Mass Exodus Begins: 1000s Flee Venezuela"s Socialist Starvation Across Bridge To Colombia

Authored by Mac Slavo via, People are fleeing the socialism forced on them in Ve.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeFeb 13th, 2018

"A new stage of the struggle begins": Venezuela"s newly elected Congress is getting slammed by the opposition and foreign governments

REUTERS/Sergio PerezCARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's ruling Socialist Party has vowed that a newly elected legislative super-body will begin passing laws quickly after a vote that was bo.....»»

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"This Is Total Chaos" - Venezuela Shuts Colombia Border To Stop "Mafia" Currency Smuggling

As if things were not already chaotic enough in the socialist utopia of Venezuela, following President Nicolas Maduro's decision to follow Indian PM Modi's playbook and announce that the nation's largest denomination bill (100-Bolivars - worth.....»»

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Venezuela Seizes Nearly 4M Toys, Will Give Them to Poor Kids - New York Times

CTV NewsVenezuela Seizes Nearly 4M Toys, Will Give Them to Poor KidsNew York TimesBOGOTA, Colombia — Venezuela's socialist government has seized nearly 4 million toys from a private company and says it intends to hand them out as Christmas gifts .....»»

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Hurricane Matthew: Millions Flee Inland in Southeast U.S. After Storm Kills 26 in Haiti

The fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade slammed into the Bahamas early Thursday and was expected to intensify as it barrelled towards the southeast U.S. coast, where a mass exodus was under way in four states. Roadways in Florida, Georgia and Nor.....»»

Category: topSource: newsweekOct 6th, 2016

Vancouver"s mayor on why she supports replacing the I-5 Bridge — with mass transit

Anne McEnerny-Ogle has been the mayor of Vancouver for just two months, but she's already looking to tackle one of the city's biggest political challenges: replacing the aging and congested I-5 Bridge. A former math teacher in the Lake Oswego School.....»»

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Venezuela begins selling oil-backed cryptocurrency

Venezuela formally launched its new oil-backed cryptocurrency on Tuesday in an unconventional bid to haul itself out of a deepening economic crisis......»»

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"Do you fear me?": Venezuela"s Maduro mocks Latin American critics and threatens to crash regional summit

REUTERS/Marco Bello Latin American leaders tried to exclude Venezuela's socialist presi.....»»

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Will Trump Invade Venezuela? Caracas Accuses Colombia of a "Bombing Campaign" After U.S. Military Visit

Staunch allies of the Maduro regime say that U.S Admiral Kurt Tidd's trip to Colombia is "suspicious.".....»»

Category: topSource: newsweekFeb 14th, 2018

Socialist Venezuela can"t capitalize on oil recovery - losing billions each month

The country with the largest proven oil reserves in the world should be prosperous. But instead, an economic collapse has crippled Venezuela and now it is losing out on billions of dollars in revenue each month......»»

Category: topSource: foxnewsFeb 14th, 2018

Venezuela"s Misery Fuels Migration on Epic Scale

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing their country’s misery and pouring across borders into nearby countries, particularly Colombia, creating a sharpening challenge for the region......»»

Category: topSource: wsjFeb 13th, 2018

A steep drop in the Dow rocks Wall Street

The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered one of its worst one-day point slumps in history, capping the biggest weekly drop since 2016, after a surge in borrowing costs sparked a mass exodus from stocks......»»

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Venezuela"s Socialist Party picks Nicolas Maduro as Presidential candidate

Maduro accepted the nomination as hundreds of party members yelled 'yes'.....»»

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Historic 665-point Dow plunge rocks Wall Street

The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered one of its worst one-day point slumps in history, capping the biggest weekly drop since 2016, after a surge in borrowing costs sparked a mass exodus from stocks......»»

Category: videoSource: reutersFeb 2nd, 2018

Mayor Barry defends transit push as affair fallout begins

Mayor Megan Barry isn't backing down from her $5.4 billion mass-transit plan, despite a flurry of questions over her admitted affair with Sgt. Rob Forrest, who until recently was her head of security. Barry apologized for the affair at a press confere.....»»

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In Venezuela, "We Loot Or We Die Of Hunger"

While we have reported on previous incidents of looting, analysts are starting to fear that the current wave could linger amid the Venezuela’s economic freefall into a Mad-Max-like dystopia - very different from the promised-land of socialist utopian su.....»»

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President Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Targeted Corrupt Countries

President Trump’s Tough Immigration Talk Targeted Corrupt Countries Last Thursday, US President Donald Trump was not talking about race when he talked tough and strong on immigration, he was referring to corruption, mass starvation and hum.....»»

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Venezuela Oil Production Plummets To 28 Year Low Amid Chaos, Corruption

Submitted by Herman Wang of Platts Staggering debt, crumbling equipment and infrastructure, and mass worker resignations, have set back Vene.....»»

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Trump Staffers Are So Miserable That White House Fears Mass Exodus in 2018

The Trump administration is reportedly struggling to fill vacated positions......»»

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Silicon Valley will soon see a "mass migration" of tech companies and talent, says Redfin CEO

Amazon's search for a second headquarters is just the beginning of a Silicon Valley exodus, Glenn Kelman told CNBC......»»

Category: realestateSource: cnbcDec 27th, 2017

Deduction Rollback Hurts High-Tax States, But Exodus Isn"t Assured

A key provision in the Republican tax plan could dim the appeal of living in high-tax states like New York in favor of low-tax states like Florida. But research on the subject suggests high-tax regions won’t see a sudden or mass exodus......»»

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