Here"s a look into how ISIS is preparing for Mosul"s liberation

REUTERS/Youssef BoudlalIraqi government forces are closing in on the historic Grand Mosque in Mosul, close to the heart of the old city, which remains in the grasp of Islamic State (I.....»»

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Is this what "liberation" looks like? US airstrikes have devastated Mosul

ISIS may be on its way out, but the Iraqi city has a long road ahead.....»»

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Iraqis are about to celebrate the liberation of Mosul — blocks away from ISIS" final battles

Thomson ReutersMOSUL/ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqis prepared on Sunday to celeb.....»»

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ISIS is using "filthy tactics" to snare starving civilians in Mosul for the terror group"s last stand

Thomson Reuters Baghdad (AFP) - Jihadists preparing for a desperate last stand in Mosul are booby-trapping homes with civilians inside and welding doors shut on starving families to prevent the population f.....»»

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Bloodied by ISIS snipers, Iraqi forces prepare to deploy "new techniques" in fight for Mosul

Thomson ReutersMOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi forces are preparing a fresh push against Islamic State.....»»

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Liberation of ISIS-Held Mosul ‘Possible’ Before Trump Takes Office, Says Pentagon Chief

As Iraqi forces supported by the U.S.-led coalition continue their bid to recapture the northern city of Mosul, action that’s now in its seventh week, Pentagon chief Ash Carter said on Monday that it is possible they would liberate the city before U.S. .....»»

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Iraqi commander: "The true liberation" of Mosul from ISIS has begun

Thomson ReutersBaghdad (AFP) - The commander of Iraq's elite Counter-Terrorism Service said Tuesday that, with his forces at the edge of jihadist-held Mosul, the "true liberation" of the city had begun. Iraqi forces launched a massive operation aimed at r.....»»

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U.S., Allies Discuss Next Moves Against ISIS

Coalition is preparing to launch invasion of Raqqa before Mosul operation is done, U.S. defense secretary said, signalling urgency to stop militants from regrouping.....»»

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U.N. Preparing to Receive 150,000 Displaced by Mosul Battle

The United Nations refugee agency is anticipating a humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq and is making plans to shelter 150,000 civilians fleeing Mosul as U.S.-backed forces continue their bid to oust the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). U.N. High Co.....»»

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Who Is Abu Omer? ISIS Executioner Found in Ruins of Mosul After City’s Fall

The white-bearded jihadi was spotted in several of the group’s gruesome videos......»»

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Who Is Abu Omer? ISIS Executioner Found In Ruins Of Mosul After City"s Fall

The white-bearded jihadi was spotted in several of the group's gruesome videos......»»

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ISIS Cell Preparing Holiday Attacks Using Bombs, Guns and Grenades Arrested, Moscow Police Say

Russia's security service posted images and video of an apartment they said served as a "laboratory" of arms for the detained extremists......»»

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An undercover blogger lived a double life for 2 years in ISIS-occupied Iraq to document the group"s atrocities — here"s his story

A historian spent years living under Islamic State rule in Mosul, Iraq, documenting the group's crimes and blogging about them to thousands .....»»

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Is ISIS Leader Still Alive? Baghdadi Spotted In Syrian Town Before Liberation, Hezbollah Says

Russia said it killed the top militant in May but the Lebanese group has challenged the claim......»»

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ISIS executed 741 civilians during Mosul battle: UN

More than 800,000 people were displaced by the fighting, the report said.....»»

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Drone footage shows total devastation in Raqqa after its liberation from ISIS

Erik de Castro/Reuters Drone footage shows the bombed-out city of Raqqa, Syria on the cusp of.....»»

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US-Backed Forces Declare Victory Over ISIS In Raqqa

After a US-backed coalition of Kurds, Shiite militias and Iraqi forces pushed ISIS out of Mosul earlier this year, a similar coalition of US-b.....»»

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ISIS"s Military Capital Breached by Syrian Regime Forces, Russia Kills 60 "Foreign Mercenaries"

Regime forces breached the eastern Syrian town of Mayadeen Friday, one of the Islamic State group's last bastions after losing Mosul in Iraq......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekOct 7th, 2017

ISIS releases recording said to be of its leader

Mr. Baghdadi praised his foot soldiers for waging a tenacious battle in Mosul.....»»

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Iraqi forces are going after the last ISIS holdouts in Iraq — here"s what they"re up against

Thomson Reuters The formal end of the fight against ISIS in Mosul in July was heralded as a triumph, wresting Iraq's second-biggest city away from the terrorist gr.....»»

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Russia Blames U.S. After ISIS Murders Top Moscow General in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry said late Sunday that Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov "was at a command post of Syrian troops, assisting the Syrian commanders in the operation for the liberation of the city of Deir Ezzor.".....»»

Category: topSource: newsweekSep 25th, 2017