Large homes for small bucks across America

On the market for less than a small studio apartment in Los Angeles or New York, these large houses for sale in the US are a real steal. .....»»

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8 huge homes for tiny bucks across America

On the market for less than a small studio apartment in Los Angeles or New York, these large houses for sale in the US are a real steal. .....»»

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Homes for sale in America"s most adorable small towns

Tired of the hustle and bustle of big city living? Move here......»»

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Cities With the Most Mega Homes

The mansion is one of the most commonly recognized symbols of wealth in America. Big homes are large enough to entertain parties, host multiple guests, and potentially even house staff. Americans are........»»

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Homes for sale in America"s most adorable small towns

Beautiful properties to put you in small town USA......»»

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5 trends to look for in luxury homes in the Houston Heights and beyond

The small-town community feel and walkability of the Heights are huge draws that bring young professionals, families and more together, and is a large part why the Houston Heights has seen a huge growth in population and home value. Over the last 10.....»»

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Abandoned theaters for sale that could make show-stopping homes

If you’re on the hunt for a fixer-upper conversion project that could be transformed into your dream home, look no further than these abandoned theaters for sale across America........»»

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California homebuilder makes West Valley city debut with plans to build 662 homes

After being in escrow on a large chunk of land just west of Phoenix, the homebuilder finally worked its way through a rezoning case that took some "crazy turns." Here's what happens next......»»

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CBJ Morning Buzz: Hornets and CRBA make a splash in Paris

The Charlotte Hornets and Charlotte Regional Business Alliance put on an all-star economic development event in Paris on Thursday, the day before the team faced the Milwaukee Bucks there.  The event, sponsored by Bank of America Corp. and Honeywell.....»»

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Videos show apparent Wuhan coronavirus patients being transported in small boxes and plastic tubes to stop the deadly disease from spreading further

Twitter/MissXQ/RFA_Chinese/Business Insider Videos show people in large, metal boxes.....»»

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Homes for sale in America’s coolest neighborhoods

Based on TripAdvisor's list of the coolest areas in the US, we've brought together ten stylish homes for sale in America's up-and-coming neighborhoods. .....»»

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America"s best small towns for retirees

Stacker referenced Niche’s Best Places to Retire study to find America’s 50 small towns that m.....»»

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Young stars at the edge of the Milky Way appear to have come from 2 nearby galaxies. That means a galactic collision could happen sooner than predicted.

Astronomers discovered a cluster of thousands of young stars appearing in the most ancient reaches of the Milky Way. The new stars seem to come from two nearby galaxies, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, which are on track to crash into ou.....»»

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Airbnb signs up for large South Bay campus with Santa Clara lease

Airbnb has leased 300,000 square feet of office space between two buildings on Great America Parkway in Santa Clara, the company confirmed Thursday. The buildings, each totaling 150,000 square feet, are at 4301 and 4401 Great America Parkway and "wil.....»»

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Tesla Beats Ford and GM at Their Own Game in China

Tesla's success continues to be a miracle to some industry experts. It was supposed to be too small to beat large car companies with big balance sheets and dealer networks......»»

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Five myths about rural America that muddle the political realities

As a reporter and resident of small-town Minnesota, I've had the opportunity to watch those perceptions solidify in real time......»»

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Striking photos of eggs that show how different birds build their homes

Steven Russell Smith Ohio/Shutterstock Mallard ducks use their own feathers to insulate their nests. Hummingbirds lay small, white eggs approximately the size of jelly beans. Swiftlets build nests out of their saliva on cave walls and cliff sides......»»

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The 50 most expensive small towns in America

These areas can compete with the priciest urban housing markets......»»

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Here"s what $200,000 will get you in real estate in 20 US cities

In some cities, $200,000 will get you a large, beautiful house. In other areas, the same price will get you a small condo or a fixer upper......»»

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St. Louis Character: Financial pro Roderick Gilliam has 20 years of military service and no plans to quit

Roderick Gilliam, a broker with The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, specializes in advising small business owners and veterans. He has plenty of experience with both......»»

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Metros with the most unoccupied homes in America

This article explores where in the United States unoccupied homes are concentrated......»»

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