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Movie Review: Despite its megawatt aura, "A Star is Born" feels intimate (Video)

A star isn’t exactly born in the newest iteration of the well-worn classic. After all, most of us have heard of Lady Gaga somehow, somewhere.  Besides, this isn’t even — technically — her feature film debut. According to IMDB, she’s alr.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsOct 14th, 2018

Movie Review: "The Wife" is never as thrillingly groundbreaking as it thinks it is

He is a world-famous novelist. His life is all about lectures, conferences and picking up prestigious awards.  She is his wife. Her life is all about … well … him.  But appearances can be deceiving, as we learn a bit too ham-handedly in ”T.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsSep 14th, 2018

Movie Review: "Operation Finale" fails to move from conscionable to compelling

Forget that, um, stuff someone once said about there being “very good people on both sides.” In “Operation Finale,” there are some very good people on one side and some very very bad people on the other.  Which, frankly, is as it should.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsSep 11th, 2018

Movie Review: "Crazy Rich Asians" is putrid petri dish of obnoxious stereotypes

What makes “Crazy Rich Asians” special?  Why, the all-Asian cast, which hasn’t happened since 1993’s “The Joy Luck Club.” (By the way, a far better movie) What makes “Crazy Rich Asians” not special? Everything else. The plot, t.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsSep 3rd, 2018

Movie Review: "Love, Cecil" won"t leave you swooning

Whether it means to or not, the last thing the documentary "Love, Cecil" will do is get you to, well, love Cecil.  Cecil in this case is Cecil Beaton, photographer, author, designer, social butterfly and stylist extraordinaire. To her credit, film.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsAug 3rd, 2018

Movie Review: "Three Identical Strangers" starts as an oddity but transforms into something deeper

Everybody finds the first day of college a little weird, but it was, well, doubly so for Bobby Shafran. When he arrived at Sullivan County Community College in 1980, total strangers were happy to see him. Guys high-fived him. Girls gave him a hug......»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsJul 20th, 2018

‘Damsel’ Movie Review: New Western Comedy Gets Lost in the Woods

New Western comedy “Damsel” never finds a good use for Mia Wasikowska, instead pitting her against a succession of terrible men......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekJun 19th, 2018

Every Pixar movie, ranked from worst to best

Disney/Pixar Having earned over $12 billion worldwide, the movies from Pixar Animation aren't just enjoyable global moneymakers, but are stories that affect us on an emotional level that we can't wait to experience again and aga.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJun 18th, 2018

Movie review: Deadpool 2 broke more than just box-office records in 2016

Deadpool 2 stays true to the brand created by the first instalment in 2016 to present a sequel with more heart, writes Urvi Malvania.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardMay 18th, 2018

REVIEW: "Solo" is an unnecessary "Star Wars" movie that doesn"t live up to the hype

Warning: There are some mild spoilers ahead. There's a scene in "So.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 15th, 2018

The plot behind MoviePass parent"s bad review

MoviePass, the widely popular movie theater subscription service owned by parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics may soon serve as a cautionary tale of the dangers of trying to cash in on a great idea too soon......»»

Category: videoSource: reutersMay 15th, 2018

REVIEW: "Deadpool 2" is a hilarious, heartfelt sequel with one of the best scenes in any superhero movie

Fox/Marvel Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool in a se.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 14th, 2018

Movie Review: "Avengers: Infinity War" deserves to be full of itself

“Avengers: Infinity War” is so damnably self-confident, you almost want to dislike it on principle. But that’s just it. The movie deserves to be full of itself. That’s because it is full of itself, to the point of being as overstuffed as a.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsMay 7th, 2018

"Tully" Movie Review: Charlize Theron and Jason Reitman Team Up for a Desperate Depiction of Motherhood

Jason Reitman's new film is an uncomfortable and funny story about an exhausted mom......»»

Category: topSource: newsweekMay 6th, 2018

Movie review: "Omerta" falls short of getting into a terrorist"s mind

Omerta stumbles in its quest to attain any kind of balance.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardMay 4th, 2018

REVIEW: "Avengers: Infinity War" will wreck you and that"s what makes it Marvel"s best movie

Marvel Warning: There minimal, vague spoilers ahead for "Avengers: Infinity War." If you h.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderApr 24th, 2018

Movie Review: "A Quiet Place" is built around a gimmick, but jerry-rigged awfully well

Imagine the whole world has been transformed into Anne Frank’s attic where the slightest sound could bring rampaging Nazis. Only, in the crafty and effective  “A Quiet Place,” sound doesn’t summon jackboots; it brings nasty spindly-legged k.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsApr 13th, 2018

REVIEW: Lucy Hale"s "Truth or Dare" horror movie is a wannabe "Final Destination" but it keeps you guessing until the end

Universal Warning: There are minor spoilers ahead. The concept of "Truth or Dare" may sound juvenile.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: What living on Earth would be like without the moonSee Also:Here's the story behind those creep.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderApr 11th, 2018

Egypt"s capital Cairo is an ancient, astonishing feast for the senses

The iconic Tahrir square is the pivot around which all of Cairo seems to flow.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardApr 6th, 2018

A Thematic Review Of The September Retail Sales Report - Cocktail Investing Podcast

A Thematic Review Of The September Retail Sales Report - Cocktail Investing Podcast.....»»

Category: topSource: seekingalpha1 hr. 38 min. ago