China"s First Drone Missile Boat On Display At Airshow China

Earlier this week, we reported how the 12th China International Aviation and Aerosp.....»»

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Boeing, Airbus fret over trade war as China displays aviation ambitions

The world's two largest planemakers signaled on Tuesday that they were keen to see an end to a bruising trade war between Washington and Beijing, as China opened its largest airshow with a display that showcased its aviation ambitions......»»

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China opens airshow with big jet model, fighter jet flypasts

China on Tuesday kicked off its largest airshow with a display of its aviation ambitions, unveiling a life-size model of a long-haul jet it is developing with Russia and showing off its J-20 stealth fighter jet in a roaring flight demonstration......»»

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China to parade aviation prowess at November expo, but C919 jet a no-show

China will show off its growing military aviation strength at its biggest airshow in November, with fighter jet flypasts and its largest display of weaponry ever, an air force spokesman said on Thursday......»»

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China Reveals Fifth-Generation Stealth Jet"s Missile Payload At Zhuhai Air Show

Last week, Beijing’s fifth-gen.....»»

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China"s military seeks to gain from commercial drone boom

China's military seeks to gain from commercial drone boom.....»»

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U.S.-China Trade Tensions on Display at Shanghai Expo

U.S. companies occupy choice real estate at a mega-Chinese trade show but also stand at an uncomfortable intersection: between the China market’s huge opportunity and a U.S. president critical of their investment in it......»»

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China, Russia unveil life-size model of planned widebody jet at Zhuhai airshow

China and Russia on Tuesday unveiled a life-size model of a proposed wide-body long-haul jet at the opening of China's largest airshow, giving public shape to their joint efforts to break into a market dominated by Boeing and Airbus ......»»

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Trade war, spy claims cloud horizon for China airshow - Reuters

ReutersTrade war, spy claims cloud horizon for China airshowReutersSHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters).....»»

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Trade war, spy claims cloud horizon for China airshow

Trade frictions with the United States and accusations of industrial espionage are set to cast a cloud over China's largest aerospace meeting this week, as suppliers consider what the country's slowing economy could mean for booming jet demand......»»

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How a New Arms Race Could Boost Defense Stocks

A superfast “hypersonic” missile, and America’s rising rivalry with China, are key for investors trying to understand the outlook for defense stocks......»»

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Why Sprint, Yum China Holdings, and Universal Display Jumped Today

Wednesday was another po.....»»

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China Slams Pompeo"s "Ignorant And Malicious" Debt-Trap Warning

The Communist Party's simmering antipathy toward Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - which was on full display earlier this month during an unprecedented public confrontation between Pompeo and his Chinese counterpart during a meeting in Beijing .....»»

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China Unveils World"s Largest Transport Drone 

China has successfully tested the world's largest commercial drone developed and manufactured by the China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology (CAAET) made i.....»»

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Taiwanese executives leaving China flat panel industry

Many top executives from Taiwan who had helped China build up its flat panel industry have left the country, which has become a powerhouse in the display business and is keener to promote local professionals......»»

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Unprecedented Public Confrontation On Display In Beijing Between Top US, China Diplomats

President Trump may have been too quick to praise North Korea following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit with Kim Jong Un over the weekend. Because in what .....»»

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Silead starts under-display fingerprint sensor R&D

China-based fingerprint sensor supplier Silead has been engaged in the development of under-glass MEMS-based ultrasonic solutions, and expects to enter volume production of the under-display chips in early 2019......»»

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US Pulls Patriot Missiles From Middle East As Focus Shifts To China, Russia Threat

The Pentagon is removing Patriot missile systems from several Middle Eastern countries next month, an a move that the Wall Street Journal says coincides with a "realignment of forces and ca.....»»

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"The US Will Bear Responsibility": China Furious After US Sanctions Beijing For Buying Russian Weapons

It has been barely two weeks since China joined Russia in the "Vostok" war games, the largest display of Eurasian military might since 1981 when the Soviet Union was still a global superpower, and already the US has found an opening to t.....»»

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The Air Force"s deadliest drone has scored its first air-to-air kill, and it could be a big deal in a China fight

U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Cory D. Payne/Handout via REUTERS The extremely lethal MQ-9 Reaper drone, already the deadl.....»»

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US Defense Agency Wants Battlespace To Combat Russia And China Hypersonic Weapons

The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) submitted a request for highly maneuvrable Mach 5 missile interceptors to combat the hypersonic threat from Russia and China. The solicitation was submitted to the Department of Defense (DOD) Small Busine.....»»

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