Liz Weston: Are you afraid to look at your finances?

Credit counselor Linda Humburg understands why many of her debt-burdened clients don't want to open their mail......»»

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Liz Weston: How to ruin your finances fast

Some financial disasters are a long time in the making......»»

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Liz Weston: A President Can"t Fix Your Finances

Forget the five-point plans and bumper stickers: No president can change your finances overnight.....»»

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How This Millennial Turned His Biggest Fear Into A Business

Whether it's worrying about our finances or clinging to what we're afraid to lose, fear can be paralyzing. But, it can also be a motivator. Whether it's worrying about our finances or clinging to what we're afraid to lose, fear can be paralyzing. Bu.....»»

Category: topSource: forbesOct 6th, 2016

Michael Phelps Isn"t a Natural Public Speaker--This Brain Training Tactic Boosts His Confidence Onstage

Everyone is afraid of public speaking. Use the winning mindset techniques of Olympians and turn fear into a tool......»»

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MIT professor: Why we shouldn’t be afraid of robots taking our jobs

Erik Brynjolfsson, the direct.....»»

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Liz Weston: Black marks fall off credit reports in July

Starting July 1, the credit scores of up to 14 million people could begin to rise as credit reports are scrubbed of nearly all civil judgments and many tax liens......»»

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GST and macroeconomic question marks

Nobody really knows what the new tax regime will do to corporate balance sheets or govt finances.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardJun 25th, 2017

The growing army of Americans who work from home

A new report on telecommuting in the U.S. provides a sense of who these workers are, how they’re making out better than other types of workers, and the types of employers that give them so much freedom (or are afraid to)......»»

Category: topSource: moneycentralJun 24th, 2017

Why MLP Investors Shouldn"t Panic as Oil Prices Slide

Since the oil-price free fall in 2015, MLPs have improved finances, bolstered balance sheets, and cut costs. But don’t bet the farm either......»»

Category: topSource: barronsJun 24th, 2017

MiG not afraid of Lockheed, Tata deal to build F-16 fighters in India

"Make in India" initiative required some changes in Moscow's approach, said MiG General Director.....»»

Category: topSource: business-standardJun 24th, 2017

Ige unveils list of 15 bills on his veto list

Gov. David Ige on Friday issued a list of 15 bills that he intends to veto, several of them relating to workforce, finances and land use, but left open the possibility that some may become law. The state Constitution requires the governor to notif.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsJun 24th, 2017

Russia"s fighter jet makers "not afraid" of U.S. competition in India

PARIS (Reuters) - Russian military aviation firm MiG said on Friday it was ready to deepen its cooperation with India, just days after U.S. arms maker Lockheed Martin Corp agreed with Tata Advanced Systems to build F-16 fighters there......»»

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10 things to know about married life before tying the knot

Halfpoint/ShutterstockThe INSIDER Summary: Living together is different from being married. Don't feel the need to merge finances ri.....»»

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Are U.S. Investors Afraid To Commit? Financial Advisors" Daily Digest

Are U.S. Investors Afraid To Commit? Financial Advisors" Daily Digest.....»»

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Congressman hammers high-speed rail for alleged lack of financial transparency

Rep. Jeff Denham is trying to force a federal audit of high-speed rail finances.....»»

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5 questions to ask before combining finances (or not)

You've swiped right. They laugh at your jokes. Intellectually, you're inspired......»»

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Former NBA player who"s written about managing finances shares what draft prospects should know about handling life in the league

Robert Laberg.....»»

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Wolf takes dim view of GOP"s budget-balancing strategies

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf poured cold water on leading ideas from Republican lawmakers Wednesday to patch up the state's deficit-wracked finances as they wrestle with the state's biggest cash shortfall since the recession......»»

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Here"s what you get when Netflix fires you

Getty/Ethan MillerNetflix isn’t afraid to fire people. In fact, the company is very open about giving underperforming employees the ax when they are not part of Netflix’s vision.....»»

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Boris Becker, who made over $25 million as a tennis player, is declared bankrupt

“He is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances,” his lawyer said......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 21st, 2017