Bank ETFs surge: finally, a breakout, or just another headfake?

Funds that track bank stocks are soaring this week as the yield curve steepens, but there’s reason to be cautious......»»

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Bank ETFs Benefit From Steepening Yield Curve, But How Long?


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Friday"s Market Minute: Breakout For The Bulls

Equity index futures seem to have finally ended a month of range-bound trading yesterday with an upside breakout. read more.....»»

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The Fantasy Of Central Bank "Growth" Is Finally Imploding

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Having destroyed discipline, central banks have no.....»»

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Bank stocks tumble, taking ETFs with them

Bank stocks swooned Mo.....»»

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"One Side Needs To Reach Its Pain Limit": Why One Bank Sees The Yuan Cratering As Low As 7.70

When it comes to the recent sharp slump in Emerging Market currencies (and the ongoing surge in the dollar), few banks h.....»»

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Crypto Companies May Lose Access to ‘Service Provider’ Domain Names

Amid a surge in applications, a DNS registrar may ban crypto firms from using .bank and .insurance domain names......»»

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Sign Of The Top? Soft Bank Raises $108 Billion For Second Vision Fund

For a minute there, it looked like the investors who had helped finance Soft Bank's original Vision Fund were finally beginning to question the strategy of p.....»»

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What"s Behind Gold"s Breakout?

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, Gold’s dramatic move above $1400 has caught the investment establishment by surprise. Physical gold ETFs, as a proxy for direct portfolio investment, amount to only 0.05% of the estimated $2.....»»

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Maybe It"s Time To Be Bearish On Regional Bank ETFs


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Buy the Breakout in JPMorgan Stock After Earnings Beat

Shares of JPMorgan are rallying after beating on earnings estimates. However, could a breakout be in store for the bank?.....»»

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Best Sector ETFs For July: Make Some Bank

Historically, June is unkind to sto.....»»

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Deutsche Bank To Fire Up To 20,000: One In Six Full-Time Positions

While Deutsche Bank finally delivered some good news for a change to its long-suffering investors, when it miraculously failed to fail the latest Fed stress test, on Friday the chronically s.....»»

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Gold ETFs Likely to Rule 2H Irrespective of Fed Rate Cut

Gold ETFs set to surge higher irrespective of Fed rate cuts due to higher uncertainty a.....»»

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Market Extra: GE’s stock surge after record Paris Air Show orders sets bullish technical tone

Shares of General Electric Co. surged Thursday, putting them on track for a technical breakout that confirms a bullish technical setup, after the industrial conglomerate said its aviation unit announced record orders at the Paris Air Show this week......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 20th, 2019

More Weakness Seen in Regional Manufacturing Data

The strong economy has finally started to show some weakness around slower global growth and trade tensions. After a very weak Empire Manufacturing report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,........»»

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U.S. Stock ETFs Surge on Hopes of Trade Progress at G20 Summit

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Bank ETFs Could Benefit From Higher Bank Dividends

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Finally, Some Good News For Silver ETFs

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Need to Know: Stocks could surge on cusp of huge buying signal, says Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Our call of the day from strategists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, points to a key contrarian indicator that reveals investors are so bearish it might be time to start buying stocks......»»

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Yield Curve Becomes an Issue For Regional Bank ETFs

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