NerdWallet: New college grads: do these 9 things before your first paycheck comes

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College grads: Here"s how to set yourself up for financial success

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7 things to know today and Orlando among best cities for college grads

Good morning, Orlando! A recent analysis of major U.S. cities found Orlando ranked high as a good place for college graduates. A SmartAsset study released this week put Orlando at No. 15 out of 108 based on affordability, access to jobs and fun,.....»»

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New grads: Here are the top 5 places to invest

Ideally, your first paycheck will sprout your first investment account. Because while investing may not be top of mind right out of college, it should be: Even small amounts add up big over time.      &nb.....»»

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NerdWallet: The 10 best cities for new grads starting out

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NerdWallet: 5 places for new grads to invest

If you can find money from your new paycheck to save and invest, here are 5 options, in a very particular order......»»

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Bill Gates is giving away free copies of one of the most important books he"s read to all college graduates — here"s how to get yours

AP Photo/Miguel Villagran Bill Gates is gifting all college grads one of his favorite books of the year, Hans Rosling's "Factfulness: Ten Reasons we're wrong about the world — and why things are better than you .....»»

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NerdWallet: How to retire in your 30s or 40s—even if you have kids

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The most bizarre things you can find at 10 colleges and universities

Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Some college campuses feature unusual sculptures and wacky traditions. Brown University's campus features a 23-foot sculpture of a blue teddy bear combined with a lamp shade. .....»»

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College planning recommendations to put on your agenda

Like many things in today’s world, the college admissions process has become a higher-stakes game, with students building their activity lists earlier, families starting college visits sooner, and some universities placing more emphasis on early-adm.....»»

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Livability: The top 10 college towns in the U.S. in 2019

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Amazon Renewed sells refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products that look and work like new — here are 13 standout deals for college students

Sony Managing your budget as a college student isn't easy. From laptops to office supplies, there are many things you have to buy in order to succeed in school.  Amazon Renewed sell.....»»

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NerdWallet: 4 ways to supplement your college financial aid

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I loved college but don"t regret dropping out. Here are the 5 things I learned from not getting a degree.

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NerdWallet: This couple paid off $310,000 in 3 years, with a little help from sticky notes

They paid off mortgages and student loans by selling things, picking up side jobs and adding a roommate......»»

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Billionaire Robert F. Smith"s $34 million gift to Morehouse grads includes parent loans

Billionaire Robert F. Smith and his family have donated $34 million to Morehouse College to pay off 2019 graduates' student loans .....»»

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NerdWallet: Relax—here’s 8 things that won’t hurt your credit

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NerdWallet: Forget gas and groceries—streaming services are the new trend in credit card rewards

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NerdWallet: 3 things millennials are getting wrong about Social Security

You can’t blame them—for years, they’ve heard that Social Security is about to ‘run out of money’.....»»

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