Of Butts & Bubbles: Instagram Model Makes Millions Off Her Over-Inflated Rear-End

Of Butts & Bubbles: Instagram Model Makes Millions Off Her Over-Inflated Rear-End Who says inflation can’t pay off? Ass i.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeOct 9th, 2019

A body-positive activist says fitness tips from Instagram stars like Kayla Itsines will only leave you frustrated — here"s why

Supplied Taryn Brumfitt has a bone to pick. "It's no wonder the Kayla Itsineses of the world are making millions and millions of dollars, she has the perfect business model — create a problem and provide a short term solution that resul.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderApr 24th, 2018

Space company Vector wants to churn out rockets like Ford made Model Ts

Automakers around the globe produce millions of vehicles every year. The global rocket industry? It makes fewer than 100 per year that are capable of delivering satellites to orbit......»»

Category: topSource: moneyApr 12th, 2018

A model formed a beard from their leg, armpit, and pubic hair in a video — and it makes a powerful statement about body hair

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images On Wednesday, model and activist Rain Dove posted a video on Instagram that shows them shaving their entire body. The model then proceeds to form a beard by gluing the leg, a.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 24th, 2018

Executive who inflated revenue at Davis company pleads guilty

The former Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. executive who cooked the books at the company and cost it millions of dollars has pleaded guilty in federal court in Sacramento. Hector Absi, 51, of Las Vegas, pleaded guilty Thursday to a count of conspiracy to.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsOct 18th, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly makes more money being an influencer on Instagram than he does playing soccer for Juventus

Getty/Lampson Yip Cristiano Ronaldo apparently earns more from Instagram than he does.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderOct 16th, 2019

Cars That Have Been Completely Redesigned for 2020

In the fiercely competitive, high-stakes automotive industry, companies often invest hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of an all-new car or truck model before the first vehicle........»»

Category: blogSource: 247wallstSep 27th, 2019

Pro-Tesla Blog Admits Porsche Taycan"s Acceleration Makes Model 3 Feel Like "Dad"s Honda Accord"

Pro-Tesla Blog Admits Porsche Taycan's Acceleration Makes Model 3 Feel Like "Dad's Honda Accord" Anybody who has been following the Tesla story closely knows t.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeSep 26th, 2019

GM to add Amazon"s Alexa to millions of vehicles

General Motors Co. said Wednesday that it will add Inc.'s Alexa virtual assistant to millions of its vehicles beginning next year. According to the Detroit automaker (NYSE: GM), it will make Amazon's (Nasdaq: AMZN) Alexa available on model.....»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsSep 25th, 2019

Amour Vert is an up-and-coming sustainable fashion brand that makes clothes in limited quantities — here"s what sets it apart, plus our review

Amour Vert/Instagram When we think about sustainable fashion, there's often a sense that something (usually style or comf.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderSep 11th, 2019

What Bubble? Ariana Grande Makes "Well Into Six Figures" For Single Instagram Post

Ariana Grande is suing retailer Forever 21 for deliberately using a look-alike in a commercial it filmed advertising the deal. Before the spot aired, Grande was given a heads up. Ultimately, a potential co.....»»

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Tesla makes Model 3 available in South Korea, Electrek reports

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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How Michael Jordan makes and spends his fortune

Michael Jordan has a net worth of almost $2 billion. While he was paid millions during his basketball career, Jordan continued to grow his fortune after retirement......»»

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T. Rowe Price makes millions from Vail Resorts deal

The Baltimore mutual fund firm is the largest shareholder of Vail Resorts......»»

Category: topSource: bizjournalsJul 23rd, 2019

Area 51 raid: Bud Light says free beer for 'any alien that makes it out'

As a joke Facebook event to "storm Area 51" grows to almost 2 millions RSVPs, Bud Light says it'll offer free beer "to any alien .....»»

Category: topSource: usatodayJul 19th, 2019

Tesla Makes More Money Selling Model S And Model X Than Model 3

Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussing his  reply to a troll; taking responsibility for your own investment decisions; his thoughts (.....»»

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Microsoft and Unilever’s Xbox body wash actually makes a lot of sense

The video game maker is plugging into the fragrance market that has earned Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton millions......»»

Category: topSource: marketwatchJun 6th, 2019

An iconic American artist has been churning out work that makes millions at cruise ship auctions. But a new report claims he has dementia and imposters have been making art under his name.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Gotham Magazine The renowned American artist Peter Max is reportedly suffering from advanced d.....»»

Category: topSource: businessinsiderMay 30th, 2019

Data of millions of Instagram influencers exposed, TechCrunch reports

See the rest of the story here. provides the latest financial news as it breaks. Known as a leader in market intelligence, The Fl.....»»

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Millions of refugees need broadband, too

A new U.N. report makes clear that the lack of connectivity among those displaced from their homes, and often their countries, is particularly acute......»»

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If "Getting Ahead" Depends On Asset Bubbles, It"s Not "Getting Ahead," It"s Gambling

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Given that the economy is now totally and completely dependent on inflating asset bubbles, it makes no sense to invest for the long-term. Beneath the endlessly hype.....»»

Category: blogSource: zerohedgeApr 24th, 2019