Here"s how to use one of Warren Buffett"s favorite investing strategies to make money in real estate

Lucas Jackson/ReutersI'm a Warren Buffett nerd. While most people watch series on Netflix for fun, I like to read through the archives of Berkshire's Annual Letters! Yeah, it's that bad. B.....»»

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The real estate company Warren Buffett just invested in is soaring (STOR)

Store Capital's stock price is getting a huge boost from everyone's favorite Nebr.....»»

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Real Estate Investing: How to Make Money in the Current Housing Market


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How to get rich using Warren Buffett"s favorite stock market indicators

Since he began investing in stocks at age 11, Warren Buffett has amassed an impressive $77 billion net worth. Now that he's 87 years old, Buffett has set forth........»»

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Favorite Warren Buffett Quotes

Warren Buffett has never been shy about sharing his investing wisdom.  Buffett’s  best quotes dis.....»»

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Favorite Warren Buffett Quotess

Warren Buffett has never been shy about sharing his investing wisdom.  Buffett’s  best quotes disti.....»»

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4 strategies for investing in real estate

For new investors, getting into the bus.....»»

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Shock and sadness: Real estate execs weigh in on Warren Buffett"s Long & Foster purchase

While it means the end of Long & Foster's run as an independent company, executives don't think it will upend the regional industry......»»

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Real Estate Investing: Here Are 4 Timeless Strategies To Use

For new investors, getting into the business of bu.....»»

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ETF Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett

Want to use Buffett's insight? Follow these ETF strategies. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett tuned 87 on Wednesday. And on the occasion, he shared a many investment tips in interviews. With Buffet’s B.....»»

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Outside the Box: Here’s what will make real estate investing great again

Property values need to fall for REITs to become attractive, writes John Coumarianos......»»

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How two local movie producers used real estate to fund their films

It’s a classic movie plot: Two best friends chase a big dream. And it’s a story David A. Melendez and Michael DeVita know well. The local teenagers wanted to make movies, so they flipped a house to make some money — a move that led to a real est.....»»

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3 smart strategies real parents use to make their kids good with money

Getty/Michael DodgeToday's kids will face a steep climb to financial independence in adulthood, which is why it's never too e.....»»

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To Make Money In Real Estate, You Need This Essential Skill

One of the life lessons that has struck me time and again, is the importance of listening. The primary ways that information enters our brains is either through the two eyes at the fron.....»»

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How to make, spend and save money in college — while still having fun

College can be a great time to practice money-management strategies that will help in the real world......»»

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Henry Singleton – (“The Best Capital Deployment Record In American Business” – Warren Buffett)

One of my favorite investing books is The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success, by William N. Thorndike. In fact it.....»»

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4 Habits That Helped Make Warren Buffett a Billionaire

Journalist and speaker Minda Zetlin says anyone can emulate the strategies the famed investor has used to amass his fortune......»»

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Warren Buffett’s REITS

Buffett's two real estate investment trusts compared to their peersCheck out Warren Buffett Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Warren Buffett (Updated on …7/…6/—…–7)Related Stocks: BRK.A, BRK.B, STOR, SHLD, SRG,.....»»

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Warren Buffett Bets on Real Estate: Should You Join Him?

Net .....»»

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How To Develop A Superinvestor Mindset Like Buffett, Munger, Neff, Loeb, Lynch And Soros

One of my favorite investing books is How To Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett, by Lawrence A Cunningham. One of the best pieces in the book looks a.....»»

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NewsWatch: Here’s how to invest in real estate — think Warren Buffett-style, not shopping malls

REITs can yield big profits, but only if you know which ones to buy, says our call of the day......»»

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