I teach at George Mason. The Kochs didn’t cause our ideology problem.

I teach at George Mason. The Kochs didn’t cause our ideology problem......»»

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7 investing lessons Dad forgot to teach you

If dad didn't teach you investing principles like time is money, you should learn them now......»»

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Jonathan Aberman: We know noncitizen workers have huge role in local economy. A new study shows just how much.

A study on the role of non-U.S. citizens in our region’s work force was released last week by the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University. At a time when a lot of emotion surrounds the treatment of immigrants, I valued the opportu.....»»

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Profile: Catalyst Sports" Bryce Blum is a linchpin in the burgeoning esports industry

Bryce Blum pledged early on that he’d actually follow through on the promise so many law firms make: to become an expert in his clients’ whole business, not just the legal problem of the moment.  Five years after graduating George Washington .....»»

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Can the Mayo Clinic Teach Trump Anger Management and Create a New Industry?

President Trump gets mad at many people and reportedly has a foul temper. The Mayo Clinic advises those who are plagued by the problem, and its expertise could open the door for an entirely new........»»

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Apple Will Probably Report Bad iPhone X News Tuesday. Here’s How Tim Cook May Try to Fix the Problem

CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives have a "major prove-me" period ahead. Apple earnings this week will confirm what most investors have finally accepted: The iPhone X didn't live up to .....»»

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At Krea, we"ll teach students to inter-weave knowledge: R Seshasayee

In the real life world, we are not solving any problem by bringing in an expert of one branch of knowledge, the veteran business leader said.....»»

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Trader: The US Has A "Grotesque" Debt Problem

The last time SocGen strategist Andrew Lapthorne commented on the extent of the massive US debt problem, was back in November when the outspoken analyst didn.....»»

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Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook knew about Cambridge Analytica two-and-a-half years ago but we didn"t check (FB)

NBC Facebook knew Cambridge Analytica was mishandling user data two-and-a-half years ago, COO Sheryl Sandberg told NBC. But when the company discovered the problem, execs relied o.....»»

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Soros: Obama Was The "Greatest Disappointment"

New York billionaire George Soros is not a fan of former President Obama - telling the New York Times that Obama is his "greatest disappointment," lamenting that he was "frozen out" by the administration despite his financial support. Soros was a.....»»

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This is the biggest threat to your family inheritance

If you're in line to receive a windfall from your rich grandparent, taxes aren't the biggest problem you'll face. Instead, you should worry about your other family members......»»

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Bloomberg: Index Funds Are Going to Be Just Fine

Index Funds Are Going to Be Just Fine Inflows have slowed? Actively managed funds would like to have that problem. Bloomberg, July 18, 2018     A few recent observers have pointed out that i.....»»

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Why Google"s $5 billion dollar fine didn"t move Alphabet stock

CNNMoney's Paul La Monica explains how strong earnings expectations can bolster tech stocks even in the face of negative headlines......»»

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The government has no idea how many gig workers there are—and that’s a problem

It’s tough to measure something when no one can agree on what’s actually being measured......»»

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Target has a secret app that gives customers gift cards and coupons in exchange for their feedback

George Frey/Getty Images Target has a secret, invite-only app with onl.....»»

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The Skunk at the Party

Highlights from the Longleaf Partners' 2nd quarter letterCheck out Mason Hawkins Stock Picks » Download GuruFolio Report of Mason Hawkins (Updated on 07/17/2018)Related Stocks: PK, CTL, HIK,.....»»

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Editorial: Beacon Hill"s health care fix fails to address the state"s problem

Lawmakers are ne.....»»

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Sen. Johnson on Harley-Davidson"s overseas move: "They really don"t have a choice"

Roughly 24 hours before he hosted a tariffs roundtable in Milwaukee, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin told a New York radio host that he felt Harley-Davidson didn't have a choice when it came to moving production overseas in response to European.....»»

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The government has no idea how many gig workers there are—here’s why that’s a problem

It’s tough to measure something when no one can agree on what’s actually being measured......»»

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4 lessons this innovative dating app can teach any entrepreneur

Bumble, an online dating app, has proven innovative in its own industry. But no matter what field you're in, you can learn a thing or four from this creative company. .....»»

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Papa John's founder John Schnatter says he shouldn't have resigned

Papa John's founder John Schnatter says he should not have stepped down as chairman and his company didn't investigate race.....»»

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