Guest Column: Businesses must leverage data to improve decisions

It’s a weekday eveni.....»»

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Guest Column: Decision-making process is critical for family businesses

Some people argue that there’s no such thing as a good decision or a bad decision – there are only decisions that produce the desired results and decisions that don’t......»»

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Guest opinion: San Jose businesses benefit from Google"s downtown plans

Editor's note: The following guest column from Matthew Mahood from the Silicon Valley Organization is part of a series of op-eds the Silicon Valley Business Journal is running to get perspectives about Google's plans to purchase land in downtown San Jose.....»»

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Guest Column: 3 key challenges for family businesses

The word “challenge” gets tossed around often in business and academic circles and even in personal conversations......»»

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Guest column: The big contradiction of corporate giving in Portland

Oregon businesses are generous philanthropists, but too often advocate for policies that leave some in the community behind.....»»

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Guest Column: Effective personnel reviews keep businesses on track

As a family business grows and becomes more complex, the owners should start looking for ways to make management and operations more systematic and professional......»»

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Guest Column: 6 ways to respond to court"s Wayfair tax ruling

Two tax accounting experts in Kansas City offer a road map to help businesses react to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that probably will lead to much broader collection of online taxes......»»

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Guest Column: Time for businesses to truly allow freedom in the office

Every July my art.....»»

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Guest column: Healthy employees, happy boss?

It’s no secret that practicing a healthy lifestyle by making smarter, better-for-you food choices can improve overall well-being. Doing so improves the immune system and lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart dis.....»»

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Guest Column: Don"t fall for these dangerous assumptions

There are three dangerous assumptions that owners of family businesses should never make......»»

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How big data is changing the face of business

Businesses increasingly rely on data to make strategic decisions. As businesses track and capture more and more types of data, the need for talent who know how to manipulate and interpret this data is increasing. Many successful companies such as Am.....»»

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Guest Column: Family businesses must be aware of bad plans

Maybe you’ve heard the old bromide, “A bad plan is better than no plan.” If you have, I hope you don’t let it guide your thinking, because it’s not always true......»»

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4 Ways To Build A Data Infrastructure To Inform Business Decisions

All data is not created equal. In the era of big data, businesses have to first build the right infrastructure to support it......»»

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Guest column: How the new tax reform law affects small and midsize businesses

Although most attention has focused on individual taxpayer changes, the new tax reform law greatly affects businesses......»»

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Here is What Hedge Funds Think About Tableau Software Inc (DATA)

There are several ways to beat the market, and investing in small cap stocks has historically been one of them. We like to improve the odds of .....»»

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Guest Column: In business, be clear on your expectations

It’s Pearl Harbor Day. That was a really rotten surprise. But we’re also approaching Christmas – the season of good surprises......»»

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Thought Leader Forum: Governance and Compensation

The ongoing research from The Pacific Family Business Institute (PFBI) offers valuable data and insights to family businesses and their advisors into the challenges and opportunities facing family businesses in the Pacific Northwest. At a recent Nort.....»»

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Marriott hit by hack that ranks among biggest ever

Marriott International Inc. has been investigating a hack involving unauthorized access to the guest reservation database at its Starwood unit since 2014, in what may be one of the biggest such data... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Facebook discussed using people’s data as a bargaining chip, emails and court filings suggest

Newly unredacted court records suggest that Facebook used people's profiles as leverage to expand its mobile-ad business......»»

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Facebook used people’s data as a bargaining chip, emails and court filings suggest

Newly unredacted court records suggest that Facebook used people's profiles as leverage to expand its mobile-ad business......»»

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Half a Billion Starwood Hotels Customer Records Breached

A data breach that started in 2014 when Starwood Hotels was still an independent company may have released 500 million guest records. Marriott, which acquired Starwood in 2016, may be on the hook for........»»

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