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5 things to know, including the opening date for a new Grocery Outlet

Happy Friday, loyal readers. Here's what you need to know today. Some grocery news In August, I told you that Emeryville-based Grocery Outlet would join Watt Towne Center, which is at Watt Avenue and Elkhorn Boulevard in North Highlands. Updat.....»»

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Next Avenue: Resolve to live with purpose—at any age

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I"m a loyal Apple Watch user, but after switching to Fitbit, I found 3 things I liked better and 3 things I didn"t (AAPL, FIT)

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Why emoji are — finally — becoming more diverse

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About 29% of street-front retail space on N. Michigan Ave. is vacant. But the world"s largest Starbucks may perk things up.

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3 Things Investors Should Know From Pinterest"s Q1 Earnings Call

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Next Avenue: These are the things that matter most in retirement

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Uninsured? Need a doctor fast? This growing startup says no problem.

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What to Watch for During Facebook CEO Zuckerberg"s Testimony

Lawmakers pressing Facebook on its handling of personal user data turn their sights to Mark Zuckerberg. Here are five things to look for when he testifies before Senate and House committees......»»

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PDX Real Estate Insider: Three things I"ve heard about new coffee downtown, what happened to Steaks Fifth Avenue and Jive"s vacant office

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