Evaluating the evidence on micro-aggressions and trigger warnings

MORE than 150 years ago, John Stuart Mill put forward a sensible proposition. “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilised community, against his will, is to pr.....»»

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Berkeley Professor Claims Clinton Email Investigation Nothing More Than A Sexist "Bitch Hunt"

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Today’s college-related article is not about safe spaces, macro aggressions and trigger warnings. Rather, it’s about a remarkably stupid claim made by Robin Lakoff (a profes.....»»

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Shakespeare for Snowflakes? Famous Plays Come With Trigger Warnings at Cambridge University

The school has said it's "in no way indicative of a faculty-wide policy," but fans of the Bard are mad anyway......»»

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Barclays Downgrades Advanced Micro Devices, Sees "Little Evidence" Of Epyc Share Gains

Heading into Q2 earnings season, one of the hottest stocks in the semiconductor space may be running out of steam. Latest Ratings f.....»»

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Church of England Helped Conceal Sex Abuse by Bishop, Report Says

Top leaders in the Church of England “colluded” with a disgraced former bishop, ignoring warnings for years and withholding evidence of his sexual abuse of young men, a report said Thursday......»»

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Are trigger warnings more harmful than taboo subjects?

Potentially offensive topics are on the rise in popular culture, but can trigger warnings really shield us from upset? And should they?.....»»

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EU wants to supend 300 generic drugs tested by Indian co Micro Therapeutic

There is no evidence of harm or lack of effectiveness of the medicines.....»»

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UK Consumer Cautious as Inflation Ticks Higher

U.K. retailers offered further evidence on Tuesday that they may be in for a tough year. Amid warnings that faster infla.....»»

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FDA Has Ordered New Label Warnings, But It"s Not Clear That Anesthesia Is Risky In Pregnancy, Kids

Although the evidence of risk is mixed, the FDA is now requiring a new warning about their use in pregnant women and children under 3 about the use of 11 drugs for anesthesia or sedation. Although the evidence of risk is mixed, the FDA is now requir.....»»

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NYU Prof Who Spoke Out Against "Safe Spaces" and "Trigger Warnings" Gets Pushed Out

NYU Prof Who Spoke Out Against "Safe Spaces" and "Trigger Warnings" Gets Pushed Out.....»»

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Even Deep Sea Organisms Are Eating Plastic Trash

Scientists have found the first evidence that even deep sea organisms are ingesting micro plastics. Scientists have found the first evidence that even deep sea organisms are ingesting micro plastics......»»

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Hofstra University Unveils "Trigger Warning" For Tonight"s Debate

It was inevitable. With much of the debate over the past year focusing on Social Justice Warriors, "safe spaces", and - most notably - "trigger warnings," moments ago the first such caution emerged when Hofstra University- the venue of tonight's historic .....»»

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"You"re An Idiot & A Lunatic if You Question "Safe Spaces" Or "Microaggression"" - President Of Northwestern

Submitted by Mark Glennon via, Never mind that he’s talking about many who his university educated, including me. Any of you who question campus preoccupation with safe spaces, trigger warnings and microaggressions are idiots and luna.....»»

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No evidence of spot-fixing in Ashes Test: ICC

The Sun reporters offered spot-fixing information.....»»

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Is the Restaurant Industry on the Verge of Comps Growth Again?

A couple of green shoots provide some evidence that a sales recovery may be coming......»»

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Facebook found essentially no Russian effort to sway Brexit vote

The New York Times reports that Facebook has found little evidence of Russian interference, at least when it comes to Russian-purchased Facebook ads. .....»»

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Bitcoin’s Insane Rise Has Initial Coin Offerings Going Gangbusters

Despite warnings of fraud. Proceeds from initial coin offerings have topped $4 billion this year despite escalating warnings from U.S. officials of rising risks .....»»

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First Ingredients for Life Could Have Formed in the Frozen Depths of Outer Space on Ice Blasted With Radiation

New research into how life on Earth began offers further evidence that extraterrestrial origins may be plausible......»»

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Ancient Peruvian Culture That Inca Empire Claimed It Destroyed 500 Years Ago Resisted and Persisted, New DNA Evidence Shows

History is written by the winners—unless newly revealed DNA evidence sets the record straight......»»

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AUO mulls full automation of PV module production

TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics (AUO), which has diversified into the solar PV power industry, is evaluating the feasibility of fully automating its PV module production lines with annual capacity of 500MWp, according to industry sources......»»

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The Party’s Over for Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Stock

InvestorPlace - Stock Market .....»»

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