges on TV......»»

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"The Martian" author Andy Weir is convinced we"ll colonize the moon — but says colonizing Mars doesn"t make any sense

NASA Andy Weir, autho.....»»

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Why I loved working with Steve Jobs even though he fired me 5 times and treated me terribly

Andy Cunningham helped launch Apple's original Macintosh. She is the founder and president of Cunningham Collective and author of the book "Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Y.....»»

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Sunday links: low volatility today

Review: Andy Weir’s new Artemis: .....»»

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How Andy Serkis went from playing Gollum to directing his first movie — and the pressure of making a non-Disney "Jungle Book"

How Andy Serkis went from playing Gollum to directing his first movie — and the pressure of making a non-Disney "Jungle Book".....»»

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Novelist Ian McEwan says it’s ‘very difficult to get movies made’ — yet he has two premiering at Toronto film festival

Acclaimed British author contrasts the collaborative nature of movie making with the solo long-distance run of book writing......»»

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"Wizard of Lies" author gets ready for her close-up

After selling her book rights to HBO, Diana B. Henriques and her husband would joke over dinner about who would play her in the movie. Then came the call asking her about auditioning to portray herself......»»

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Here"s how the cast of "Logan" looks compared to their comic-book counterparts

Fox Wolverine is back in theaters March 3 for one last ride in "Logan."  While some familiar faces appear in the movie, there are a few new ones who may leave you for a loop. Here's who the characters are in the comics an.....»»

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J.K. Rowling Just Upped the Number of ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off Movies to 5

Even the cast of the first movie seemed surprised by the news. “Harry Potter” fans got fantastic news on Thursday. Author J.K. Rowling said that the Potter spinoff movie franchise Fantastic Beasts will consist of five films, up from the pr.....»»

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J.K. Rowling"s New Hero: Tom Burke to Play Cormoran Strike in BBC Series

J.K. Rowling has already cast a spell over London’s West End with a new Harry Potter stage play (the script for which also broke book sale records) and is preparing to do the same at the box office with spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Fi.....»»

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Follow This 7-Step Process to Implement the Strategy Amazon, Apple, and Netflix Are Using to Grow

Your content doesn't have to look like a Hollywood movie or read like a Pulitzer Prize-winning author wrote it to get the results you desire......»»

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Bestselling Author Boosts Income by Over $200,000 While Writing New Book

Is your income commensurate to your expertise? Here's how to make money from your expertise......»»

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I wrote a book on workplace harassment — here"s what I learned from interviewing more than 50 women

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP A Yale trauma psychologist wants to broaden the current conversation about.....»»

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Steve Jobs" former publicist on how he used his "reality distortion field" to control Apple"s image

Andy Cunningham is Steve Jobs' former publicist and the author of "Get to Aha: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Compe.....»»

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Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Whodunit? Kenneth Branagh done it. Whydoit? A much better question.  In 1974, Sidney Lumet directed a star-studded cast in a movie version of Agatha Christie’s delicious murder-mystery, “Murder on the Orient Express.” This was when stars.....»»

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"Democracy"s XI" is an attempt to link cricket to India"s political economy

An otherwise charming book of cricketing anecdotes is flawed by the author's attempt to link it to India's political economy.....»»

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