Guest Opinion: Health of each person critical to NC

A healthy population is vital to achieving economic prosperity. As the state continues to grow, North Carolina cannot afford to leave behind the health of entire communities and the people that represent the majority of its population......»»

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Revolutionizing the future of health care

It’s no secret that quality health care is essential for longevity. Health care enables people to lead lives that are complete, meaningful and full of vitality. But while quality care is a critical element of a long and happy existence, there’s a l.....»»

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Mental Health Disorders Among Students: Reasons, Consequences And Problem Solution

The world is changing so fast that the young generation cannot cope with the current problems it provides them with. The result is the risk of getting serious mental health disorders. Sometimes, a person inher.....»»

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Opinion: Health care innovation is long overdue and it begins with primary care

When primary care is done right, though, it’s free, accessible and most importantly — loaded with time......»»

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Brainstorm Health: Biogen Alzheimer’s Drug, CVS Meets CBD, New CRISPR Company

Brainstorm Health Daily: March 21, 2019 Good afternoon, readers. It was a sad day for biopharma. Yet again, an Alzheimer’s drug hopeful crashed and burned in critical late-stage clinical trials. The victim, this time, was biotech gian.....»»

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Opinion: Boeing makes critical misstep in the wake of the Max 8 disasters

The crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 10 has dominated the news. This was the second crash of Boeing Company’s new 737 Max 8 aircraft in six months. On March 13, President Donald Trump ordered the grounding of the Max 8 and 9 aircr.....»»

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4 Scenarios For The Critical Brexit Day And GBP/USD Levels To Watch

UK PM May secured a new deal from the EU ahead of today's vote. All eyes are on AG Geoffrey Cox and his legal opinion. GBP/USD shot higher on the breakthrough and volatility is set to be sky high. read more.....»»

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Guest Opinion: Can we trust big companies anymore?

Thank goodness for Congress. If not for its dismal approval rating, corporate America would rank dead last among all institutions in our country......»»

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Why the Next 9 Days Are So Critical for the U.S. Economy

The Fed has spent a decade coaxing the U.S. economy back to health. The week ahead could finally clinch it.  The Federal Reserve has spent the past decade coaxing a recession-torn U.S. econom.....»»

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Liberals in Congress Attempt (Again) to Take Away Your Private Health Care | Opinion

Progressives’ current thinking: Use Medicare to entice millions into a government-controlled health system......»»

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Guest column: Don"t let someone steal your business out from under you

What do you need to do before you hire your next employee? Most of the time, we approach new hires with the belief we have made a great selection and that this person will be a successful and loyal part of the team — forever. But, sometimes this .....»»

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Choosing the Wrong College Could Impact Your Mental Health | Opinion

Going off to college might be a source of anxiety for some students, but once a student is on campus it shouldn’t be a total drag......»»

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Recovery From 2008 Financial Crisis Still Has Not Helped Single Women | Opinion

To understand why debt is so integral to household financial health, it’s helpful to look at what happened during the 2008 financial crisis......»»

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Guest Opinion: It"s about time to revoke some licenses

Occupational licensing is a prime example — and a particularly costly one in North Carolina......»»

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Guest opinion: Portland needs a new strategy to keep city safe, clean, livable

Former Fred Meyer CEO Ken Thrasher says city should draft a new plan to address safety, trash.....»»

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Would a Single-Payer Health Care System Hurt Prescription Drug Development? | Opinion

Single-payer status has nothing to do with drug development......»»

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Critical Contrast: OPKO Health (OPK) vs. Novartis (NYSE:NVS) - StockNewsTimes

StockNewsTimesCritical Contrast: OPKO Health (OPK) vs. Novartis (NYSE:NVS)StockNewsTimesNovartis (NYSE: NVS.....»»

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Are People with Brain Implants to Blame When Something Goes Horribly Wrong? | Opinion

Where does responsibility lie if a person acts under the influence of their brain implant?.....»»

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The Myth They Used To Pass Canada"s Universal Healthcare

Submitted by Lee Friday of The Mises Institute Tom Kent was the senior government policy person in Canada when the Medical Care Act was passed in 1966. Kent described the impetus to universal health care: "........»»

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Guest Opinion: For success, we need to look at history

The success the Research Triangle enjoys today as a dynamic area positioned for tomorrow’s economy is a result of decades of collaboration by the communities that make up the region......»»

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3 signs your lending relationship may not be working

When it comes to running a company, nothing is more important than its financial health and stability. For businesses looking to grow or expand, having the right financial partner in place is critical, both to smooth a path for growth and help manage t.....»»

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