Are Artificial Sweeteners Helpful In Losing Weight?

Over 40% of Amer.....»»

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Artificial sweeteners may trigger weight gain, diabetes: Study

As their sweet taste fools the body's metabolism into believing that we are consuming more calories.....»»

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Artificial sweeteners may even make you put on weight

A review of research adds to the growing skepticism about aspartame and sucralose......»»

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Artificial Sweeteners Won’t Help You Lose Weight, According to a Sad but Important New Study

More evidence that when it comes to health, there is no magic bullet. File this one under “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” A new review found no evidence that artificial sweeteners actually help people lose weig.....»»

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Artificial sweeteners may even make you gain weight

A review of research adds to the growing skepticism about aspartame and sucralose......»»

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Low-calorie sugar substitutes won"t help you lose weight — and may lead you to gain pounds

Flickr/Steven Snodgrass Artificial and low-calorie sweeteners do not.....»»

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“No Solid Evidence to Support that Diet Drinks are a Healthy Choice”

“No Solid Evidence to Support that Diet Drinks are a Healthy Choice” $KO, $PEP Although diet and sugar-free drinks are often promoted as healthier choices, a new study found they are no more helpful for losing weight o.....»»

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Skin care or functional food? Zydus Wellness eyes acquisitions in FY19

With Rs 4897 mn cash in balance sheet and a 94% category share in artificial sweeteners, the company is eyeing the inorganic route to propell growth.....»»

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Simple Mistakes that Prevent Weight Loss

Mentioned below is overview of some common mistakes that prevent one from losing excess weight......»»

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30 Counties Gaining (and Losing) the Most Weight

Along with the opioid epidemic, obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges in the United States. In much of the country, the problem is only getting worse. Some 27.7% of American........»»

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Fattening up your 401(k) will be easier than losing weight in 2018

When it comes to sticking to your resolutions, the ability to automate financial tasks has made fiscal responsibility a more realistic goal......»»

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Browsing Instagram could sabotage your weight loss — and browsing Reddit instead could make you successful

Shutterstock A PhD student writes on Quartz that Reddit can be a helpful source of health information and inspiration, while Instagram can potentially be dangerous. That's partly because Redditors are generally open-minded and curious, while Ins.....»»

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Here"s what losing weight does to your body and brain

This video was originally published on October 29, 2017. Special thanks to John Gunstad, professor with the Department of Psychological Sciences at Kent State University, for speaking with us.....»»

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Does Exercise Work? Why Losing Weight In The New Year Will Be Harder Than You Think

Most people join a gym to kick off their New Year's weight loss resolution, but studies show that exercise alone isn't enough to get in shape for 2018......»»

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New Year"s resolutions you should make based on science — and how to keep them

Shutterstock/Maridav The most common New Year's resolutions tend to be vague goals intended to "get your life together" by losing weight, eating healthier food, or exercising more. But most people don't .....»»

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Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Is Losing Weight On The "Trump Diet" Because Liberal Friends Don"t Invite Him For Dinner Anymore

The famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz says he's lost 70-pounds trying out a new nutritional regimen: "The Donald Trump Diet.".....»»

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Types of Artificial Sweeteners - Are they Beneficial or Harmful?

Artificial Sweeteners have been promoted as a healthy option to use instead of sugar especially for calorie conscious and diabetic people......»»

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Weight Loss through Acai Berry

Acai berries have been advertised as a natural and healthy way of losing weight......»»

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Skynet Looms: Breakthrough Artificial Muscle Can Lift 1000x Its Own Weight

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have created inexpensive, artificial muscles that enable robots to lift 1,000 times their weight. The pro.....»»

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U.S. Is Losing To Russia And China In War For Artificial Intelligence, Report Says

When it comes to the next generation of warfare, the report found the U.S. could "lead the coming revolution, or fall victim to it.".....»»

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Artificial Origami Muscles Can Lift 1,000 Times Their Weight

Scientists created robotic muscles inspired from origami. Although the muscle looks soft and fragi.....»»

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