Obama’s Legacy: A Divided America

Obama’s Legacy: A Divided America Obama created deep divisions in the USA during his 8 years in office, Racial, Financial and Religious divides now dominate the social fabric of the United States. While .....»»

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Obama’s Legacy: An Anti Christian America

Obama’s Legacy: An Anti Christian America The Deep State’s Ninth Circuit Court is a joke, while happy to rush to the defense of illegal immigration and hate spewing Imam’s they dra.....»»

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Read Donald Trump’s Full Inauguration Speech

The full transcript here Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, succeeding Barack Obama and telling a bitterly divided country he will pursue “America First” policies at home and abroad. Here .....»»

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Obama"s View of Threat Level Shaped Legacy of Caution on Syria

The view that the conflict in Syria wasn’t a direct threat to the U.S. led the Obama administration to delay policy prescriptions and consistently conclude that military intervention be too costly for America......»»

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Financial Crisis, Regulatory Agenda Shaped Obama"s Economic Legacy

President Barack Obama took office in the middle of a financial crisis with Corporate America .....»»

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Here"s Obama"s exit memo to America

Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesPresident Barack Obama on Thursday laid out his view of his administration's legacy and a.....»»

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Trump is dismantling Obama"s biggest legacy — here are the most significant changes he"s made

ShutterstockPresident Donald Trump has said he believes climate change is a hoax. So it's no surprise that Trump's EPA ad.....»»

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Yellen"s Fed legacy: Turning crisis into calm

America's first female central banker was instrumental in helping keep the economic recovery on track.....»»

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Roy Moore: Last Time America Was "Great" Was During "Slavery"

"Can't make this up," a former Obama official tweeted regarding Moore's comments......»»

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Told Modi a country shouldn"t be divided on religious lines: Obama

Obama said in a democracy the most important office is of the citizen.....»»

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Who represents real America - Donald Trump or Donald Duck? Obama at HTLS

The Obama Foundation said Barack Obama will also address a town hall in the national capital.....»»

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Trump"s "Fake News" Attacks Could Help CNN in DOJ Lawsuit, Obama Lawyer Says

The president on Saturday fired off a tweet that praised Fox News as superior to CNN and accused it of misrepresenting America to the rest of the world......»»

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Americans Sign Up For Obamacare In Droves As Trump Tries to Kill Obama Legacy

President Donald Trump has vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare, but in the meantime, enrollment is brisk......»»

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America Was Great Again Under Obama: SNL Outlines Reasons Liberals Miss The Former President

The SNL skit suggested everything from nuclear war to pets as reasons to miss the ex-president......»»

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The Obama Legacy: Slavery in Libya

“Libya is just another one of those countries with too much interference from outside sources. In my opinion, Gaddafi should have remained in power, because he wa.....»»

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There is no winning for marketers in the age of Trump, a divided America and the constant social media outrage loop

Fox There is no winning for bra.....»»

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Slavery, Lynching and Racism in America Will Be Inescapable at EJI’s Memorial and Museum

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice and The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration will open on April 26, 2018......»»

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White House Moves To Formally Reverse Obama-Era Detente With Cuba

After months of blustery rhetoric and half measures, the White House is finally taking steps to undo another one of former President Barack Obama’s legacy-defining foreign-policy accomplishments. Th.....»»

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US showpiece at world"s fair leaves a legacy of unpaid bills

It was built to showcase the United States of America to the world, and over 6 million visitors made it the most popular pavilion at the 2015 world's fair in Italy......»»

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Obama For America Linked to Fake Trump Dossier

Obama For America Linked to Fake Trump Dossier US President Donald Trump slammed former President Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign, citing a report that it paid nearly $1-M to a law firm linked.....»»

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Obama Is One of the Richest People in America, but He Still Gets Paid Only $17 a Day for Jury Duty

Obama will have to report for duty, but he could end up getting off the hook......»»

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