Broke Illinois Pension System Leaves Every Resident With $11,000 Of Debt

The Illinois state pension system is in a mess.  For those unfamiliar, here's a quick recap: Illinois (rate just one notch .....»»

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Why Illinois’ State Pension System Threatens Its Entire State Budget

No state has managed to avoid funding problems with their pensions, but if two states can be considered epicenters of the pension crisis, it would be Illinois and .....»»

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Illinois Hopes to Fix $134 Billion Pension Shortfall By Issuing More Debt

Back in December we noted that the lack of basic economic common sense by its politicians led the state of Illinois to a $134 pension shortfall. Now, the latest Democrat failing to understand simple math, and that the answe.....»»

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JPMorgan Expert: Illinois Bankruptcy Option Needed - True Debt, Pension, Health Costs Would Consume Half Of Revenue

JPMorgan Expert: Illinois Bankruptcy Option Needed - True Debt, Pension, Health Costs Would Consume Half Of Revenue.....»»

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Illinois Breaks Pension-Debt Record For US States

Authored by Adam Schuster via, According to a new report by Moody’s Investors Service, Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities equaled 601 percent of state revenues in.....»»

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We Have A Huge Debt Problem In Illinois: Bruce Rauner

Gov. Bruce Rauner, (R-Ill.), on the state’s mounting pension crisis. Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc, Also read Lear Capital: Financial Products You .....»»

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CalPERS Votes To Move Forward With Its New Private Equity Plan

The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) manages the largest public pension fund in the United States. read more.....»»

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401(k)s versus 403(b)s

Teachers Deserve Better From Retirement-Plan System How U.S. pension laws cheat employees of nonprofit organizations. Bloomberg, March 15, 2019       How is it possible that two variations of tax-deferred r.....»»

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A Debt-Riddled System That Is Hitting The Wall

A Debt-Riddled System That Is Hitting The Wall.....»»

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Gundlach Lashes Out At "Crackpot" MMT Used To Justify "Massive Socialist System"

If US debt is at $22 trillion and interest rates can barely rise above 2.60%, why can't the US have $222 trillion in debt? Or 2 quad.....»»

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HOA Fines Honda Owner After Snow Dusting Leaves Suggestive Shape in Parking Lot

Weirdest. Penalty. Ever. A lot of people aren’t fans of home owner associations. And who can blame them? But a Tennessee resident might hold claim to the most ridiculous HOA violation of the year, possibly the de.....»»

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Ahead of Trade Resolution China Ramps up Economic Support

China met its target for reducing debt levels but will keep cracking down on riskier types of financing to contain risks to its financial system, the banking and insurance regulator said Mo.....»»

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Federal Reserve Report Highlights "Resilient" Financial System

The Federal Reserve said Friday the U.S. financial system remains “substantially” safer than before the 2007-09 recession but noted a significant expansion in business debt and weaker lending standards......»»

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Illinois Doubles Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

As if Illinois sky-high taxes, outsize cost of living and teetering public pension fund weren't enough reasons for people and business to flee the state (it suf.....»»

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Illinois Considering "Asset Transfers" To Pensions: Be Afraid

Submitted by Mark Glennon of Wirepoints Governor JB Pritzker’s administration has now made clear it will seriously consider the latest idea to address Illinois’ pension crisis – transferring public assets directly.....»»

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Trifecta Of Folly: Pritzker Admin"s Pension Plan For Illinois Will Center On The Three Worst Ideas Available

Authored by Mark Glennon via, Deputy Governor Dan Hynes today released the first details o.....»»

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Impactive Capital Receives Startup Capital From CalSTRS

A new activist fund launched this week with startup capital from the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) – only the second fund the pension fund has helped get started in the past decade. Impactive Capi.....»»

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NJ Pension Fund Might Ditch Enquirer Owner As Bezos Blackmail Backlash Intensifies

As federal prosecutors explore whether National Enquirer publisher AMI broke the law by allegedly trying to blackmail Jeff Bezos, the world's .....»»

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Natural gas becomes a competitive alternative for commercial customers

Clearwater Gas System turned to its own product – natural gas – to cut carbon emissions and electrical use when it broke ground earlier this year on a new facility — a $27.5 million complex with six buildings and roughly 57,000 square feet of.....»»

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Moody"s downgrades Montco health system"s debt rating

Moody's Investors Service has downgraded Holy Redeemer Health System's bond rating to Ba1 from Baa3 and maintained its negative rating outlook for the Montgomery County-based health care provider. The rating action affects about $45.8 million in r.....»»

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CalSTRS backs new activist hedge fund Impactive with $250 million

The California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS), the second largest U.S. pension fund said on Monday it made a $250 million investment with Impactive Capital, a new activist hedge fund that expects to start trading next month......»»

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