Elliott wave Analysis: NZDUSD Trading In A Temporary Correction

Hi traders,Current bearish reversal on NZDUSD can part of a corrective wave ii, as part of a higher degree bullish cycle that started in March......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 14th, 2019

NZDUSD Unfolding A Temporary Correction - Elliott wave Analysis

Elliott wave analysis on NZDUSD......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 13th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Trading into A Temporary Correction

S&P500 looks to have made a top for the five-wave recovery up from 2322 lows, which means, that a new three-wave pullback can now be in play......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 23rd, 2019

NZDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Double Correction Taking Place

NZDUSD Elliott wave analysis suggests that the cycle from 8/15 low is doing correction higher in Minor wave 2 bounce looking for more upside towards 0.6795-.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesAug 30th, 2018

NZDUSD Can Look For Support - Elliott wave Analysis

NZDUSD can be trading in a bigger, Elliott wave ending diagonal with current decline from 0.6730 swing high representing final phase of this overlapping pattern......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 11th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: USDCHF Looking For Support

Good morning everybody,A five-wave recovery on USDCHF from 0.9541 level suggests that wave 1 of a higher degree had ended, and that a new temporary, three-wave correction can be in play......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 19th, 2018

AUDUSD Trading Into A Bigger Correction; Support at 0.7163 - Elliott Wave Analysis

Five wave turn down from 0.7334 on Aussie was an impulse subwave A of a still ongoing corrective set-back which may see a drop back to 0.7163 for wave B) of a higher degree......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesNov 23rd, 2018

Crude OIL is Eyeing 54.00 Area - Elliott wave Analysis

Elliott wave analysis on Crude oil. Temporary correction points higher, above 54.00 area......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 15th, 2019

Elliott Wave Analysis: NZDUSD Intra-day View

Hi traders,As expected, the Kiwi is moving nicely within a projected a-b-c correction......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJan 21st, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 Unfolding A Potential Three-wave Reversal; 2636 in View

Hello everybody,S&P500 is slowly turning to the downside from the 2739 level, giving us a suggestion that a bigger, five-wave rally found a top, and that a temporary, three-wave correction is now in play......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesFeb 8th, 2019

Elliott wave Analysis: EURAUD Can Face More Weakness After A Correction

Hi traders,EURAUD turned nicely bearish with five waves away from projected resistance, so seems like it's bearish confimed now......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesMar 12th, 2019

NZDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Ready For Recovery?

NZDUSD short-term Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline from 0.7060 high is unfolding as impulse structure and already reached the bouncing area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 20th, 2018

Elliott wave Intraday Analysis: USDCHF is Looking For More Upside

USDCHF can be trading within a corrective bullish triangle pattern......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJun 20th, 2018

SPX Elliott Wave Analysis: Calling Correction Lower

SPX Elliott wave analysis suggests that the correction against 4/02/2018 low remains in progress in 7 swings structure & while below $2792.25 high.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 5th, 2018

Triangle on S&P500 Points Higher - Elliott wave Analysis

S&P500 can be trading in a three-wave corrective recovery of a higher degree with sideways and choppy movement since end of June representing a triangle in the making......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 5th, 2018

Hang Seng Elliott Wave Analysis: Correction Lower Happening

Hang seng Elliott wave view suggests that the index is correcting the larger cycle from 2/11/2016 lows towards 27588-26540 area.....»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesJul 6th, 2018

USDCHF At Support; More Gains can Follow - Elliott Wave Analysis

Good evening traders,USDCHF completed a three-wave decline within wave Y as part of a bigger complex correction after a very strong and impulsive reaction up to 1.000 level......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 17th, 2018

More Gains in View on EURAUD - Elliott wave Analysis

On the 4h chart of EURAUD we see an impulsive structure from 1.5600 region followed by a new three-wave correction from the highs, which looks to be a minor wave iv......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 20th, 2018

Soybean Meal in a Triangle - Elliott wave Analysis

Hi traders, and welcome to a new trading week.Today, let's start the update with a soybean meal chart and its interesting pattern......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 24th, 2018

Elliott wave Analysis: CORN Ending a Correction

Hi traders,On CORN we are tracking a bigger triangle correction, which can be in late stages......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesSep 28th, 2018

GOLD is Expected To Drop - Elliott wave Analysis

Hi traders,Gold can be very interesting this week, and it may come down if stocks would really recover into higher levels of a correction......»»

Category: optionsSource: insidefuturesOct 29th, 2018