Here’s exactly what you should be eating to lose weight

Variety isn’t always beneficial, a review of nearly a decade of scientific literature finds......»»

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Here’s exactly what you should be eating to lose weight

Variety isn’t always beneficial, a new study finds......»»

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A nutrition blogger posts easy food swaps that prove you don"t have to stop eating to lose weight — and the internet loves it

Amanda Meixner/Instagram Weight loss often seems daunting, but the truth is it doesn't need to miserable. That's what nutrition blogger Amanda Meixner is trying to convey to her 722,000 Instagram followers. Meixner is .....»»

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6 simple ways to lose weight without eating less

Increasing the quality and amount of sleep you get each night can help with weight loss. .....»»

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13 foods that can help you lose weight fast

E! There are certain foods that you can eat to lose weight.  Eating lots of protein and fiber can fill you up without causing you to gain weight.  Diets hig.....»»

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Cord cutters feel weight of subscription fatigue as video, TV streaming options multiply

If the average consumer subscribes to three streaming services, will those beyond Netflix, Amazon and Hulu lose out as "subscription fatigue.....»»

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This quiet revolution is turning health care upside down

I spent 25 years practicing medicine as a cardiologist. During that time, I liked to believe that my patients listened when I recommended they lose weight or quit smoking, took their medications as prescribed, and for all intents and purposes, followed .....»»

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Go to bed early, buy smaller plates — and 8 other diet hacks to help you lose weight

How to cheat at dieting — and still shed pounds......»»

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10 diet hacks to help you shed the pounds

How to cheat at dieting — and still lose weight......»»

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What"s Eating Weight Watchers Stock

The troubled company’s CEO finds a scapegoat for some of its woes—the keto diet and the treats whipped up by its adherents. Don’t cry for Oprah......»»

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Health Exchange: Do this 15 minutes a day to lose weight

Dieters who added this daily habit lost 10% of their body weight in a new study......»»

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The Secrets to a Healthy Long Life

FLASH: The Importance of Fasting for Longevity In his book “Circadian Code: Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy and Sleep Well Every Night,” Satchidananda Panda.....»»

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Health Exchange: Was your mom wrong about breakfast being the most important meal of the day?

New research says it may not be the meal that helps you lose weight......»»

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Super Foods and Your Diet

Some foods speed up your metabolism more than others or keep the appetite under control so that we can more easily lose weight an.....»»

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Health Exchange: Good news: Getting enough sleep could be more important for losing weight than skipping late-night snacks

More attention should be paid to healthy portions rather than maintaining a two-hour window between eating and sleeping, new research suggests......»»

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7 foods you should avoid on the Mediterranean diet

Cabeca de Marmore/Shutterstock The Mediterranean diet has been proven to help with weight loss and heart health. The diet emphasizes eating foods like vegetables, whole grains, and .....»»

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6 weight-loss tips from people who have dropped between 20 and 250 pounds

Tanvir Alam / Flickr Finding the right motivation to lose.....»»

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Health 2019: Lifestyle Change #1 Lose That Excess Weight

The Ketogenic Diet, a Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits. In fact, over 20 studies show that this type of diet can help you lose we.....»»

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11 science-backed ways to lose weight without going on a diet

Shutterstock Going on a diet is .....»»

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The Conversation: Thin people don’t understand why others struggle to lose weight

From a scientific perspective, dieting sets up an unfair fight......»»

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Taking part in "dry January" helps you save money, sleep better, and lose weight, new research says

Oleksandr Nagaiets/Shutterstock New research from the University of Sussex found that participating in "dry Janua.....»»

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