Coors Light will serve free beer when Bud Light trolls them

It's the latest development in the "beer brewed with corn syrup" debacle.         It's the latest development in the "beer brewed with corn syrup" debacle.        .....»»

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Capital Gains: A colorful ATM gambit, award-winning tequila and free Coors Light (with a catch)

Each week on page 3 of our weekly edition, we summarize some of the news, talk and speculation rolling through this hot economy. Here's what caught our eyes this week. FEELING THE CASH BURN A small Austin nail salon is taking a stand against the .....»»

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MillerCoors escalates 'Corn Syrup War' with lawsuit against rival Anheuser-Busch

MillerCoors, owner of the Miller Light and Coors Light brands, is suing fellow beer conglomerate Anheuser-Busch, over its Super Bowl commercials......»»

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Molson Coors tanks on weak US beer sales

The Coors Light Silver Bullet train missed the station in a big way......»»

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Millennials are creating a mounting crisis for some of the most iconic beer brands in America

Jason Cairnduff/Reuters Beer sales are slipping, with iconic brands including Coors Light, Budweiser, and Heineken being hit especially hard.  Millennials and Gen Z are more likely tha.....»»

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Bud Light is installing "Victory Fridges" in Cleveland bars that will give out free beer to fans when the Browns win their first game — and everyone is making the same joke

Bud Light Bud Light unveiled a new camp.....»»

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Bud Light Will Give Browns Fans Free Beer—if the Team Wins a Game This Year

A victory unlocks 10 fridges and provides free beer to fans. Over the last two NFL seasons, the Cleveland Browns have won exactly one game. Last year, they didn’t win any. (And in 2015, they only won three). That makes a team .....»»

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MillerCoors is slashing jobs as Coors Light struggles and millennials ditch beer

MillerCoors is slashing roughly 350 jobs, the beer giant announced on Tuesday. .....»»

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Bud Light Super Bowl ad could nix beer alliance

A Bud Light Super Bowl ad calling out MillerCoors’s use of corn syrup in Coors Light and Miller Lite could derail a brand-agnostic beer campaign aimed at boosting the struggling marketing, according to the Wall Street Journal. Anheuser-Busch I.....»»

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Wisconsin city makes list of U.S. places with most craft breweries per capita

From millennials to Gen Xers, turn a corner anywhere in just about any city and you're bound to find a craft beer drinker. From light crisp lagers to those opaque hazy IPAs that have become a formidable beast in the craft beer world, people like the.....»»

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Ranked: The top U.S. cities for craft breweries (gallery)

Looking for a craft beer? In these cities, you won't have far to look. From millennials to Gen Xers, turn a corner anywhere in the Triangle and you're bound to find a craft beer drinker. From light crisp lagers to those opaque hazy IPAs that have b.....»»

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Why the power of print is still effective in today’s digital world

Please feel free at any time to print out this article, find a quiet place with just the right amount of natural light and relax. As your desktop printer powers up grab a cup of coffee and take a deep breath, there is magic in the air. Why go through t.....»»

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A Pittsburgh heatwave could equal free Coors

Recording setting high temperature means free beer......»»

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Bud Light's message about Miller Lite and Coors Light now has limits

The company behind Bud Light will not be able to use two TV ads and tw.....»»

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Bud Light's Super Bowl message about Miller Lite and Coors Light is now off limits

The messaging in a Super Bowl ad that accused the maker of Miller Lite and Coors Light of sweetening those beers with corn syrup is now off limi.....»»

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Bud Light Must Stop Running Ads Saying That Miller Light Contains Corn Syrup, Judge Rules

Both beer .....»»

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Judge: Anheuser-Busch must revise ads aimed at MillerCoors

A Wisconsin judge has ordered Anheuser-Busch to stop suggesting in advertising that MillerCoors' light beers contain corn syrup The ruling is part of fight between two beer giants that are losing market share to small independent brewers......»»

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Exclusive: Bosch goes for platinum-light fuel cells

Global automotive supplier Bosch expects platinum to play only a minor role in its new fuel cells, giving precious metal markets scant benefit even as the technology gains momentum for pollution-free transport......»»

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Natural Light is looking for a summer intern who will get to test out beer!

Natural Light or some may know it as Natty Light is looking for a summer intern. Buzz60&rsqu.....»»

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The Ratings Game: Molson Coors loses more of its fizz, Qualcomm may get a break on its core business

Molson Coors Brewing Co. tried to hype up its Miller Lite and Coors Light brands on Wednesday, but its efforts fell flat......»»

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Cal Berkeley Law School Dean: Trump"s Free-Speech Executive Order Is "Unconstitutional"

Authored by Brittany Slaughter via Campus Reform, In light of President Donald Trump’s executive order on free speech, Erwin Chermerinsky, dean of Berkeley Law, and Howard Gillman, Chancellor of the University of Californi.....»»

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