Here"s a look into how ISIS is preparing for Mosul"s liberation

REUTERS/Youssef BoudlalIraqi government forces are closing in on the historic Grand Mosque in Mosul, close to the heart of the old city, which remains in the grasp of Islamic State (I.....»»

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Bloodied by ISIS snipers, Iraqi forces prepare to deploy "new techniques" in fight for Mosul

Thomson ReutersMOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi forces are preparing a fresh push against Islamic State.....»»

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Liberation of ISIS-Held Mosul ‘Possible’ Before Trump Takes Office, Says Pentagon Chief

As Iraqi forces supported by the U.S.-led coalition continue their bid to recapture the northern city of Mosul, action that’s now in its seventh week, Pentagon chief Ash Carter said on Monday that it is possible they would liberate the city before U.S. .....»»

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Iraqi commander: "The true liberation" of Mosul from ISIS has begun

Thomson ReutersBaghdad (AFP) - The commander of Iraq's elite Counter-Terrorism Service said Tuesday that, with his forces at the edge of jihadist-held Mosul, the "true liberation" of the city had begun. Iraqi forces launched a massive operation aimed at r.....»»

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U.S., Allies Discuss Next Moves Against ISIS

Coalition is preparing to launch invasion of Raqqa before Mosul operation is done, U.S. defense secretary said, signalling urgency to stop militants from regrouping.....»»

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U.N. Preparing to Receive 150,000 Displaced by Mosul Battle

The United Nations refugee agency is anticipating a humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq and is making plans to shelter 150,000 civilians fleeing Mosul as U.S.-backed forces continue their bid to oust the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). U.N. High Co.....»»

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U.S. Military in Iraq Wears New Black Uniforms to Fight ISIS

U.S. military advisers have begun dressing like their Iraqi counterterrorism allies in order to blend in and better coordinate with local forces fighting the Islamic State group in Mosul......»»

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In Fresh Push, Iraqi Forces Bid For Mosul Mosque Where Baghdadi Delivered First Sermon

New phase of operation to liberate ISIS bastion focuses on Mosul’s Old City......»»

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US confirms air strike on civilian area of Mosul

Local officials say more than 200 dead as toll from Isis battle mounts.....»»

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US confirms civilians killed in Mosul air strike

Local officials say more than 200 dead as toll from Isis battle mounts.....»»

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U.S. Confirms Coalition Strike Killed as Many as 200 Civilians in Mosul

The Iraqi government has halted its drive to oust ISIS from Mosul due to civilian casualties......»»

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This is the massive cannon US Marines are using to obliterate ISIS fighters in Syria

Spc. Jacquelynn Gaines/US ArmyAs coalition forces slowly make gains in liberating Mosul from ISIS control, another campaign to finally oust the terror group's forces is taking place in Raqqa, Syria. According to The Washington .....»»

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The Pentagon is "looking into" reports that an airstrike killed hundreds of civilians in Mosul

REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal The Pentagon and the US-led coalition fighting ISIS i.....»»

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Where Will ISIS Go Next? Islamic State Group Militants, Fleeing Iraq and Syria, May Move to Libya

Facing military defeats in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State group may be preparing a mass retreat to war-torn Libya......»»

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ISIS Supporters Celebrate London Parliament Attack on Islamic State Social Media Channels

Islamic State supporters cheered an attack in London as revenge for British strikes against ISIS targets in Mosul......»»

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The fight to recapture Mosul is grinding closer to the mosque where ISIS declared its "caliphate"

© AFP Ah.....»»

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ISIS has been using Kia vehicles as their weapon of choice in Mosul


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Iraqi Army And ISIS To Battle Over Mosque Where Islamic State Began

The U.S.-backed Iraqi operation to defeat the Islamic State group has reached Mosul's Grand Mosque, where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the global caliphate......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekMar 16th, 2017

Foreign ISIS Fighters Increasingly Isolated in Mosul Battle

Foreign Islamic State fighters are increasingly being abandoned by local militants as the group loses ground in Mosul, leaving a hardened core of extremists dominated by outsiders that is girding for a fight to the finish......»»

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Iraqi forces are trying to encircle Mosul"s ISIS-held Old City

Thomson ReutersMOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi government forces attempted to encircle Mosul's Old City on Thursday in a bid to bottle up Islamic State fighters.....»»

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ISIS commander killed in house-by-house fight for the terror group"s last Iraqi stronghold

REUTERS/Ari Jalal MOSUL, Iraq, (Reuters) - Iraqi government forces killed the Islamic State commander of Mosul's Old City on Tuesday as the battle for the militants' last stronghold in Iraq focused on a brid.....»»

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