Here’s how people in happy relationships can wind up cheating

Couples therapist Esther Perel , author of "Mating in Captivity" and "The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity" and the host of the .....»»

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People Running From Trump Are Getting Asylum In Canada At Record Rates

The country has been portrayed as a safe haven for asylum seekers, but not all Canadians are happy......»»

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Exclusive: Iberdrola demands change at Siemens Gamesa as problems mount

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish utility Iberdrola is becoming increasingly concerned about the way German group Siemens is managing the Spanish-based wind power joint venture Siemens Gamesa , two people with knowledge of the matter said......»»

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Want to Be Really Happy at Work? Control These 8 Factors (Most People Don"t)

A handful of elements have a profound effect on the joy you feel when you're at work. Here's how to direct them all for a more amazing mood......»»

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Trump used the phrase "my generals," and the military community isn"t happy

Alex Wong/Getty Images President Donald Trump used the phrase "my generals" on Monday. Some people in the military commu.....»»

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Hiring Technology Has Not Enabled Companies to Hire Better People

Doing the wrong things more efficiently might seem like progress, but in the long run you wind up back where you started......»»

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Manipulative people brainwash their partners using something called "perspecticide" — here are the signs it"s happening to you

People in abusive relationships may become victim to something called "perspecticide." It occurs when their abusive partner has .....»»

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Bernie Sanders Will Open the Women’s Convention and Some People Aren"t Happy

Some of the Women’s March supporters are most certainly not feeling the Bern......»»

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Stephen Paddock Wanted To "Make People Happy," Friend Says of Suspected Las Vegas Shooter

A longtime, close friend of Stephen Paddock's said she is also struggling to understand why he may have committed the Las Vegas mass shooting......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekOct 9th, 2017

Stephen Paddock Wanted To "Make People Happy" Friend Says of Suspected Las Vegas Shooter

A long-time, close friend of Stephen Paddock's said she is also struggling to understand why he may have committed the Las Vegas mass shooting......»»

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11 strikingly normal evening routines that set some of the most powerful names in business up for success

Esteban Felix/AP How do some of the most successful people in the world wind down after a busy day? Som.....»»

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10 places in US with happy people, affordable rents, and plentiful jobs

Apartment List evaluated the housing and job markets and quality of life in popular US metro areas......»»

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The 6 Most Important Choices You Can Make to Live a Happy, Stress-Free Life (According to Neuroscience)

Neuroscientist Moran Cerf has learned a few things after researching how people make choices......»»

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10 places in the US where young people are happy, rents are affordable, and jobs are plentiful

ShutterstockIf you're a mill.....»»

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Studies Confirm, Free People are Happier

Via The Daily Bell If you don’t feel free, chances are you don’t feel happy either. Both of these words, free and happy, are pretty .....»»

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How Happy, Successful People Manage Their Priorities

For me, what worked was to make a "yes" list......»»

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This tech exec doesn"t fire employees ... he "liberates" them

Sebastian Thrun, a cofounder of Google’s moonshot factory, has been testing a management theory inside his online education startup Udacity: If people aren’t happy, make….....»»

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The 6 High Performance Habits Only the Most Extraordinary People Share, Backed by Science

Incredibly successful -- and happy -- people consistently do six things. And you can, too......»»

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What"s Your X Factor? Five Keys to a Culture That Stands Apart

The X factor that will set your business apart is unique for each company. But in nearly all cases, it has to do with how your company approaches its relationships with people......»»

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Give me hope, Joanna!

Our country seems to have given a free rein to quite a few trigger-happy people who are well-trained in using bullets. What constructive peace message has been given to them?.....»»

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​4 tips for finding the right networking balance

Networking is a crucial part of business. It drives sales people to keep expanding their relationships and grow business. It pushes entrepreneurs to find bankers, lawyers, accountants, customers, employees and revenue in a short amount of time. A.....»»

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