Millennials love their brands, Gen Zs are terrified of college debt, and 6 other ways Gen Zs and millennials are totally different

Sarah Jacobs/Business Insider 100 Gen Zs shared with Business Insider what they think makes them differ.....»»

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Millennials reveal the top 100 brands they love

Nike/Colin Kaepernick via TwitterWith their spending power estimated to surpass $3.39 trillion this year, millennials remain .....»»

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Chinese Millennials Love Affair With Credit Card Debt

Chinese millennials and credit cards: For China it is somewhat a pejorative and concerning coupling. As credit card usage continues to rise, the Chinese youth are being saddled with increasingly cumber.....»»

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These are the 25 brands that millennials love the most

Business Insider Market research firm Morning.....»»

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New Game Show Gives Millennials A Chance To Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Overinflated college tuition facilitated by a bottomless ocean of cheap student loans has so far trapped forty-five million Americans with a record $1.48 trillion in non-dischargeable debt – an amount which has more than doubled since t.....»»

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How Student Debt Can Ruin Home Buying Dreams

Going to college may increase your income, but higher student debt levels have kept many millennials out of the home buying market......»»

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These Young Adults Are Totally Debt-Free — True Story

Entering adulthood saddled with student loans and possibly other debt is the norm for most American millennials today. But debt is not like an allergy — you don’t have to….....»»

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The Best Schools For Under $20K By State

Here’s a fact: more than 70% of college graduates carry student loan debt, and the average debt burden stands at $37,172. A surprising new study reveals that the problem affects millennials.....»»

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5 ways to save money, even if you"re drowning in debt

Saving money may seem impossible for millennials d.....»»

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Despite challenges, there are ways Millennials can prep themselves for homeownership

Home ownership is difficult to achieve if you belong to the generation with $1.4 trillion dollars in student loan debt. However, it .....»»

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A 10-year-old luxury online giant that wealthy millennials love is about to go public — here"s what you should know before its IPO

Caroline McCredie/Getty E-commerce giant Farfetch is going public this week. This is a highly-anticipated move for both the tech and fashion industr.....»»

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From investing to debt to budgeting, 19 financial mistakes millennials should avoid

The money moves you make when you're young are going to set the stage for future financial success, or make it harder for you to achieve your d.....»»

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Gen Xers spend more on financial "vices"

Although Millennials have been much-maligned for their supposedly-spendthrift ways, it’s Gen Xers who spend more money on financial vices than any other generation, according to a new Bankrate survey. Specifically, the research found that members .....»»

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The 30 cities where millennials carry the most debt don"t include New York or San Francisco

Tabatha Fireman/Stringer/Getty Millennials are known for carrying a lot of student loan debt. A LendingTree analysis of us.....»»

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10 years after the recession, millennials still struggle financially

Stagnant wages and student debt are still crippling the ability to save, putting the entire economy at risk......»»

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See how Milwaukee ranks among U.S. cities where millennials carry the most debt

See how Milwaukee ranks among U.S. cities where millennials carry the most debt.....»»

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What's popular? 10 brands that wouldn’t exist without millennials

Millennials are fast remaking the American economy, especially in areas around technology. Here are 10 brands that wouldn’t exist wi.....»»

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Millennials love Victoria’s Secret — but they sure aren’t shopping there

The Goldman Sachs Condé Nast “Love List,” an annual survey of the changing shopping behaviors and brand preferences of the millennial consumer, found young consumers love an ailing brand......»»

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Here are the top 40 places where young people are moving

Young college- and career-bound people tend to move more, and millennials are almost twice as likely to move counties as the.....»»

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Student loan stories: 3 people, 3 ways of getting control of college debt

Refinancing saved one borrower $125 a month. A federal forgiveness program wiped $5,000 off another’s ba.....»»

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Do Millennials Have a Love Affair with Stocks and Bitcoin?


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