How military service impacts student loan repayment options

If you're a veteran with student debt, you have repayment rights unique to military service members that can keep you on track and out of default......»»

Category: topSource: foxnewsNov 9th, 2018

Paying off student loan? Repayment options you should consider

For May college graduates, November is when student loan repayment begins. Here are some things to consider in picking a plan that.....»»

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3 Ways to Dodge a Bad Student Loan

You might not use the word “good” to describe student loans, but not all of them are bad. A truly bad loan has high interest rates, few repayment options or….....»»

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New York fails on scams

A debt collector seizes a senior's Social Security. A student-loan servicer steers borrowers to detrimental options instead of income-based repayment plans. A credit agency lets hackers pilfer... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Federal student-loan repayment program to boost substance-abuse workforce

The Health Resources and Services Administration has launched a national student-loan repayment program to increase the number of professionals fighting the opioid epidemic.  Clinicians who apply... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

Category: blogSource: crainsnewyorkJan 15th, 2019

Suffolk launches student-loan repayment program

Suffolk Construction, the largest general contracting company in Massachusetts, this January will launch a student-loan repayment program for its employees in an effort to reduce their financial stress and help them focus on long-term career growt.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsDec 26th, 2018

Save big with Bankrate’s student loan repayment hacks

Save big with Bankrate’s student loan repayment hacks.....»»

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Just 206 of 41,000 student applicants had loans discharged under the government’s loan forgiveness program

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program has a 99% rejection rate......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchDec 21st, 2018

Education Dept. Cancels Plan for New Student Loan System

Legal challenges forced the agency to scrap bids for a new website and other tech changes aimed at simplifying the repayment process for millions of borrowers......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralDec 16th, 2018

Student loan firm Navient accused of deceptive practices

Navient representatives allegedly allowed borrowers to enroll in payment plans without disclosing other options that were less expensive......»»

Category: topSource: foxnewsNov 20th, 2018

Audit points to deceptive practices by Navient

Navient, one of the nation's largest student loan servicing companies, may have driven tens of thousands of borrowers struggling with their debts into high-cost repayment plans. .....»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralNov 20th, 2018

New job perk helps to retain employees while lowering their college debt burden

Industry experts say more companies are likely to roll out student loan-related benefits in 2019 after an Internal Revenue Service p.....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayOct 21st, 2018

She expected $40,000 in student loans to be erased — then this happened

Just 96 people out of the nearly 30,000 who applied for public service loan forgiveness have actually been approved. Here are some of the many, many people for whom the program has failed......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralOct 14th, 2018

Companies Lure Workers With College Coaching, Student Debt Repayment

As companies compete for workers in the tightest labor market in years, they’re rolling out new education benefits like college coaching and student loan repayments to recruit employees......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjOct 3rd, 2018

This guy may actually get student loan forgiveness

Plenty of people in public service jobs believe they're paying their way to loan forgiveness only to discover that they don't qualify for one technical reason or another......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralSep 3rd, 2018

California sues nation"s largest student loan servicer

California's attorney general announced Thursday he is suing the nation's largest student loan processor, alleging it is harming consumers by failing to properly service the debts......»»

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I need a student loan. What are my options?

Borrowing for college should be a last resort. But if you need a student loan, there are three options......»»

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How to Choose a Student Loan Repayment Plan


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Here Are The Schools With The Best ROI In Each State

The average US student today is graduating with $39,400 in student-loan debt, an enormous sum, particularly for liberal arts grads with few reliable employment options allowing them to earn more than $30,000 a year right out of school. The aggre.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeJun 8th, 2018

How to get the government to cancel your student debt

Some people in public service jobs who believe they're paying their way to loan forgiveness actually don't qualify for one reason or another......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralJun 3rd, 2018

The government expands access to student loan forgiveness—just read the fine print

A first-come, first-served fund aims to help some borrowers rejected from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchMay 26th, 2018