Good Or Bad, But Surely Not Transitory

Good Or Bad, But Surely Not Transitory.....»»

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10 tiny bad habits that could be keeping you from getting that promotion

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.comToo many people think that just being good at your job is enough to get you promoted. They think that talent is enough to make it to the top. But surely, if you are good eno.....»»

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China just gave the clearest signal yet that its economy is bouncing back

Getty ImagesIf there was any doubt the Chinese economy is humming again, it’s surely been dispelled Wednesday. Chinese trade data has beaten across the board in October, a good sign for not only its economy but global demand as a whole. According to.....»»

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Why the Jobs Report Is Great for Trump But Bad for You

It's about wages. For Donald Trump, it’s better to be lucky than good. The President-elect can hardly be credited for the labor market’s strong showing in November, but he’ll surely benefit from the economy’s momentum as he pre.....»»

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Why Honeywell International Is a Fantastic Buy Right Now

The recent dip in the stock price will surely be attracting investors to buy in, and despite the guidance reduction, the stock looks to be a good value......»»

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8 Most Successful GoFundMe Campaigns of All Time

These 8 most successful GoFundMe campaigns of all time will surely return your faith in humanity. They show that there are still good people out there, ready to help others in need. GoFundMe is a crowdfunding site, but has one important distinction from o.....»»

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Tear Down This Wall Separating Business And The Common Good

Surely we are living in a challenging, if not a frequently depressing political environment. I saw a bumper sticker that summed up broad public disaffection with the current political choices by simply proclaiming: “Thank God only one of them can win!â€.....»»

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John Coleman, Weather Channel founder and climate change doubter, dies at 83

Coleman was a television forecasting pioneer as the first weathercaster on "Good Morning America" and the first meteorologist to broadcast in front of a green screen......»»

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Q3 earnings off to a good start; combined net profit of 130 firms up 16.5%

Combined net sales were up 12.6% YoY during the Oct-Dec 2017 quarter, growing at the fastest pace in the last three quarters.....»»

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After one year of Trump, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sounds a lot different about immigration — and that might be a good thing (GOOGL, GOOG)

Google CE.....»»

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Good News: More Than 75% of Americans Are Saving in Some Capacity

Are you one of them?.....»»

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Your 3-Point Guide to Paying Off Debt

Want to shake that debt for good? Here's how......»»

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Linn Energy Receives A Good Price For Altamont Bluebell

Linn Energy Receives A Good Price For Altamont Bluebell.....»»

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For downtown Tampa"s Park Tower, a flurry of leasing activity unfolded before multimillion-dollar renovations began

The momentum at Park Tower is another good sign for downtown Tampa's office market......»»

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Eric Trump Thinks the Government Shutdown is a Good Thing

In a Fox News interview Trump claimed Democrats were out to derail his father's momentum......»»

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Yet to file returns? Good news as last date for GSTR-3B extended to Monday

GSTR-3B is meant to capture details of outward and inward supplies.....»»

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Here’s why you shouldn’t close old credit cards, even if you don’t use them

There are good reasons to think twice before closing old credit card accounts......»»

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2018-01-22 Week - Gold - Crypto Is Bearer Bonds - Bitcoin & China

Gold is looking good these days. Crypto is a modern Bearer Bond. China has a vested interest in the survival of Bitcoin......»»

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Parker-Hannifin: An Industrial Company And Dividend King With A Good Forward CAGR

Parker-Hannifin: An Industrial Company And Dividend King With A Good Forward CAGR.....»»

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6 gorgeous wine country hotels around the world

Courtesy of Jackalope If there are two things a traveler should never go without, it’s a good hotel and great wine. Get the best of both worlds at a stunning property in a classic vin.....»»

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Nike: Will 2018 Be A Good Year?

Nike: Will 2018 Be A Good Year?.....»»

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