ETF Transparency And Liquidity Are Welcome In Stressed Markets

ETF Transparency And Liquidity Are Welcome In Stressed Markets.....»»

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Lori Is Driving Visibility And Transparency In Emerging Markets" Chaotic Logistics Systems

While the U.S. read more.....»»

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Bear Markets And Liquidity Conditions

Bear Markets And Liquidity Conditions.....»»

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Drip. Drip. Asia’s Liquidity Taps Start to Gurgle

Whisper it for now, but we may see the region’s asset markets start to operate more smoothly in the second half of the year. .....»»

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5 Out Of 6 Global Central Banks Are Still Flooding Markets With Liquidity

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Stuck In The Middle .....»»

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Markets Heading Lower On Contracting Global Liquidity

Markets Heading Lower On Contracting Global Liquidity.....»»

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China and slow growth may keep the punchbowl brimming

It was meant to be the first year in nearly a decade that the world's central banks took more cash out of markets than they pumped in. Instead, China -- and slowing growth elsewhere -- may ensure yet another year of positive liquidity flows......»»

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Monetization & Markets (Or Why Fundamentals Don"t Matter, Liquidity Does)

Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, Being I'm not an economist nor associated with any financial or investment institutions nor do I have anything for you (dear reader) to buy or sell, I have .....»»

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Market Extra: Stressed-out stock traders face Friday hurdles posed by jobs report, Fed’s Powell

As volatility sears through financial markets at the new year, shellshocked investors will have to face a last round of obstacles before they head into the weekend......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJan 3rd, 2019

Repo Rate Soars Most On Record As Yield Curve Goes Nuts In Year-End Liquidity Chaos

While markets were in a festive mood on New Year's Eve, with the S&P enjoying a last second 15-point spike even as 10Y yields tumbled to the lowest level since January... ... something strange took place in both overnight funding .....»»

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Bad Liquidity or Bad Markets? Traders Weigh In on Stock Tumult

Few topics on Wall Street get blood boiling faster than liquidity, particularly when worries about exchange structure are dragged in. Seeing prices run away is part of doing business in smaller stocks. Seeing it happen when he was trying to fill.....»»

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Year-End USD Surge Can"t Help Liquidity In The Markets

The following stock has been highlighted by VantagePoint software, an artificial intelligence platform that provides market forecasts 1-3 days in advance. For a free demo click here. read more.....»»

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Beware These January Days When The Fed"s QT Will Rock Markets

With traders finally accepting the reality that Quantitative Tightening means collapsing liquidity, tighter financial conditions and - obviou.....»»

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Market Extra: If Mnuchin’s worried about liquidity, here’s where it’s actually a problem

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s meeting with banks over adequate liquidity could bring attention to the dearth of trading in fixed-income markets.....»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 24th, 2018

Mnuchin Called Bank CEOs To Check Liquidity, Calm Markets; Has Monday Call With Plunge Protection Team

Update: With everyone suddenly freaking out over whether (and why) Mnuchin really made the kind of "liquidity test" call to bank CEOs that was reserved for the depth of the financial crisis, m.....»»

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Goldman: 2019 - Lower Liquidity, Higher Vol, More Fragile

In June 2018, Doug Cifu, co-founder and CEO of Virtu Financial, bragged to Goldman Sachs about the liquidity, efficiency, and transparency that the new market stru.....»»

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Scoring Palm Oil And Soy Companies On Forest Policies And Transparency

By Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM, Director Capital Markets, Climate Advisers and Kyra Althaus, Climate Advisers Among.....»»

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Liquidity Keeps Economy, Financial Markets Going

Liquidity Keeps Economy, Financial Markets Going.....»»

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TRUX Platform Tackles Inefficiencies In Dump Truck Market

TRUX believes it has built the solution that will disrupt the construction trades and finally give these underserved markets the transparency and efficiency they are lacking.  read more.....»»

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"This Is Stupid, I"m Done" - Traders Step Away From Headline-Driven "Hope Springs Eternal" Holiday Markets

With volumes already sinking and liquidity disappearing ahead of tomorrow's Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US, markets are jittery at best and deadly to one's P&L at worst as the machi.....»»

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Chinese Yuan Tumbles To New Cycle Low Amid Signs Of Capital Outflows

 As Chinese markets began to wake, yuan just broke below 6.98/USD for the first time in this downswing, despite PBOC liquidity withdrawals sending m.....»»

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