Hidden Trigger For Another (Flash) Crash: Passive Investing

Hidden Trigger For Another (Flash) Crash: Passive Investing.....»»

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Hidden Trigger For Another (Flash) Crash

Back in December 2013, we put “passive investors” in the Danger Zone for not recognizing that they are actually making active manag.....»»

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Asset Matters: Small-Cap Investing - Hidden Risks Of Passive

Asset Matters: Small-Cap Investing - Hidden Risks Of Passive.....»»

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There Will Be Little Warning Before The Next Market Crash

A few months ago, I warned that passive investing — long a worthwhile, admirable trend fueling the growth of exchange-traded funds (.....»»

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Cable Collapses To Flash-Crash Lows Ahead Of Carney Speech - Live Feed

Sterling is being pounded back below 1.21 - weakest since the flash crash lows, back to 31 year lows. The drop lacks an obvious trigger (more technical levels), but as The FT reports, nerves appear to be building in the run-up to a scheduled appearance by.....»»

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London "Flash Crash" trader loses High Court US extradition challenge

British day trader Navinder Singh Sarao, who is accused of helping to trigger a multibillion-dollar Wall Street crash from a suburban London home, has lost a High Court challenge against a decision that he can be extradited to the US to stand trial. Sarao.....»»

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UK court OKs extradition of accused "flash crash" trader

LONDON (AP) — The High Court in London has ruled that a British financial trader suspected of helping to trigger the 2010 "Flash Crash" in stock markets can be extradited to the United States......»»

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Passive Index Funds Raging. Are Active Funds Bucking The Trend?

Top performing money managers respond to the popularity of passive index investing. Passive Index Funds.....»»

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An investing legend who"s nailed the bull market at every turn shares the hidden secret of future stock gains

Bloomberg TVIt's conventional stock market wisdom that when investors run out of fresh cash to deploy, the end of a rally is near. Luckily, we're nowhere near that extreme scenario. As Goldman Sachs pointed out in a recent research note, the current cash .....»»

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Meet the "Porn Dogs" Working With Police to Sniff Out Pedophiles

Labradors are being trained to detect the whiff of hidden electronic components like flash cards and hard drives......»»

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Ben Graham On Passive Investing

The passive investing revolution is truly upon us. Ever since 1975, when Jack Bogle introduced the.....»»

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Market Complexity Could Trigger The Next Crash

Complex systems.....»»

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Could Market Complexity Trigger The Next Crash?

Complex systems are all around us. By one definition, a complex system is any system that features a large number of interacting components (agents, processes, etc.) whose aggregate activity is .....»»

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This infographic shows how interconnected our financial markets are — and how that could trigger the next crash

Scott Olson/Getty ImagesComplex systems are all around us. By one definition, a complex system is any system that features a large.....»»

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Why Passive Investing Increases Corporate Governance and Activism

Since the 2008 financial crisis, market participants have acted increasingly on the realization that indexing st.....»»

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Passive Investing Isn"t Passive Ownership

Read full story for details......»»

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Passive Investing Giants Defend Themselves Against Charges Of Being “Evil”

Are passive investors good stewards of corporate responsibility? A .....»»

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Zero Management Fees? They’re Already Here

Say goodbye to 2-20 and help to zero management fees In February, passive investing powerhouse Vanguard cut the expense ratios on 68 mutual fund and exchange-.....»»

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Precious Metals Flash-Crash After Silver Surged To 4-Month Highs, Gold Nears Election-Day Spike Highs

While stocks have been limping higher since around 2amET (following headlines on an imminent ICBM launch) they remain lower from Friday's close... .....»»

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Growth In The Era Of Passive Investing

All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Growth In The Era Of Passive Investing.....»»

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New criteria may trigger Nifty churn

The move could see passive funds chasing the new entrants.....»»

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