Bill Gates warns that nobody is paying attention to gene editing, a new technology that could make inequality even worse

Jack Taylor/Getty Images) Bill Gates recently described a cutting-edge scie.....»»

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Bill Gates says it would be a "tragedy" to pass up a controversial, revolutionary gene-editing technology


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The future of food: Scientists have found a fast and cheap way to edit your edibles’ DNA

Gene-editing technology can make crops grow with less water, hold more nutrients and withstand pests. But will consumers be on board for customizable food?.....»»

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Gates Foundation gives $1.5M to Children"s for sickle cell research

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $1.5 million to Boston Children’s Hospital to develop a gene therapy for sickle cell disease, with the goal of making the drug technology more widely available in regions of the world with high rate.....»»

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Merck KGaA wins U.S. CRISPR patent

Germany-based Merck KGaA has won a U.S. patent for a CRISPR technology that helps make the gene-editing technique more efficient, the company announced Tuesday. Merck .....»»

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The Wall Street Journal: Auto makers want to make you a less distracted driver

Car companies roll out technology to track motorists’ gazes and attention......»»

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Melinda Gates shares Buffett"s advice and what she and Bill won"t spend on

CNBC Make It's VP and Managing E.....»»

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Social Capital: This simple trick could make it a lot harder for corporations to skip out on their tax bill

The U.S. could reduce inequality, rein in abusive tax shelters, and gain some needed revenue if it taxed corporate profits based on the share of sales that occurred in the U.S., writes Pedro da Costa......»»

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When Will Gene Editing Help Humans? This Investor Says It’s Already Happening

Startup Tmunity is now in clinical trials with a cancer gene-killing treatment. The news came at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference. Technology has long infused health care with inspiration and hope. Th.....»»

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How to Make a Dirty Money Scandal Even Worse

Swedbank’s CEO dithered and equivocated and is now paying the price. Her successor needs to take a different tack, and fast......»»

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Get ready for "troubled waters" ahead, Cramer warns

Jim Cramer explains an inverted yield curve does not mean a recession is coming and reveals what companies he'll be paying attention to next week......»»

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Can the Gene-Editing Technology CRISPR Cure This Debilitating Brain Disease?

Is CRISPR the miracle we've been hoping for to treat genetic brain diseases?.....»»

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Bill Gates Warns "Millions Could Die" If US Doesn"t Prepare For Coming Pandemic

Should a deadly pandemic comparable to the 1918 influenza outbreak reach the US in the relatively near future, the US government would be powerless to stop it. A.....»»

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Scientists can use CRISPR to edit genes. Should they?

Bill Whitaker reports on the gene-editing tool this week on 60 Minutes. The debate over how to use it is playing out in labs around the world.....»»

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Could Gene-Editing Technology Bring Back the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger?

Humans killed off the last of the thylacines. Could science bring them back?.....»»

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Bill Gates: I'd bet against Bitcoin if I could

Bill Gates expressed deep skepticism about the prospects of bitcoin despite faith in the cryptocurrency's underlying technology. Gates told CNBC "S.....»»

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Make Mexican Drug Cartels Pay for Trump"s Border Wall, GOP Senator Bill Cassidy Says

"It won’t be the Mexican government [paying for the wall]; it will be the Mexican cartels, and that’s probably the better party to bill there.".....»»

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Can gene therapy make you super-strong like Jessica Jones? Yes — but it’s complicated

Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” was inspired by a real-life genetic editing procedure, but the truth is more complicated than fiction......»»

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Radiation from Cell Phones, Wifi Are Hurting the Birds and the Bees; 5G May Make It Worse

The technology interferes with the natural compass of some birds and insects......»»

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Sangamo Banks On Gene Editing Technology To Scale New Highs

Sangamo Banks On Gene Editing Technology To Scale New Highs.....»»

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CRISPR Crashes After Study Highlights Potential Cancer Risk From Gene-Editing

Don't mess with mother nature.. or crowded longs! Crispr Therapeutics led gene-editing stocks lower after new studies published by Nature Medicine found that cells whose genomes are edited with the CRISPR-Cas9 technology have the po.....»»

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