NHS Stockpiling Body Bags As "No Deal" Brexit Odds Climb

NHS Stockpiling Body Bags As "No Deal" Brexit Odds Climb.....»»

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London markets climb as pound tumbles on fear of no-deal Brexit

London markets climbed on Tuesday as the pound continued to tumble on Brexit concerns despite strong U.K. wages growth......»»

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40% Of Brits Brace For "No Deal" Brexit By Stockpiling Food, Medicine & Clothes

On July 31, we'll hit the 90-day mark until "Brexit Day 2.0", and with both Bori.....»»

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Transport secretary Chris Grayling accused of trying to "silence" truckers who warned about risks of a no-deal Brexit

Getty Transport secretary Chris Grayling accused of trying to "silence" UK truckers who raised concerns about a no-deal Brexit. The Road Haulage Association, a trade body for .....»»

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Globalist Elites Rejoice As Brexit Party Rise Increases Odds Of A "No Deal" Crisis

Authored by Steven Guinness, An argument I come across often within the independent media is how ove.....»»

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Goldman bumps up no-deal Brexit odds after May resignation

Goldman Sachs raised its probability of a no-deal Brexit to 15% from 10% on Friday as Prime Minister Theresa May's resignation potentially opened the way for a more hardline politician to lead the UK to exiting the European Union......»»

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London Markets: London markets climb as end of May era looms

The flagging prospects of Theresa May’s deal may bring an end to the Brexit deadlock.....»»

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How A "No Deal" Brexit Could Lead To The "Lehmanization" Of Europe

Odds of a 'no deal' Brexit next week have risen markedly over the past week, as the Commons has twice failed to coalesce around a viable alternative to Theresa May's deal, while once ag.....»»

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The Odds Strengthen for a No-Deal BREXIT

JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon said UK PM Theresa May’s request to the European Union for a 3-month extension of the BREXIT deadline.....»»

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May tries to save Brexit deal after vote to delay UK exit

British Prime Minister Theresa May is working to pull off an against-the-odds rescue for her European Union divorce deal, after Parliament voted to postpone Brexit to avert a chaotic U.K. departure in two weeks......»»

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Rolls-Royce says stockpiling of parts due to Brexit could start in the fourth quarter

British engine maker Rolls-Royce could start stockpiling parts later this year if it looked like Britain was heading towards a no-deal or disorderly exit from the European Union, its chief executive said on Tuesday......»»

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No Deal? U.K. Plans to Stash Food, Medicine in Case of Messy Brexit

The U.K. has begun preparations for the stockpiling of food, medicines and other products in case it fails to reach a deal with the European Union before it leaves the bloc next March, government ministers said this week......»»

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Sanofi has been stockpiling drugs for no-deal Brexit: WSJ

French drugmaker Sanofi has been making drug-shortage contingency plans for more than a year to prepare for Britain and the European Union failing to reach a Brexit transition deal, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing a source......»»

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Sanofi Has Been Stockpiling Drugs for No-Deal Brexit for Six Months

French pharmaceuticals company Sanofi SA has been making drug-shortage contingency plans for more than a year to prepare for the U.K. failing to reach a deal with the European Union on Brexit, according to a person familiar with the matter......»»

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Reuters poll: No-deal Brexit odds hold at one in four, economists say

The chances Britain will leave the European Union in March without a deal are one in four, a Reuters poll found, and the Bank of England is likely to wait until after Brexit before raising borrowing costs again......»»

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Brexit Negotiators Still at Odds, Leaving All Options Open

With less than 20 weeks until Britain’s planned departure from the EU, it isn’t clear whether any deal Prime Minister Theresa May negotiates with the bloc would secure the support of her own cabinet, let alone the U.K. Parliament......»»

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The odds of a second referendum on Brexit just rose sharply

HSBC / Oddschecker The odds of Britain holding a second referendum just went sharply up and are now a near coin-toss, according to HSBC. But Prime Minister Theresa May probably does have the majority she needs to get her deal through parliament, econo.....»»

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Brexit: as odds stack up against Theresa May, what next?

Britain faces the prospect of political and economic limbo after a historic vote on Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal deal on Tuesday, leaving economists and bookmakers sizing up the odds on her - and her country's - future options. Laura Frykberg reports......»»

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Sterling rebounds after Theresa May loses meaningful Brexit vote in UK Parliament

Odds of a no-deal scenario appear to have diminished now however. Article 50 extension seems more likely (ie. Brexit delayed).No-confidence motion from Corbyn up next at 2pmET. Brexit Plan B expected from Theresa May by Monday.EUR an.....»»

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May To Skip Davos, No-Deal Brexit Odds Greater Than Many Think

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, May survived a vote of no confidence and the EU might extend Article 50, but only with conditions. Nothing's changed. Yesterday added no clarification to the Brexit process. With the backing of DUP MPs, T.....»»

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Caterers At UK Airports Are Stockpiling In-Flight Meals To Prepare For "No Deal" Brexit

In the days after the UK's chaotic no-deal Brexit, as companies scramble to re-engineer supply chains to account for time-consuming customs checks on goods entering the country from th.....»»

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