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Bad financial habits: Three money moves that hurt your retirement savings

Nearly half (46%) of Baby Boomers don't have anything saved for retirement, according to a new study, and.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayMay 22nd, 2018

Retirement shortfall: 31% of Americans have less than $5,000 saved, survey finds

A survey of 2,003 adults found that 21% of Americans have nothing saved at all for their golden years, and a third of Americans have less than $5,000 put away.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayMay 20th, 2018

The real reason why so many people are working "side hustles"

People are working "side hustles" because they don't have anything saved for retirement or are weighed down by student loans......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralMay 19th, 2018

Half of Americans don"t have enough saved to cover basic retirement expenses

Too many people are off track when it comes to reaching their retirement goals......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralMay 17th, 2018

This is how much you should save by 35

How much should you have saved for retirement by the age of 35? A Marketwatch report on Twitter has plenty of people stymied. Ke.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayMay 16th, 2018

The House passes a bill aimed at helping employees buy out their employers

If more owners sold their businesses to their employees, then jobs would be saved and retirement for them could be more comfortable......»»

Category: topSource: washpostMay 9th, 2018

Here"s how much people have saved for retirement in each state

How good are the people in your state at saving for retirement?.....»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralMay 4th, 2018

The top 16 countries where Americans buy property abroad

Americans look overseas to stretch retirement dollars, find investment opportunities or simply have fun. See if you agree with their top choices for buying property......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralMay 3rd, 2018

Retirement planning: How much should I have saved in my 401(k) at age 40? Ask a Fool

Experts generally suggest that you'll need about 80% of your salary after retirement to maintain lifestyle. Social Security is designed to replace about 40%, so this.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayMay 3rd, 2018

Retirement destinations: Beat the retiree crowds to these 5 places abroad

Places like Coronado or Boquete in Panama, Puerto Vallarta or Ajijic in Mexico and Ambergris Caye island in Be.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayApr 29th, 2018

Retiring abroad without tax surprises requires planning and possible stateside move in

Taxes on Social Security income may still apply overseas. Some 9 million U.S. citizens live abroad as of 2016, according to the State Department. You could be subject to new tax reporting requirements.       .....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayApr 28th, 2018

She is 3 decades past the retirement age, and doesn"t want to slow down

Here's why fashion icon Iris Apfel isn't planning on retiring, ever......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralApr 27th, 2018

How we saved for our $20,000 retirement dream vacation


Category: topSource: usatodayApr 27th, 2018

Thinking about where to retire? Here are 30 great U.S. cities for older Americans

The U.S. is on the verge of a massive surge of retirement in the coming years. For those millions of retiring Americans who are looking to find a place to live , many con.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayApr 26th, 2018

Retiring broke? More than half of Americans are at risk of it happening

No matter how much you make, it's important to save for retirement unless you plan to work the rest of your life. Even small contributions to your retire.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayApr 24th, 2018

Here"s how much you"ll spend on health care in retirement

The average couple retiring today at age 65 will need $280,000 to cover health care and medical costs in retirement, according to an annual estimate by Fidelity, released Thursday......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralApr 21st, 2018

Retiring abroad? Beat the crowds to these 5 places

Coronado in Panama once had pristine beaches and not much else. Today the resort town is a haven for U.S. and Canadian retirees......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralApr 19th, 2018

42% of Americans Have Less Than $10,000 Saved For Retirement

Financial crisis could loom ahead for milli.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneApr 18th, 2018

Do I have enough saved to cover my spending in retirement?

Most retirement proj.....»»

Category: topSource: cnnApr 18th, 2018

Next Avenue: 21 lessons learned from early retirement

A man who retired at 50 offers some unvarnished truths about life and retiring......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchApr 12th, 2018