Huawei Responds To Tech Ban: In Concession To Trump Says "Willing To Engage To Ensure Product Safety"

It appears that Trump's aggressive trade war escalation is proving the doubters wrong and already bearing fruit. Earlier on Wednesday, President .....»»

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The U.S. war on Huawei may end up hurting American tech companies

The Trump administration's restrictions on Huawei are likely to prod China to close the technological gap with the United States, possibly creating new competitors for now-dominant American firms, according to industry analysts......»»

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How the US ban will affect Huawei technology

Last Monday, news broke that Trump had banned Chinese tech giant, Huawei, from the U.S. market after trade negotiations went stale. This is how the move could affect the technology company......»»

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Chevron, Sprint, Ocular Therapeutix, and More: Why These Stocks Are in the Spotlight

All eyes are on the tech sector after President Trump escalated the trade war with China by putting Chinese crown jewel Huawei on a blacklist......»»

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Trump Blacklisted Huawei After China Trade War Negotiations Stalled

The move caused massive supply chain disruptions for Intel, Qualcomm, and Broadcom, among other tech companies. The Trump administratio.....»»

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Tech Wrecks, Semis Slammed As Trump"s Trade Turmoil Hammers Huawei

It just got real in the trade war...   China started ugly but was rescued back to merely unattractive... Huawei bonds plunged...   European markets were .....»»

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Top US tech companies begin to cut off vital Huawei supplies

The impact of the Trump administration’s threats to choke Huawei Technologies Co. reverberated across the global supply chain on Monday, hitting some of the biggest component-makers......»»

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Huawei Phones Will Lose Some Google Services After U.S. Ban

The Trump administration's order targets China's first global tech brand (BEIJING) — Google said Monday its basic services on Huawei smartphones still will function following U.S. sales curbs, but .....»»

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Google cuts off Huawei after Trump administration crackdown

The Chinese tech giant won't receive future access to popular apps like Gmail, YouTube and Chrome......»»

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Google, Xilinx begin to comply with Trump ban on Huawei

Alphabet Inc.’s Google has revoked Huawei Technologies Inc.’s Android license, a move that could cripple the Chinese tech giant’s smartphone business, while another U.S. chip maker said it was also complying with the U.S. ban on the company......»»

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Top U.S. Tech Companies Begin to Cut Off Vital Huawei Supplies

Top U.S. corporations from chipmakers to Google have frozen the supply of critical software and components to Huawei Technologies Co., complying with a Trump administration crackdown that threatens to choke off China’s largest technology company......»»

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After Huawei blow, China says U.S. must show sincerity for talks

The United States must show sincerity if it is to hold meaningful trade talks, China said on Friday, after U.S. President Donald Trump dramatically raised the stakes with a potentially devastating blow to Chinese tech giant Huawei......»»

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Huawei: "All options are on the table"

Huawei said Thursday it has not ruled out legal action to resolve a growing crisis with the Trump administration following the Commerce Department's decision Wednesday to place the Chinese tech giant on a trading blacklist......»»

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Trump Targets Huawei in Declaring National Emergency for Threats Against Communications Tech

“We are concerned that .....»»

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Huawei CEO Compares 5G To "Nuclear Bomb", Warns US Against Tech Cold War

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has lashed out at the United States and specifically President Trump in interviews with Germany's Wirtschaftswoche and Handelsblatt newspapers at a key moment that Germany is mulling .....»»

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Why Trump Should Think Twice Before Granting ‘Get-Out-of-Jail-Free’ Card to Huawei CFO

Canada locked up Huawei's CFO at the request of the U.S. This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune's daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it deliver.....»»

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U.S. tariffs cast a cloud over Huawei"s solar electronics launch

Huawei Technology Co's coming U.S. launch of a solar-panel control device is expected to collide with new Trump administration tariffs on Chinese electronics, undermining a product that analysts had seen as challenging rivals on pricing......»»

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China Responds To Report It Spies On Trump"s Cell Phone: "You Can Change To Huawei Phones"

President Trump was quick to respond to The New York Times' story that China and Russ.....»»

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White House huddles with tech execs on future of jobs

The Trump administration, which has had strained relations with technology companies, met on Thursday with top tech executives to discuss ways to "ensure American dominance" of innovation and the future of high tech jobs......»»

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White House huddles with tech executives on future of jobs

The Trump administration, which has had strained relations with technology companies, met on Thursday with top tech executives to discuss ways to "ensure American dominance" of innovation and the future of high tech jobs......»»

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5G, Huawei, and Us - America Hates Competition

Authored by Tom Luongo, While no one, including me, doubts that the intensity of corporate espionage that goes on in the tech industry the latest news in the Trump Administrat.....»»

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