Is Biden The Manchurian Candidate?

Authored by Graham Noble via, The 2020 Democratic National Convention is still 11 months away, so the party’s camp.....»»

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Joe Biden is running for president in 2020. Here"s everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Who is .....»»

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Cannabis Industry Reacts To Biden"s "Gateway Drug" Remark: "Prohibition Is The Real Gateway"

On Saturday, former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden came out against federal legalization of cannabis. 0 read more.....»»

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Biden fans don"t get Yang, Sanders supporters detest Buttigieg: Here"s the rival that"s most disliked by each 2020 candidate"s supporters

Associated Press/John Minchillo The first primary contests of the 2020 Democratic primary race are less than three months away. To help make sense of where all the candidates stand, Insider has been c.....»»

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Joe Biden Wants To Launch Low-Carbon Transportation Strategy

Former vice president and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden .....»»

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How 65 diamonds and a shady chauffeur spawned the Trump-Biden impeachment fight

AP Rudy Giuliani has seized on Joe Biden's role in the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor to accuse the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate of corruption. But Bi.....»»

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The Manchurian Candidate Theory Will Never Die

The Manchurian Candidate Theory Will Never Die Authored by David Harsanyi via NationalRe.....»»

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Booker tells moderates to ‘look no further’

Cory Booker on Wednesday sought to remind Democrats that he offers a viable alternative to Joe Biden as a moderate candidate. “To those Democrats who are looking for an alternative right now—I want... To view the full story, click the title link......»»

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Peter Morici: Trump should focus on Warren, not Biden

Elizabeth Warren is a formidable candidate because she is very skilled at identifying problems plaguing voters. Her solutions are unworkable, however......»»

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In Campaign Shift, Joe Biden Calls For Trump"s Impeachment

For the first time, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Wednesday for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.  NEW: Joe Biden, who has been reluctant to go here for months says of President Trump: "He should be impeached." read more.....»»

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Senate Republicans have barely challenged Trump over Ukraine. Don"t expect them to turn against him in an impeachment trial.

Al Drago/Reuters The reports that President Donald Trump tried pressuring Ukraine into probing former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading Democrtic candidate for president, .....»»

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Key Words: Joe Biden refers to president as ‘Donald Hump’ in ‘Freudian slip’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Saturday referred to President Donald Trump as “Donald Hump,” during a speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention......»»

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Joe Biden: Cory Booker Should Apologize, Not Me

"He should know better." Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is dismissing calls to apologize for saying that t.....»»

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Democratic candidates are close behind Joe Biden in a new Iowa poll

Dustin Chambers/Getty Images Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading the Democratic field in the crucial early caucus state of Iowa, according to a new poll. Closely trailing Biden are Sens. Bernie Sanders and .....»»

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Joe Biden"s $5T climate plan: Net zero emissions by 2050

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is pitching a $5 trillion-plus climate action proposal that he says would lead the U.S. to net zero emissions of carbon pollution by 2050......»»

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Bernie Supporters Say DNC Sabotaging Him Again By Promoting Biden

Bernie Sanders supporters are getting that familiar feeling that the DNC is conspiring to screw their favorite candidate out of the Democratic nomination in 2020 - this time in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to .....»»

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Why Joe Biden Is the Only True Progressive Candidate

The presidential candidate has been attacked b.....»»

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Biden finds unexpected success with low-dollar donors

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is finding unexpected success with low-dollar online donors, with 97% of his contributors giving less than $200......»»

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Biden "Totally" Asked Obama Not To Endorse 2020 Run -- Though Michael Avenatti Is On Board

Former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he asked former former President Obama not to endorse him - as whoever wins should do so.....»»

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Biden Advisors Believe Rival Democrats Conspired To Revive "Inappropriate Touching" Allegations

Not even a week has passed since Lucy Flores, a former candidate for Nevada's lieutenant governor, published an explosive article accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriately smelling her hair and planting a "big slow kiss.....»»

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Stacey Abrams Could Be Joe Biden’s 2020 Running Mate

A spokesperson said "all options" are on the table for the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate. Top advisers for former Vice President Joe Biden are reportedly discuss.....»»

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