Muslim Refugees Rape Festival in Germany

Muslim Refugees Rape Festival in Germany The violence occurred while residents of Schorndorf in the southern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg celebrated the town’s weeklong fair, referred to as Volksfest (People’s Festival).....»»

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Muslim Refugees Spark Rape Crisis in England

Muslim Refugees Spark Rape Crisis in England Muslim refugees empowered by the politically correct have sparked a new wave of terror in England, now women are not safe t.....»»

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France and Germany say they are worried about Donald Trump"s refugee ban (LMT)

  Italian Red Cross press office/Yara Nardi handout via ReutersPARIS, Jan 28 (Reuters) - France and Germany voiced disquiet on Saturday over U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to limit immigration and refugees from some Muslim co.....»»

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2 Muslim Refugees Arrested in Sweden’s Facebook Rape Case

2 Muslim Refugees Arrested in Sweden’s Facebook Rape Case Two men from Afghanistan, aged 20 and 18, have been remanded in custody by a district court in Uppsala, Sweden, after they were d.....»»

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GERMANY: An increasing number of Muslim refugees convert to Christianity

AFPBerlin (AFP) - Clad in white at a Berlin church, asylum seekers Saeed, Veronica, Farida and Matin were just about to become Christians on a recent Sunday.  "Do you believe from the bottom of your heart that Jesus Christ is your Lord and saviour, a.....»»

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Syrian Refugees Rape Spree Continues in Germany

Syrian Refugees Rape Spree Continues in Germany You will not read this in most of the US media but the Syrian Rape scandal in Germany is not over. Clinton is pushing to bring 500,000 Syrian Refugees to the USA, if she wins, here is a taste of the things t.....»»

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UN Chief asks Suu Kyi to allow return of Rohingya refugees

UN chief Antonio Guterres today met Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi and urged her to take steps to ensure “dignified” return of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees who have fled the country to ........»»

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Rohingya crisis: UN chief asks Suu Kyi to allow return of Muslim refugees

Over 6,00,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh from predominantly Buddhist Myanmar's Rakhine state.....»»

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Egypt Try to Cover Up Muslim Brotherhood Murder of Giulio Regeni

Egypt summoned the ambassadors from Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands on Sunday, and is also going to summon the ambassadors of the UK and Canada, to protest a statement in which the above-mentioned countries con.....»»

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Bangladesh dragging feet over repatriation of Rohingyas: Myanmar

Myanmar has blamed Bangladesh for delaying the start of a repatriation process for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees, saying that it feared Dhaka could be stalling until it receives ........»»

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Rohingya crisis: Desperate for news, refugees tune in to "WhatsApp radio"

Audio and video messages distributed on apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube have become a community radio of sorts for the Muslim minority.....»»

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Terror Cases In Germany Quadruple In One Year

More evidence revealing the ridiculousness of the centrist position on immigration – namely that refugees can be seamlessly integrated into Europ.....»»

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The French Lose Freedom to Muslim Refugees

The French parliament has approved a new controversial anti-terrorism law, replacing the soon-to-expire two-year state of emergency. The new legislation has prompted fears it will severely limit civil lib.....»»

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German Towns Filled With Refugees Ask, "Who Is Integrating Whom?"

Immigration has slowed in Germany, but the lingering effects of more than 1 million refugees is putting communities under stress, pressuring local coffers and feeding concerns about safety, jobs and the quality of education......»»

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Muslim Religion Should Be Law with Islamic Public Holidays, German Politician Says

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said he was open to the idea to have some regions of Germany recognize Muslim public holidays......»»

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Merkel"s Bloc Agrees to Limit Number of Refugees Entering Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc agreed to limit the number of refugees allowed to enter the country annually, in an attempt to bridge its differences on migration and form a much-needed united front in upcoming coalition talks......»»

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Merkel Set to Flood Germany with Refugees

Merkel and her ruling conservative CDU/CSU alliance have taken a hit over the last few years, partly as a result of her handling of the migrant and ref.....»»

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Muslim Militants Planned Attack on Beer Festival: Malaysian Police

Malaysia's police chief said authorities had received information of plans by militants to "sabotage" the festival......»»

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Anti-Immigrant Party Draws In More Germans as Vote Nears

In the last week of what is expected to be Angela Merkel’s successful bid for re-election, the Alternative for Germany is creeping up in the polls as it sounds the alarm about what it says is an existential threat posed by Muslim immigration......»»

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Germany gets tough on refugees

Germany gets tough on refugees.....»»

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Germany gets tough on refugees | World

Germany gets tough on refugees | World.....»»

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