Low-calorie sugar substitutes won"t help you lose weight — and may lead you to gain pounds

Flickr/Steven Snodgrass Artificial and low-calorie sweeteners do not.....»»

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Whether Replacing Sugar With Low-Calorie Sweeteners Is A Smart Health Move Remains To Be Seen

To satisfy their sweet tooth, weight-conscious Americans increasingly are turning to artificially sweetened foods and drinks. However, relatively few studies have looked at whether these sweeteners actually help people lose weight and stay healthy.....»»

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How to Lose Weight: Two-Week Diet Better for Dropping Pounds

New study could be key to beating the inevitable weight loss plateau......»»

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Exercise as a weight-loss strategy

Most people who start exercising lose fewer pounds than would be expected.....»»

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Why it"s harder to lose weight now than it was 30 years ago

kikovic / Shutterstock The INSIDER Summary: A recent study found that regardless of what you're eating, it's easier to gain weight now than it was 20 to 30 years ago. Americans are anywhere from 5% to 10% heavier today than they were in the '70s .....»»

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Fructose or Glucose? Do different sugars have different health effects?

Over-consumption of either fructose or glucose will lead to weight gain among other health problems.....»»

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Apple Watch helped him lose 30 pounds (AAPL)

ReutersApple CEO Tim Cook said during an interview on CNBC on Wednesday that the Apple Watch helped him lose weight. "You know, the watch has been an .....»»

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4 ways to lose weight with minimal effort

You could spend hours and hours in the gym, but there are easier ways to drop a few pounds. It starts with what you're putting into your mouth. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook  .....»»

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Trying To Lose Weight? A Calorie Is A Calorie Is A Calorie...Probably

There is a lot of trendy nonsense around about diets, particularly those for weight loss and "detoxing." Don't believe the claims: Eschew "cleanses," and heed the ma.....»»

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How to use your phone to lose weight and get fit

Here are the best apps, fitness trackers and other tech that can help you lose those extra pounds......»»

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Lose Weight, Gain Energy: A High Performance Ketogenic Diet for Busy Executives

Plus, you'll actually enjoy your meals... and feel full......»»

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Oprah Winfrey Drops 40 Pounds And Adds $100 Million To Weight Watchers Market Value

Oprah's success losing weight gives Weight Watchers stock another sugar rush. Oprah's success losing weight gives Weight Watchers stock another sugar rush......»»

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Oprah Winfrey Drops 40 Pounds And Adds $100 Million To Weight Watchers Stock

Oprah's success losing weight gives Weight Watchers stock another sugar rush. Oprah's success losing weight gives Weight Watchers stock another sugar rush......»»

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Extra body weight could slow down your brain

Wikimedia Commons If you're having trouble getting motivated to get up off the couch, eat right and lose the extra pounds, you might want to consider the effect of those extra pounds on your brain. In fact, those pounds may be part of the reason why you a.....»»

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Stress Can Make Us Fat!

Stress Can Make Us Fat! You have likely figured out that stress can cause us to overeat leading to weight gain. But that is not the only reason we can pack on the pounds according to a new study. Stress triggers a hormone called Adamts1 that causes fat ce.....»»

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10 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain (Without Missing Out on the Fun)

Turkey and holiday parties are coming. Here's how to enjoy the festivities without packing on the pounds......»»

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Wearable Activity Trackers May Not Help You Lose More Weight

Dieters are better off using another strategy. (Reuters Health) – For young adults on a long-term healthy diet and exercise program, tracking activity with a wearable device may not lead to additional weight loss, according to a new study. Over.....»»

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Scientists figured out why this dog breed can suffer from obesity

Dogs, just like humans, can gain excessive amounts of weight. While some dogs may have a few too many table scraps, there's one breed that has a disposition to packing on the pounds. Follow BI Video: On Twitter.....»»

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Oil futures gain for the day, but lose nearly 7% for the week

Oil futures rose on Friday, rebounding after a four-session decline as a slowdown in U.S. job growth lowered the likelihood of a Federal Reserve interest-rate increase at the central bank meeting later this month. That could lead to weakness in the dollar.....»»

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Here"s Why You Should Add Cosan (CZZ) to Your Portfolio

Cosan Limited (CZZ) is poised to gain from growing demand for sugar and ethanol, benefits from distribution network expansion, building production capabilities and international ex.....»»

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Can You Lose Weight on the Ketogenic Diet?

A brief explanation of a trending fad diet......»»

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