New Apple TV Ad on Privacy Hits Facebook and Google Where It Hurts—Without Mentioning Them

“If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your life is on.” Apple is taking another swipe at its fellow tech giants.....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneMar 15th, 2019

Apple, Google and Facebook Face a Difficult 2019

The newly installed US Congress is expected to see a fresh effort to develop new regulations for big technology firms, with a focus on tougher enforcement of privacy and data pro.....»»

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How To Download All Your Apple Data In Simple Steps

Almost every technology company collects data about their users. Facebook and Google are user data-hungry monsters. Apple has been advocating user privacy for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it knows nothing about you. Are you curious w.....»»

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Silicon Valley made a big deal about obeying GDPR, but a study shows the policies of firms like Facebook are "vague" and "insufficient" (FB, AMZN, GOOG)

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are all falling short of new European privacy rules, according to a co.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderJul 5th, 2018

Here"s why you"ve been getting so many privacy policy emails

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation aims to put online data back in the hands of users. Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook will be required to give their EU customers more control over their personal information......»»

Category: videoSource: cnnMay 25th, 2018

In Jab At Facebook & Google, Tim Cook Tells Duke Grads "Technology Shouldn"t Mean Trading Away Your Privacy"

While Apple's latest quarterly earnings report has undoubtedly alleviated some of the pressure facing CEO Tim Cook as more analysts begin.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeMay 14th, 2018

Tim Cook: Apple takes "a different path" on privacy than tech rivals

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook took a few more subtle jabs at Big Tech peers like Facebook and Google and their approach to privacy in his commencement address at Duke University on Sunday, saying that the company rejects "the notion that getting the most out .....»»

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Apple, Amazon, Google Also Brace for Privacy Regulation

After Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, cries for consumer protection have grown louder, and Facebook isn’t the only tech giant expected to be affected......»»

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Did Big Tech Get Too Big? More of the World Is Asking

The rise of global technology superstars like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google created new challenges for the competition watchdogs who enforce antitrust laws around the world. The companies.....»»

Category: topSource: washpostMar 22nd, 2019

Why Were Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google Allowed to Get So Big?

The rise of.....»»

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Apple's new TV ad shows they hope you care as much about privacy on iPhones as they do

The commercial subtly showcases Apple's approach to private versus its rivals, without mentioning.....»»

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Breaking up Big Tech: Advocates spar over how to trim sails of technology giants at SXSW

Elizabeth Warren talked about her plan to bust up Facebook, Apple and Google. Others questioned her idea, nobody suggested remaining totally h.....»»

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Apple and Facebook Are About to Compete Like Never Before

The social networking specialist is suddenly a privacy champion......»»

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AT&T Assembles a Media Team, Joining a Battle With Giants

The company’s two core businesses are both facing upheaval as tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Google and Facebook have become dominant players in both entertainment and distribution......»»

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Google, Facebook, and Apple Are Fighting International Regulators to Keep User Data Private

Governments say they need data to fight crime. Some of the world’s largest tech companies are fighting ba.....»»

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How to stop your smartphone from tracking your every move, sharing data and sending ads

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many others make money off mobile ads, and they need this information to power data mining m.....»»

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Tech We’re Using: Germany Is Wary of a Digital World (but Loves Its E-Toothbrushes)

Melissa Eddy, a Berlin reporter, explains how privacy laws have led to blurred Google Street View pictures, and why WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are popular almost despite themselves......»»

Category: mediaSource: nytFeb 13th, 2019

Message to Facebook and Google: Don't mess with Apple

Facebook and Google tried to do an end run around Apple with private apps. That didn't work out so well. Apple showed this week who had t.....»»

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Podcast: AMD, Microsoft, Apple Earnings, FaceTime Bug, Apple-Facebook-Google Spat

Podcast: AMD, Microsoft, Apple Earnings, FaceTime Bug, Apple-Facebook-Google Spat.....»»

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Use pullbacks to buy Facebook, Google, Apple, says TD Ameritrade"s Cruz

TD Ameritrade trading strategy manager Shawn Cruz tells Reuters' Fred Katayama that FAANG stocks have decoupled, producing a wide range of price-earnings ratios......»»

Category: videoSource: reutersFeb 1st, 2019

Apple Makes Nice With Google and Facebook, Letting Them Run Employee-Only iOS Apps Again

Apple briefly yanked Google and Facebook's credentials. Apple has restored Facebook and Google’s ability to install employee-only apps on its iPhones and iPads, after blocking them earlier .....»»

Category: europeSource: fortuneFeb 1st, 2019