Leadership Lesson: Vision or mission? What really drives your business

Neither. Mission is a concept born in the military – what to do in a competitive setting. In business the mission describes what a company does and for whom. More recently, “vision” became an overriding statement of what the business will lo.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Conflict? See how good leaders handle it effectively


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Leadership Lesson: Leader, leader, who’s the leader? How to find out

Assumption. A CEO is always a leader. Fact: this is not always true. There are leaders who are not the CEO. Some CEOs want others to be the leaders in their organization. And, there are CEOs who pretend to be a leader — but are not. Hmmm? The chief .....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Speak out and lead up. A 7-step presentation process


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Leadership Lesson: How do I love communicating? Let me count the ways

Baby ta.....»»

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Theresa May Is Learning Brexit’s Leadership Lesson the Shambolic Way

With a no-deal Brexit virtually dead, the U.K.—steeped in chaos—will vote on a Brexit delay Even by Brexit’.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Got “no” power? 5 steps to get it

“No!” We do not like to hear it. Worse, we do not like to say it. In our toddler, teen, and twenties we disliked hearing the word “no.” Even now, in our independent “I-want-it-all- now business environment, “no” can symbolize defeat. Yet.....»»

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The CEO of Vimeo landed the job at 34 — and she learned a huge leadership lesson in her first 12 months at the top

Sarah Jacobs/Business Insider Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud got t.....»»

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The One Lesson from the James Comey Interview that Leaders Absolutely Cannot Ignore

Forget what the ex-FBI director said about Trump. Remember what he said about hubris......»»

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With a New Apology, Starbucks"s CEO Just Taught an Important Lesson in Leadership

With His New Apology, Starbucks's CEO Just Taught an Important Lesson in Leadership.....»»

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The surprising story behind Trader Joe"s 19-cent bananas

It teaches a valuable lesson in leadership — it's all about listening......»»

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The surprising story behind Trader Joe"s 19-cent bananas

It teaches a valuable lesson in leadership — it's all about listening......»»

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Leadership Lesson: The missing link – what is your higher standard?

Plateaued? You know that you have more capabilities and capacities in you. And in your organization. But you feel frozen. You have been successful several times and are now coasting, along with your organization. Time to move forward. Toward what? .....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsMay 4th, 2018

Leadership Lesson: How many assets are you wasting? More than you think

Too little? Truth is that we often have too many unused assets in our corporations, organizations, and small businesses – and are unaware of it. There is a cost associated with excess: cash, investment, space, staffing, real estate, and more. Look.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: The dark side of hypergrowth

Exciting. Marketing programs are working. Sales are accelerating. Profits are growing. Production is ramping up. Staffing is climbing. The vision is coming true. And the organization is abuzz. Our future seems assured. Not necessarily. What are th.....»»

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Now on Broadway: SpongeBob ChauvinistPants

What lesson can a relentlessly optimistic fry cook from Bikini Bottom impart about leadership? The wrong one, it turns out. There’s a heroic leader in the Broadway musical, but it’s not SpongeBob......»»

Category: smallbizSource: wsjJul 14th, 2018

Leadership Lesson: 16 signs of how "Good Leader" mutates into "Bad Leader"

Constantly we read about good leaders who become great leaders. How often, though, do we hear about good leaders gone bad? Great leaders conquer stress. But bad leaders cave to stress. Why? Having gone through good times, they are unable to handle the st.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: No doors in your organizational silo? How to get in (and out)

Silo. That part of an organization which is cut off, isolated, not a collaborator, and refrains from teamwork. More interested in self-preservation than the welfare of the company. Does not allow information to flow into nor out of the organization eas.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Bumpy or smooth? The road from dream to done

Brainstorm. You have an idea for a new product or service. You might be an entrepreneur with a startup business. Or, more likely, an “intrapreneur” – an entrepreneur inside a larger organization. In either case, don’t build the idea. Yet. Be.....»»

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Leadership Lesson: Business stale? “The Spirit of Inquiry” rebirths creativity

Why? Small children will ask “why?” – and sometimes another “why?” to the answer. This is a primary way that kids learn. Adults, too. We want to know the answers to many questions. The spark to inquire is ignited by an inborn curiosity abou.....»»

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