OnePlus says its TV will be called the OnePlus TV

A new logo, but still no release date.....»»

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Solve Puzzles And You May Win $30,000 Gaming Setup From OnePlus

If you love solving puzzles, especially crypto-puzzles, OnePlus has something to offer you. The Chinese smartphone maker has teamed up with Google to launch a new mobile puzzle game called Crackables. The top prize .....»»

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Galaxy S10 E: That’s What The ‘Lite’ Galaxy S10 Will Be Called [Report]

Chinese brands such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have been giving Samsung a run for its money, especially in the premium segment. They offer premium specs at mid-range prices and have built a huge fan following in recent […].....»»

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Here Are The First Official Details On The OnePlus TV

Here Are The First Official Details On The OnePlus TV.....»»

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Will OnePlus 7T Pro Launch Around The Same Time As Google Pixel 4?

Will OnePlus 7T Pro Launch Around The Same Time As Google Pixel 4?.....»»

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Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs OnePlus 7 Pro [Comparison]

Samsung has officially taken the wraps off the Galaxy Note 10 series. The Note devices created t.....»»

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Xiaomi’s soon going to add a 108MP Samsung sensor on a phone near you

There are plenty of phones with a 48-megapixel camera like the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Redmi Note 7, and the Honor View 20. And ........»»

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Sprint to launch Chinese-made OnePlus 5G smartphone in U.S.

Sprint Corp said on Tuesday it would launch a 5G smartphone made by OnePlus, becoming the second U.S. wireless carrier after T-Mobile to offer a cellphone made by the Chinese company......»»

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OnePlus 7T Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro: What New Will The ‘T’ Model Bring?

OnePlus 7T Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro: What New Will The ‘T’ Model Bring?.....»»

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OnePlus 7 Pro: How "waterproof" is it really?

Great as the OnePlus 7 Pro is, there is one thing about the phone that's been bugging me. OnePlus claims that the phone is water resistant to some degree, despite the fact that it do.....»»

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These Are The OnePlus 8 Features We Want To See

The OnePlus 8 isn’t expected to be released until next year, but as with all highly anticipated smartphones, leaks and rumors will dominate until it’s offic.....»»

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OnePlus Seeks Closed Beta Testers for India-Specific Features

OnePlus phones have gained a massive amount of popularity in very little time, thanks to the premium features they offer at less premium prices. Due to such qualities, OnePlus phones have gained a special place in India, where users are […] The.....»»

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Switched off, Unplugged OnePlus One Caught Fire, Company Investigating

A OnePlus One phone caught fire recently. Although we hear about phones catching fire on a regular basis, this OnePlus incident is unique because the phone caught fire when it was unplugged and switched off. This i.....»»

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OnePlus accidentally sends alert saying "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha" in Chinese

In the early hours of Monday morning, some OnePlus 7 Pro owners .....»»

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Strange Notifications On OnePlus 7 Pro? Don’t Worry, You Aren’t Hacked

Many OnePlus 7 Pro owners got a shock this morning after they received two strange notifications from the company. Many were concerned that th.....»»

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Sony Xperia 1 vs OnePlus 7 Pro Specs, Camera, Price [Comparison]

Sony unveiled the much-hyped Xperia 1 flagship in February, and the device is finally coming to the United States. Sony has announced that it would start accepting pre-orders on June 28th in the US. The device will b.....»»

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OnePlus 7 Pro camera update: Improves HDR, color contrast and more

The last major update to the OnePlus 7 Pro's camera improves one of the key complaints against the phone......»»

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OnePlus 7 Series Gets Support For Google ARCore: What Does It Mean?

OnePlus 7 Series Gets Support For Google ARCore: What Does It Mean?.....»»

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Use This To Convert Chinese OnePlus 7 Pro To Global Model Without PC

OnePlus uses different operating systems for China and global markets. The Chinese variant comes with HydrogenOS, while the global variant ships with OxygenOS. Although it is theoretically possible to convert HydrogenOS to OxygenOS and vice.....»»

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Facing Data Connectivity Issues With OnePlus 7 Pro 5G? You’re Not Alone

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is a special phone because of its ability to give users access.....»»

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Google Pixel 3a XL vs OnePlus 7 [Comparison]

OnePlus 7 has gone on sale in the UK, Europe, China, India, and many other markets. OnePlus has kept the OnePlus 7 in the affordable segment while selling a more .....»»

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