I’m a Mother of 9 and the Head of Personal Finance at a Trillion Dollar Investment Firm. Here Are My 6 Secrets for Work-Life Balance

Step 1: Create your own definition of success. When we’re juggling work and family life, we’re bound to experience moments of pressure or exhau.....»»

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New Zealand firm tries 4-day work week, finds resounding success

Perpetual Guardian finds that a 4-day work week improved work-life balance for employees with little to no impact .....»»

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Stop chasing short-term investment returns by creating a goal-based financial plan

Planning for the future involves setting goals. Every year on Jan. 1, a number of us set a variety of different goals – lose a few pounds, exercise more, better work/life balance, etc. Unfortunately, sticking to those goals often proves to be a .....»»

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Why "working happy" leads to this staffing firm"s biz success

Here are some things Robert Half does to ensure its Orlando workers have great work/life balance......»»

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An investment chief at a trillion-dollar firm has a wake-up call for anyone who’s bullish

Screengrab/YouTube Northern Trust Wealth Management recently downgraded its forecasts for the US economy. The investor doesn't expect a recession but says the benefits of tax reform will like.....»»

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Why this executive and mother is giving up on "work-life balance"

Letting go of 'work-life balance' helped this mom and executive shine at home and at work......»»

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5 Tips for Rocking Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

What women need to know to run a company and manage their personal life......»»

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DBJ Best Places to Work Honoree: Roberson Law

Amy Cary says Roberson Law is the most accommodating law practice in the Miami Valley. “You will not find a law firm in Dayton that values work-life balance and offers employment flexibility more than Roberson Law,” said Cary, the firm’s bu.....»»

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Smartphone costing you cash? Four personal finance apps to make money

Whether you're trying to get a budget organized or work on investing, apps like Wally, Mint, Acorns and Stash will make your life easier, no matter what financial stage of life you're in.       .....»»

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Personal Finance Daily: Where rich people go for financial advice and how to give your kids a head start

Friday’s top personal finance stories.....»»

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Taper Tantrum 2.0: Gold, Dollar, & Repo

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, It’s funny how these things work. He didn’t actually say th.....»»

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How to keep getting paid for work you"ve already done

Let’s be honest—no matter the state of our current finances, we’d all like to make a bit more money, and the less time and energy involved, the better. The personal finance blog WellKeptWallet defines passive income as .....»»

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Larry Fink: Next Round Of China Trade War Could Send Stocks "10%-15% Lower"

US stocks have continued to outperform the rest of the world as US markets appear to have more or less come to terms with President Trump's aggressive trade agenda. But the head of the largest investment firm in .....»»

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Why You Should Work for a Small Business

Career advancement. Work-life balance. Take your pick......»»

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Inflation Rearing Its Ugly Head

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, The world of finance and investment, as always, faces many uncertainties. The US economy is booming, say some, and others warn tha.....»»

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BlackRock, the $6 trillion money manager, had a crime-fighting robot patrolling its New York headquarters — and it marks the firm"s latest foray into automation

Rob Kim/Getty Images  BlackRock, the $6 trillion asset manager which is relying more on robots to make investment decisions, recently hired a physical robot to meander around its New Y.....»»

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Top execs in banking, retail, and tech are saying they don"t practice work-life balance — because they found something better

JP Morgan Chase JPMorgan Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau told Business Insider that, like Jeff Bezos, she values work-life integration over work-life balance. For example, while she's a.....»»

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Japan"s Idea of a Work-Life Balance: 99 Hours of Overtime a Month

Japan tightened limits on overtime hours, responding to concerns about karoshi, or death by overwork, and seeking to improve productivity in a country where long hours are often more a custom than business necessity......»»

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14 people who turned their hobbies into million- and billion-dollar careers

  As the saying goes, "Do what you love, and you'll never work another day in your life." These entrepreneurs did just that, and they've made millions! From Jennifer Hy.....»»

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Guggenheim exec, brother of CEO, departs troubled firm

Troubled asset manager Guggenheim Partners has seen a number of executives jump ship. The latest is Patrick Walter, Guggenheim Partners’s head of human resources. Walter is leaving the New York investment advisory firm after a series of disput.....»»

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Japan"s Idea of a Work-Life Balance: Cap Overtime at Under 100 Hours a Month

Japan tightened limits on overtime hours, responding to concerns about karoshi, or death by overwork, and seeking to improve productivity in a country where long hours are often more a custom than business necessity......»»

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